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  1. In my country a new startup launched this kind of service, and as I see is working really great, instead of giving cash back in money they are paying it in btc, really cool
  2. Any cryptocurrency, there is no expecific cryptocurrency for that, of course some coins can be tracked using some techniques, but people don't care about it I think.
  3. Token is a cryptocurrency that requires another platform to exist and function. Tokens can represent anything that has been programmed into a Smart Contract on Blockchain, they are basically any assets that are fungible and tradable. Creating tokens is much easier than creating a new currency because it uses an available platform that has already been created, which means you don't have to modify the codes of a particular protocol or create a zero block. In short, coins are standalone cryptocurrencies that require no other platform to run on, while Tokens are created on platforms that typically have their own currency. Understand where the definition of Cryptocurrency comes from. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are encrypted using encryption. Cryptography refers to the use of encryption techniques to secure and verify the transfer of transactions. Bitcoin represents the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which is fed by its users without a central authority or intermediaries to control and all transactions are chronologically recorded in Blockchain. All you have to do is follow a standard block model - like Ethereum, which is chosen because of its unique and amazing block technology - that lets you create your own tokens. This functionality of creating your own tokens is possible through the use of Smart Contract, which are computer codes registered in a Blockchain, so that they cannot be deleted or edited. There are many tokens developed on top of the Ethereum platform like EOS, VeChain, OmiseGO, Binance Coin, Augur, Status and many more. Just go to the Coinmarketcap website and click on the “Tokens” tab. There are also a number of other platforms available for tokens to develop, such as Counterparty, Bitshares, Waves, Qtum, Nxt, Omni and NEO. This post source is my official Steemit:
  4. Hey guys, I didn't received any payment for a while, I didn't post all 30 posts, but I've posted a few times, I've noticed that I didn't not received on yobit in the past few days, a few users are complaining about that too, can we have an official statement from the team? @epidemia @Bigpat
  5. Nice move to bring more people to the forum, I've joined the airdop And I hope this will be some valuable token, thanks yobit, here is my code: SIZDH8
  6. You need to have a few bitcoin in order to get 30$ per day on trading, more will be easier, if you have 300$ it will be hard since 30$ is 10% of that capital, just alocate a money and try to get at least 1%/ day
  7. Sometimes it's not a good topic, people will not reply in bad toppic, because have a chance to be deleted and this also brings down your rewards here on the forum.
  8. I have already seen a lot of websites trying to get access to my metamask, and I was warned directly from mEtamask, we aways need to be carefull in this crypto world.
  9. If this happens you will gonna lose it, but I think that the address patern is different so yobit will not withdraw because is not compatible, if happens there is no way to recover.
  10. I think that this is really impossible to happen, If this happen I will put all my money and get cheap btc, and a lot of people will do that too, so thats why I think it's not gonna happen.
  11. As fas As I know, Electrum ,Bitcoin core, and Paper wallet are the safiest option when we are talking about security, those are the best wallets for everyone for sure.
  12. I use it to send tokens and ethereum directly from my browser,it's safe, but there is a lot of websites and apps out there that try to steall the metamask key, away be carefull before signing anything with metamask
  13. I can't chose only one, In my opinion those 2 coins are the best option after Bitcoin, if you are considering investing in one of those coins I recomend to split the amount along those.
  14. I see a few posts here complaining about the payments, I was banned temporaly and I'm back posting ehre today, let's see if everything is still working fine for me, I hope so.
  15. The amount you earn will depend on your strategy and the amount invested on it, Some people can earn like hundreds of dollars a day, but for that you need to buy a lot of coins and sell here, so the difference can be really profitable.
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