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  1. There is a rule that says, "You should only invest as much as you can afford to lose". If you sell your bike and lose all that money, then what will you do? On the other hand, it could be a worthwhile investment IF you know what you are doing.
  2. Do you have proof or evidence that this will happen, or are you just making wild statements. In fact, this is unlikely to be true. There is still a lot of regulation to get rid of and put in place before this is likely to happen. And technology also needs to evolve!
  3. Keep posting, keep creating useful content, and commenting and soon you will see the results. Read more about the offers in the About Forum section and see the available tutorials.
  4. I can't decide actually, but think I would prefer to invest in a house that I can rent out for a few years. Not only are you making a monthly rental income, but your property may also be appreciating. Crypto seems more risky, though more rewarding if you know what you are doing. Still a house is a brilliant asset to have.
  5. From a technical point of view, people are already using their mobile phones to make payments - although not all of these transactions involve crypto. Some people store their card details on their phones and then just tap the phone to make payment. Other countries have mobile money which can be used to make payments.
  6. I generally think of games as gambling, so I tend to stay away from them. With buying and selling, you have a lot of control. You don't always have control over games, especially casino type games that are mostly based on luck and random draws or spins.
  7. Interesting. I anticipate that the price will hover around about 13k for a while, and then probably won't fall below 10k in the future. These reports help to give us a picture of what the price might be after the halving.
  8. I think all countries around the world should legalize and regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People should have the freedom to take control of their own money if they want to.
  9. Think of it like a savings account where you can get interest on your crypto currency. It's safe, and you can earn interest. You just deposit your crypto and they will pay you interest.
  10. I knew it would go down. It's easy to tell that it will go down just by looking at it's history. Don't be surprised if the price goes below $6,000 before it starts to rise. Personally I think this is going to be a great opportunity to buy some more.
  11. To be successful you should learn as much as you can, you should practice trading with a practice account and you should know how to do thorough research. Trading is not easy - well, it maybe easy to buy and sell, but it takes real skill that a lot of people don't have. Remember, there is no such thing as quick and easy money, because if it was that easy, everyone would be rich by now.
  12. This question has been asked before. You should use the search bar to find the previous answers. But in short, I don't believe that Crypto is going to replace fiat currencies. Governments won't be willing to relinquish power over their economy and controlling the money supply. Some countries may create their own centralized, digital currency, and bitcoin and other cryptos might be adopted alongside fiat as alternative payment methods, but crypto will never replace fiat.
  13. I saw that Satoshi was inspired by the financial crises of 2008 to finally go ahead and launch Bitcoin. He believed that people should be able to control their own money without the mass manipulation by rich people and the governments.
  14. This coin looks like it has quite a lot of potential in the next few months. I didn't actually know about it, and now regret not buying any. Due to it's current rise, I think it's a bit too risky to buy into it now.
  15. I think it will take a bit of time, but gradually far into the future, I think more and more countries will start to adopt their own digital currencies. Once a few countries do it, many will follow suite in order not to be left behind.
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