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  1. I really hate ICO projects. There are enough coins in the crypto world already. There is really no need for people to be creating more. It's better that they support an existing project rather than create a new one. I usually don't touch an ICO.
  2. Interesting. I anticipate that the price will hover around about 13k for a while, and then probably won't fall below 10k in the future. These reports help to give us a picture of what the price might be after the halving.
  3. This question is asked many times by people in this forum. Might I suggest that you read this post: Do your own research, and make sure you know why you are buying into a coin before you just randomly take advice from strangers.
  4. I think all countries around the world should legalize and regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People should have the freedom to take control of their own money if they want to.
  5. This is excellent news. I'm interested to find out more about how it will work. I wonder if it will be open for people all over the world and whether they will issue debit cards for account holders?
  6. Think of it like a savings account where you can get interest on your crypto currency. It's safe, and you can earn interest. You just deposit your crypto and they will pay you interest.
  7. Try this website: https://directbit.org/en/, I haven't used it personally, but it was advertised in this forum a while ago. You can also try Paxful.com or LocalBitcoins.com - both of them have sellers who accept paypal. If you use paxful or localbitcoins, please make sure that you follow the website instructions. They have a secure escrow service, and you must only make payment when the website tells you it's safe to do so.
  8. I knew it would go down. It's easy to tell that it will go down just by looking at it's history. Don't be surprised if the price goes below $6,000 before it starts to rise. Personally I think this is going to be a great opportunity to buy some more.
  9. Sorry to hear that your government has put a ban on crypto trading. I hope one day all countries around the world will at least allow crypto to be accepted alongside fiats. I can even deal with taxation just to get them to allow it.
  10. This sounds like one of those too good to be true things. How can you use leverage without any security deposit? I wouldn't come near this exchange, for me it sounds too risky.
  11. To be successful you should learn as much as you can, you should practice trading with a practice account and you should know how to do thorough research. Trading is not easy - well, it maybe easy to buy and sell, but it takes real skill that a lot of people don't have. Remember, there is no such thing as quick and easy money, because if it was that easy, everyone would be rich by now.
  12. If I had any money invested in Bitmain's exchange, I would immediately withdraw it and probably wouldn't use the exchange again. Not because I'm boycotting the dismissal, but because exchanges are risky enough without internal fights going on that could end up closing down the exchange. You can be that there are deeper problems and I would see that as too risky.
  13. By "these things" do you mean crypto and bitcoin also? We are well aware that there is no such thing as free money and bitcoin and other crypto are definitely not free money. You buy them, just as you would exchange US dollars for Euros. And if you are clever enough you can trade them and make a bit of profit. Trading is not easy either, in fact you could consider it a full time job. It's definitely not free money.
  14. I would have thought Russia would embrace crypto and blockchain technologies now that China has done it. Russia, China and the United States are always competing against each other in technology and innovation.
  15. This is what I've been saying all along. Bitcoin has not yet shed enough gains from it's all time 19k high. It won't be able to rise if it doesn't shed a few of the gains. Also, in the past, whenever the price has been stable, it's usually followed by a downward trend.
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