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  1. Like I write above I suggest you to read all informations on the bottom of website before you invest or buy token. Same like I write above, always research coin/token before invest/buy. And I must to admit that 10% is not low fee for withdraw. Always research before you buy, because maybe it's not profitable for you or someone else.
  2. I'm member of this forum from 29.Sep.,which is four days after CryptoTalk forum "birthday" and for one year with this forum I saw a lot of things from spamming till great payments system and own forum token. Today CryptoTalk forum is a different, with less spamming, (still) great payments system and we wait for new forum token TALK. I'm waiting for new great things for a CryptoTalk forum in a future. Happy Birthday!
  3. I really try to not commend post above. "validity"? What you mean when you say this? "worked" you think playing/betting? When you say to stay away from "it" you think on gambling at all? You must to write more precisely your opinions.
  4. YOTRA is a Yobit token which you can buy or get like a bonus for trading. You can get 10% from trading commission on BTC pairs, but if you are referral to someone you will get only 5%. YOTRA have investbox plan with 1% daily and without Action. Old users of Yobit probably know for this token/bonus, but new users they probably dont know anything about this token. Check out your trading bonus on this page: https://yobit.net/en/tradebonus/ Happy trading!
  5. I just check out topics about 1700 DLRS and I find just this one, it's little bit strange. If you did not noticed, you share link for GetFreeDollars"RU" not "EN" and this is EN (English) part of forum. You must to share this link: https://t.me/GetFreeDollarsEN And one more thing, where you find that referral link and is there some reward and how much DLRS? Because I did not noticed that there are some referral program for DLRS.
  6. I read somewhere that there are some website where you can "follow" traders and you can see his previous trade. I dont know which site exactly but if I find that site I will share here, or you can research by yourself. And about first part to trade with your friends, why not maybe together you can make bigger profit. Or together you can find more informations about some coin/token etc. Point is why not, but of course you must to have some rules like about profit (share) etc.
  7. Because of delays we get both payments, but how I understand that will stop on 15.Oct. when TALK token launch on market. And like you can see, we dont get BTC for all posts that part I dont understan well but it's OK because we get both payments in BTC and TALK which is really good. But we will see what will happen on 15.Oct.
  8. I read about this and I think that this is good thing for cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). And it's interesting that they did not buy at once, than in certain quantities that price do not change (that's I read on some website). And on other side, that maybe mean something but who knows we will see.
  9. I misunderstood, this is proposal/suggestion not commenting currently rank system. But proposal/suggestion is not bad, I like part about report that affect on rank. Rank system changed two times, and maybe will be third time we will see. P.S. You can share your proposals/suggestions in this topic:
  10. First (3), how you know that you need at least 50 reports? Where you read that? Second (2), you probably make a mistake you maybe need over 5,000 posts and topics not reputation points. Third (1), again how you know that you need 100 topics to get this rank? I try to find out about this what you talking about but I did not find this informations, if you can please share where you read this.
  11. I get negative points too, but I simple report that to moderators. Of course if you think that is undeservedly. From they launch new reputation system I give just one negative point, but with good reason. And all members must to do that, if you have good reason freely give negative points but you must to have reason for that like with positive points too.
  12. First of all that is difference in price: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/markets/ You can see that all exchanges dont have same price. And about second part, why you need USD to convert BTC to LTC? You simple convert (sell/buy) on BTC market, BTC/LTC. You are probably new and I recommend you to learn first.
  13. Dont be like person which commented before you (he is banned). Cryptopia exchange is shut down and on liquidation, which means that they will not open exchange again. And about KYC, it is already known and question is when users must to send and in last update they write that maybe will be by the end of the year.
  14. I agree with you, a saw few times that member "ask" for like and like you say (I think that too) that if you think that you deserved like you dont need to "ask" for it. And one thing is problem too, that some members really do that give a like just because he asked for that and that is not OK for sure. I write one topic about similar thing long time ago:
  15. Interesting, can you share some more informations like how much tokens (and which token) you get if you bet on top topic? And can you share that website, or you can create topic about that website? About WINk, yes it's popular gambling website and they have three tokens which is connected with website WIN, DICE, LIVE and you can stake all of them.
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