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  1. I want to trading? what is the trading? I don't no what can do for trading? Because I new? what is the requirement of trading in Crypto currency
  2. yes I'm agree with you Crypto talk org need to improve chat section language mostly people do not comment any post because there problem in language
  3. thanks brother each post credit note issue on this form because this building a new relationship each other lot of knowledge of cryptocurrency
  4. What is second one high price coin in cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin tell me about this I think everybody knows that cryptocurrency so strong and bright future
  5. Bitcoin never consider useless because Bitcoin helps many people to make extra income Bitcoin is the important role to play most human in the world
  6. yes searching before your post choose unique words note copy title do not post embarrassing crazy and useful because this unique words your diamond don't lose this
  7. I don't no which year cryptocurrency launched since then work very very professional and honestly I watch careful all Crypto coins paragraph
  8. think Bitcoin very important role most people life Bitcoin tell future is bright tell next hundred year's I hope Bitcoin and Crypto currency will do it
  9. Crypto currency find a good method to all people place in world extra income and learning about genius Crypto all you need self confidence
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