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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libra_(cryptocurrency) The Libra should be released in next year, is the plan. Huge pump will come for crypto, maybe will be possible to make fast money when they launch
  2. The market is really big, and we have hundred of good options to invest, we just need some research and attention
  3. Not aways, some airdrops don't give good money and most are bunch of worthless tokens, if you chose good airdrops it will give some rewards, even with a lot of bad airdrops this is still better than lose time in faucets
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    Yes the forum pay for yours posts, take a time to read the rules to see how everything works here. To know more about this promotion for to the official thread:
  5. Anonymously is better, it keeps the essence of Cryptocurrecy, government and other don't need to know how you are, buy, sell anonymously with safety
  6. I was hacked past year too, using a shared mastenode service, I was using a weak password but the wort part is that he hacked me because I didn't have setup 2fa authentication, if I had nothing was happen
  7. It's like changelly and shapeshift, they are not an wallet, and that just trade it automatically in some exchange in a fast and secure way.
  8. There is no reason to compare, both are great Cryptocurrencies, but dash is the first Mastenode coins, which bring a lot of new features as instant send, private send and more, masternodes brings more security to the blockchain making it more descentralized and secure against 51% attacks. For that reason dash is more valuable to LTC.
  9. Inactive project, zero volume, not traded in any good market, unlimited supply, no development. All are bad reasons, and it's a alert to not invest in that coin I think
  10. That's a good point, newcomers don't know much about cryptos and they can easily buy some shitcoins thinking in fast profit, and it's not good, everyone should make a little research before start any kind of investment
  11. Not yet, they not created yet, looks like everyone wants to start their on Cryptocurrecy, what will be the main feature of this one? What will bring new for us?
  12. That's why we need to use exchanges only for trades or exhcnages to fiat if needed, they can be safe, but the best and safest place to keep your cryptos is in your wallet that you have full control and your Private keys, if anything happens to the exchange you will not be able to get your money back
  13. Great analysis, xlm have a great potential for the future, all of those coins are good choices to invest, and personally I think that the most promising for profit right now is BAT
  14. Bounty0x is one of the best platforms, and is not scam. He didn't mentioned bounty Hunter.io and reviewhunt, those are real platforms that giver rewards ok only by verified projects.
  15. People are afraid to invest in Cryptocurrecy right now, so this market is really going down slowly, the next bun till should happen in the next year, with the next btc halving and the launch of Libra that will boost the cryptomarket to billion's of people
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