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  1. Maybe if they make some big change for example to make TALK ERC20 token or TRC20 token that would be good, and like you say to list on other exchange. But first they must to realize plans for TALK token. And of course that EN section be paying section again, because this dont have sense at all.
  2. "Don't talk about this"? There is a lot of questions, for example when EN section will start again with payments, etc. And I agree that this (disposal) affect on price for sure. Currently TALK is on ETH market and price is 7/5 gwei. maybe soon TALK will be other market (WAVES,DOGE). Anyhow maybe at the end of the months we will see some update/news.
  3. It continues. Reason: Duplicate posts Reason: Duplicate posts Original: Duplicate posts: Original: Duplicate posts:
  4. About first part I can agree with you, but second part I dont see point in your question. Why is everyone interesting to write here or like you say "payments in this way"? Of course that is about crypto for writing, you can see that by checking activity after payment stop. At least finish 100 posts requirement which you need to do to get payments (old rules). Maybe "soon" there will be new rules for payments.
  5. @Desais @Bigpat Is this allowed? And a lot of same posts in this topic. I understand about "pump" topic but is it allowed on this forum and on this way?
  6. That's more than two years. I check out "roadmap" or faq, and it's little bit confusing. Especially this part "Pi’s Core Team does not control when cryptocurrency exchanges decide to list Pi"... Is that means that it's questionable when will Pi be on market... How did you get to those 5$? I dont understand that. And about 1INCH and UNI they are swap website tokens can not be compared with mobile mining token. Again, just looking for facts. I know for one more "mining" mobile token, but it's not just like regural mining than like sharing tokens for using app (weekly sharing). And how I understand it's like Pi, reward drop over time.
  7. That is gambling, but betting on events like which BTC price will be in specified month that is interesting. About lottery and interest on balance, lottery is just luck and prizes are very good for first place prize is 0.1 BTC and you get free lottery ticket for every free roll and about interest on balance if you have 30k and over you will get interest it's something like bonus. Check out this topic and share your opinion:
  8. FreeBitco.in is one the older Bitcoin faucet. Since 2013. You probably heard for this faucet, but most common reason why people dont use this faucet is because of low reward. But there is other reasons to use this faucet. Below I will share few reason why is "not bad" (can be profitable) to be active on this faucet. 1. FREE ROLL Yes base hourly reward can be (it is) low, but you have chance for other rewards up to 200$ in Bitcoin. 2. FREE REWARDS (points) For every free roll you dont get only hourly reward (satoshi) you get also reward points which you can convert for other rewards or directly for BTC (1:1 satoshi). 3. FREE LOTTERY Again, for every free roll you get also free lottery ticket/s. Draw is weekly and prizes are big, from 20k satoshi till for first place 0.1 BTC. 4. FREE SPIN Every day you get on your email free spin. There is a lot of prizes, from lottery tickets, BTC, reward points, till watch, golden ticket/s, gift card. Point is that there are a lot of free rewards not just base reward from free roll to be active on their faucet. I will create pool that members vote is it this faucet wasting of time or is it worth attention. Vote and write you opinion.
  9. Reason: Duplicates topic First one March 09. Duplicates topic July 02.
  10. @Whited35 I have some questions, if it's not hard for you to answer. When Pi mining start? From beginning is it Pi on any exchange? How much Pi miners mined till now? And last question, which price you expect when Pi be listened on some exchange? When all that tokens go to market. I heard long time ago about Pi but I did not see (I check now too) that is on any exchange yet... Dont get me wrong, just looking on facts.
  11. I have one question, I hope for that we will get info. What will be when payment start again with members posts/topics which they write now (meanwhile, from last update till when payment start again) will they get payments for that posts/topics? Because a lot of members think that payment stop and they are not active they just wait that payment start again. It would be good that members get that info, maybe activity will be better/bigger.
  12. About tittle and your opinion, of course that I not agree. If is only reason (which you mentioned) that Yobit become one of top exchanges because they have forum where they pay members to write I dont think so that can be reason to become one of top exchanges. One of good thing on Yobit is that they never been hacked. I remember one time something with ETC, but it was solved very fast. Can you share some of that "schemes"?
  13. Quick update: "Good" news TALK token has returned on BTC market. With 0.14 BTC 24h volume, and currently buy order at 1sat around 0.00085 BTC. And on ETH market with volume 0.02 ETH which is around 0.0013 BTC. I must to admit that this is little bit confusing how and why this happened, but anyhow TALK token is on BTC market now and only question is will something new happen soon with TALK token (plans). P.S. EN section is still not paying section, few days till 4 months from last update when payment stop. Edit part: And after 3 hours buy "wall" is gone.
  14. Reason: Copy/Paste Original: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5135187.0
  15. I always check price on most value market, like for example currently on ETH market. If you check TALK price on ETH market you can see that price drop -20% with 0.01 ETH volume and till 1gwei it's only around 0.0032 ETH which is around 20ksat value of total buy orders. And if you check on USD market (like you say) you can see that price drop around -48% with volume 0.53$. Anyhow, still only purpose of TALK token is investbox plus forum tokens which put a lot of pressure on TALK token price. And if nothing happen next few months I will not be surprised that TALK token dont have value at all.
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