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  1. In cases yes but I think in many cases it's just a matter of knowledge and analysis. Yes you can "catch" some good order and buy or sell some coin some good price but like I write you must to putt order and to wait but if you invest in some coin because you read some good news about that coin and price is down and you think that price because of that news can go up that is different. Because of that I always recommend that people research and then buy coin, and not to follow someone you must to know reason because you buy some coin.
  2. News about ETH POS (2.0): https://cointelegraph.com/news/vitalik-buterin-reveals-ethereum-20-roadmap-to-cointelegraph Like you can read in news ETH will probably cross to POS this year and that can be a really good reason that ETH price go much higher than currently price. And to note that BTC halving is approaching and like we can read in this news ETH POS too, do these two events can move price of cryptocurrency a lot or not evaluate for yourself. If there is more news about ETH POS (2.0) I will share in this topic.
  3. You can see this new update for warining points: and it's a lot better to report such a members and that they get warining points that they can not write for some time but just to ignore it. For example if you find some copy/paste reply that member will get 4 warining points which mean 30 days without writing which I must to admit is very good because that is very rude and I dont think so that will do that again when they get ban for 30 days. Read what I write above, it's better to report such a reply and that they get warining points. Too read above, yes every day we can see new members but what they get with new accounts they must to write again 100 posts to get payments and that is not easy and if they do again same thing again they account will be blocked or banned and what is the point. My suggestion is that members must to write own opinion not to copy someone else and if they do that I recommend to members which write own opinion to report such a posts because of them.
  4. First link does not work, but I search and found this wallet and I first time heard for this wallet do you have experience with this wallet (because you recommend them)? I see that wallet have staking/landing for some coins like DAI,ZRX,BAT etc. did you try and is it profitable if you compare with other staking/landing sites? Exodus (https://www.exodus.io/mobile) have mobile wallet iOS too and it's really good and easy for using.
  5. You can report such a emoji to moderators (report button with comment) but of course must be undeservedly. But I will write again, I think that currently reputation system dont work well. It will be a lot better if someone which give Spam emoji and if it turns out that is undeservedly that he get Spam emoji because he give that emoji without reason. Because some of members give that emoji just because they dont like comment not because that comment is really spam or bad. I hope that soon we will see some big changes on this forum.
  6. Millionaires with day trading, I dont think so. Like you already mentioned with day trading you can earn only small percent (profit) and you become "millionaires" you must to invest a really big amount. But if you "catch" some good movemant or if you trade with margin trading then you can make good profit. My opinion is that people which buy Bitcoin at beginning on very low price they maybe become "millionaires" or some other coin/token with which they could to make x100 or x1000 from investment. But with day trading to make very big profit and to become "millionaires" I really dont thing so that is possible.
  7. I dont know for sure but I read a lot that many people mining ETC and when ETH cross to POS that much more people will cross to mining ETC. I know I maybe late with my comment because price already jump but of course ETC price go much higher than now. If you have solid rig for mining I recommend ETC for mining, but again I dont mining I just read others people suggestions.
  8. Like say "not moving" there are few things which can affect on that. For example like say big spread, price of some coin for buying 100sat and for selling 50sat that is big spread and no one can not sell on that price or to buy on that high price and coin simple "stuck". Or for example if some coin have strong walls, on buy price have over 20 BTC and on sell price have same amount or high amount (15, 30, 40 BTC) and such a coins price can not move easy they need big volume to move price. Because of that I always recommend that people buy coins/tokens which have potential.
  9. BullRunBit

    Metamask wallet

    Must to admit one of best ERC-20 tokens wallet, i recently tried it and work very well. Like you already write extension for Chrome work good (I tried it) and one more thing fee is very low which is different from exchanges fees for withdraw ETH (for example). Really simple and clean wallet, just of course you need to make back up and secure your account/wallet. It's with 12 words which you must to write on some safe place to secure your account.
  10. Because you moralizing that much can you explain me this. What is difference between this topic and this one: This topic have 3 Useful emoji and this which I mentioned have 28, and can you please tell what is difference? Second, in this (my) comment (in that topic) I get two Spam emoji: from members which dont have any connections with which I write, can you explain me that too? And one of that member create account and give me Spam emoji and did not write any post or topic or any other emoji just that one (Spam) which give to me. And to not talk about member who created this topic, and how he get Useful emoji for not useful topics. I write before in this topic one more example how some memebrs get Useful emoji and I think that this reputation system dont work well. And please because you are so moral and you think that it's just that members they look at it from another perspective explain me this two (above) examples.
  11. Please next time read previous comments and you will find the answers. No Cryptopia will not open again exchange because they in liquidation process and now is only a matter of time when they will share news how users can get their coins back. For upcoming update/news you can check their official twitter account: https://twitter.com/cryptopia_nz there you can find all old/new update.
  12. Of course ETH, but I can not tell that TRX is not good and you can already stake TRX in some wallets. But ETH (my opinion) is a much better altcoin and with upcoming change (POS) will be more better. And simple you can read what people write about both coins, but of course I dont recommend to listen other people and to invest than to make own research then to invest. And try to find if there are some upcoming news which can affect on price, that is important I think.
  13. Honestly I dont know too, but Monero is really good coin and currently is rank 14. on coinmarketcap. I read that some exchanges remove Monero and that can be maybe reason, but I just check and a lot of big exchanges support Monero and this previous can not be reason. I have/had some Monero but it's on Cryptopia and who know when and If I will get back. But good thing is that price slowly recovering and if you look on chart for 1 year price drop till 45$ and currently is 77$ which is good but a lot of altcoins have such a jump too. In any case my opinion is that Monero is good altcoin.
  14. Qubix is Yobit token and you can not find Qubix on others exchanges. Qubix before had investbox plan (I dont remember percent) and was like all other Yobit tokens but after few months (maybe year) Yobit remove Qubix investbox plan and till now nothing has changed. I noticed that some more investbox plans have problems like Liza and some was removed and I dont know what will be with that Yobit tokens because they are intended for investbox and without investbox plans I dont know purpose of that tokens. I hope that Yobit will soon fix that problem.
  15. I know for a PRE a long time and price constantly drop but how you can see from January 10. price start to jump and I did not research but I dont know exact reason for this pump's. And on February 15. price start to drop again, currently price is 0.039$ (412sat) but as it seems there are not some big drop. If you maybe know reason for this jump it will be good to share with us.
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