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  1. Thanks for your valueable reply.i think some some days later i will sell my bike and buy some crypto coin.
  2. Now many students are interested in crypto. Do you think crypto is best for students?
  3. Recently i hear that facebook will give us libra coin. Twitter will also given us any coin in future? What do to you think about twitter?
  4. Now i want to buy more crypto.i hear about my friend crypto market will high soon. So,that's why i'm try to invest in crypto more and want to sell my bike and buy cryptocoin. What is your advice should i sell my bike?
  5. If any person work in crypto work and maintain crypto world rules than that person get saroshi or btc in his account. that coin he will do exchange any country money.
  6. Everyone want more earn. I am same of them. but I don't know about how to more earn.I want low time more profit. how it possible.?
  7. I think if I work here than I get coin. if I work more get more coin. that coin exchange and make more coin. than I earn more money.
  8. Scams people are very dangerous for you.they can do make unsafe you.if you see that any person who are give you more offer against freely or simple thing than you understand you attack by scams.
  9. I think crypto world is a place where you earn money from browsing. it's more earning place if you want you will become a millionaire person.
  10. I think you can use your 200$ in yours needed. and you can used it your earning point to earn too much money.
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