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  1. How much is "enough" for you? 🤨 For work which you do here. And how "analysis" can be wrong? I just share facts I did not share any prediction. "few days ago"??? 🤨 "for each post" and "responding to the post" is that same? "few days ago" and you write this post 22. few days ago before that price was around 7sat and on 22. was 6sat/5sat that is big drop for you? "necessary steps" is that plans be realized not "increase it's price without delay". How you can compare DOGE with TALK? DOGE have own wallet right? TALK not. DOGE is coin, TALK is virtual token right? Blockchain? Community? etc. Come on!
  2. And why did not hit 1$ till 2021? If DOGE hit 0.10$ that is big and to not talking about 1$... And it's big difference between USD and BTC market, try to research both market. 😉
  3. Your point is that you get YODA from Yobit and you are happy because of that, and why you write all that? And like you can see there are Action for YODA 1% investbox plan but it's not one post daily than 10 times Dice game with BTC daily. Point is that you could to write just that you are happy because of airdrop.
  4. You get +1 for contructive post, but I have some questions. What was reasons for previous DOGE pumps? Again someone just write about DOGE? Yes one time before it was challenge but I'm talking before that. Like you can read DOGE ATL (AllTimeLow) was 15sat which DOGE hit and after that DOGE pump like before.
  5. DOGEcoin have wallet? DOGEcoin support many people? etc. You can not compare TALK token with DOGE coin. Quick update: Interesting thing is that now is BTC payment rate lower and TALK token is same (10TALK-1post), how I see currently BTC payment rate is 200sat-1post is that mean that "profitable" members price should be 20sat (10*20=200sat)? At beginning when BTC payment rate was 1000sat at 100sat TALK price it was "profitable" for members (10*100=1000sat) but now with new BTC payment rate it's different. We will see what will be next. P.S. Reason for this change is that BTC price is higher.
  6. 🤔 How you can compare DOGE with BTC? Do you know basic difference between DOGE and BTC? When you say "restrictions" what you mean exactly? Because this what you say dont have any sense.
  7. It's interesting to see that this topic did not attracted attention. When I wrote this topic price of DOGE was 18sat/17sat and currently price of DOGE is 139sat/138sat which is a lot higher and topic was writen before around 2 months. And after two months it was "buttom", price of DOGE drop till 15sat and like you can see one "pump" till 39sat and after that big "pump" which still lasts. Big profit for DOGE holders. 🙂
  8. You did not understand me again, if some token have daily (1%,5%,10%) bigger supply will that affect on price? Of course yes, and because of that price drop as simple as that. And that price increase, maybe if that token win YoPony/Pump race. 😄
  9. You write that already in other topic. Yoda investbox plans (1% and 2%) have action (10ds), and if you dont remember Yoda had airdrop. And how I understand you dont like investbox because of action and tokens without action because price drop, can you tell me how you expect that price go up if there are every day more tokens? And what about YoPump? What about airdrops which you get?
  10. Type: Similar posts same topic Member 1 posts: Member 2 posts: Member 3 posts:
  11. "You will get" I dont understand you what you mean? All that tokens have bigger supply every day and of course that price will go down. You want to do nothing to get daily percent from investbox? P.S. BTC investbox plan! And because of that you dont like investbox at all? What about TALK investbox plan without action? What about DLRS investbox plan tokens which you get from Yobit? And without action too. Your post dont have point at all.
  12. Quick update. In previous days we saw that TALK token price drop below 10sat, as we expected drop continued and will continue until we dont see some news/changes. Currently price of TALK token is 10sat/9sat, and currently it's necessary around 0.148 BTC till 1sat but with same amount (0.148 BTC) price can hit around 140sat price. It's interesting thing is that we can not predict what will be with price in coming days will price drop more or will we see some news/changes which will affect (move) price, but one thing is sure that members sell their tokens very cheap. What can be better, to hold tokens in investbox or to sell on this price?
  13. Type: Copy/Paste Original: Paste: Type: Similar posts Member 1 posts: Member 2 posts:
  14. And why you simple dont sell some part of your investment and buy again if price drop? OK if you are Bitcoin holder (your not holderS you are holder) but why to just hold why not like I say above you trade too to make more BTC? And when you say another currencies you think on fiat, but like I say above you can trade too.
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