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  1. First I just mentioned TALK, post is about whole situation in EN section. Second you forgot to putt "." in the end, or anywhere. About TALK token, yes none of plan has been implemented and of course that affect on price. I check out price of TALK token when this happened: And it's it is questionable how long TALK will be on ETH market too, because if you check orders (ETH market) you can see that till 1gwei it is only necessary around 0.06 ETH which is around 0.004 BTC or around 170$.
  2. Quick update. Just now whole wall at 1 sat is gone, around 1.07 BTC in just one secund is gone! But interesting thing is that 24h Vol. is just 0.72 BTC, is that means that someone remove wall just before sell off? Anyhow TALK token is again on ETH market.
  3. "hobbit" probably you think Yobit, and it was on Telegram Eng. group. And I dont understand how you can compare that with forum giveaway? How that can be same? "she"? 8,000,000 TALK tokens in one day is sold that is not "slowly". If I remember correctly, that wall had over 1 BTC maybe around 1.2/3/4 BTC which is close to half from current situation. Plans for TALK token was published June.29.2020 which is 1 year 6 months and 15 days from then, and you think that wall will still be there until then? And one more thing, if you dont remember TALK was on ETH market already.
  4. Yes and New Year Yobit codes giveaway, in both cases they bypassed EN section... Quick update, if anyone read this at all. There was "big" sell of TALK token, in two separate sales it was sold (5M+around 3M) around 8M of TALK tokens which is around (at 1sat) 0.08 BTC. Still there is "wall" at 1sat with around 0.71 BTC. Still plans for TALK token not realized. Anyhow, we wait for any update for TALK or for EN section.
  5. 280days/8months/ "soon" x3. I really dont think so that we will "soon" see some update/news. Not to mention plans for TALK token... I would really like to see some changes on forum, but a lot of time has passed without any change and members simply gave up waiting... And one thing greatly influenced that, a lack of updates/activity in EN section... Maybe some day we will see again active EN section. P.S. In RU section there was New Year Yobit codes giveaway:
  6. Wait, logically how that can affect on TALK price (that payment for EN section will be reopen)? That more tokens daily will be on market? Is that good for price or that means pressure on currently price? And tell me why you expect 30sat price? What is reason? Just please dont tell me "reopen payment for EN section"...
  7. Yes I read about that and it's noticeable that a lot of members left forum... And this "goes on and on", do you still think that there will be some news till end of the year? TALK price is stable long time at 2/1sat, and I really dont understand why some members (not you) dont like that... You can only do to not sell your tokens, but there is other things which can affect good on TALK price like for example that old plans be realized or some new plans just that something happened.
  8. That would be good move. "Now" or 3 months ago? Some members write that was in Oct. I really dont see logic how this "played out"... First you stop payments for EN section and in same time double BTC reward for RU section, after 5 months from that you stop payments for RU section for same reason like EN section and now you say "even in the English section"... What members in EN section should to think about this... Dont get me wrong just share facts. You really think that is important now? TALK is at 1sat long time and you are not ok with that? Edit part: @Desais Will you remove warning point from my profil? Because it says there that "(Expires 12/27/21 10:33 AM)", today is 12/29/21.
  9. OK, can you tell me what has changed in EN section for this 8 months? A lot of members report spammers in EN section but there will be always new ones. Is it simpler that all members need to apply for payments and mods to approve who can get payments? Than to wait something for which nobody dont know what is it ... You can see situation in EN section (collapse of activities), that will be for whole forum if like you say "takes time" like for EN section (<8 months)...
  10. Here you go, same reason like for EN section (spammers/bots). Just difference is time frame, EN section 8 months without payments RU section 3 months. Simplest way to fix this is that writers apply for payments. For new members, same 100 posts after that to apply for payments. And of course stricter rules if member break rules like for example copy/paste etc.
  11. Like I say, it's been a long time... I would like to see too some good news, for whole forum not just for one section. About RU section, I just check update and I see that they double reward in that section from 200sat to 400sat in same time when they stop payments for EN section...I did not know about this, and honestly I dont know what to tell about this... "more than a month" but EN section is not paying section 7 months... Anyhow activity shows everything...
  12. More than a year since when TALK is on market, around 7 months when payments for EN stopped, and there is no any concrete information when plans for TALK will be realized and no info when/will payments for EN section start again... One month left till 2022, you really think that something will happen this month?
  13. 04.29.21 when we get update that payments for EN section stopped, today is 11.27.21 which is 7 months from update. Maybe in next 7 months payments for EN section will start again? @Bigpat @Desais It is reasonable that there is a lot of work which takes time to make forum better, but I dont understand few things: - Is it really necessary 7 and more months that payments start again? - How this (stop payments for 7 and more months) can be good for forum? You can see activity. - And why nothing happens on forum, like that forum will turn off/shut down? I really dont see that something has changed for this 7 months, except activity which is very low for (any) forum. I was checking forum daily and how it looks that old members give up too to write... I can't know what is your plans, but this looks like as forum will turn off/shut down... Edit part: Instead of to get answers I get warning point for signature text rule which I insert before 1-2 months... Great to see activity on forum. Joke, dont get me wrong and give me some more warning point.
  14. Reason: Off topic It's interesting to see that some of old members dont know when is off topic. P.S. I report here because I'm not sure that report button work.
  15. This is not first time that TALK have "wall" at 1sat, if you remember when forum birthday was there was "wall" at 1 sat too but when fork for BTC come (Squid) that "wall" was gone and TALK was on ETH market again. And now we can see again that "wall", but is that Yobit or some users "wall" who will know that... Anyhow, it's good to see that TALK is after so much time still on BTC market (with investbox plan).
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