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  1. Hi, donblank. Welcome! I invite you to go through these topics. _________ _____________ ______________ I have seen how these users who surely have more accounts publish only links and disappear and leave their referral links. We cannot comment on simply seeing a post, posting makes us an accomplice of spam. He has the right to publish but we have the right to demand quality in the topics.
  2. Look at the volumes in 2017 and look at the now, believed that the investment declined? I drive away the curios people. This is a project that can be short medium or long term, you decide.
  3. I agree. Please, create Topic where appropriate, we are all wrong but this post should go off topic. Your idea is good I hope you get a lot of followers, I will follow you.
  4. Know in which currency you are going to invest. Get money that doesn't affect your family budget. Learn the trader techniques that exist. Learn all you can about the Blockchain. I assure you that if you follow these tips you will understand what crypto to puy.
  5. NO! my friends. This point is not true contrary to the complexity to solve the Hash makes the rewards go down. Electricity is an investment factor for miner, which affects their profits. The halving will affect the price.
  6. The main point does not spend your family budget money. Use risk money it is money you can lose, I have this post for you.
  7. Friend! the rewards have begun to diminish...that can give you an answer to your question on how they will be in the future. In 2020 (may) the rewards will be about 900 bitcoin per day. Actually ,is is about in 1800 BTC. (Pools/Block)
  8. The halving is an inflationary control of bitcoin, that is, converting bitcoin into a more desired asset. Bitcoin Become an asset that few will have access to. The hashrate increase due to the complexity of the algorithm (Hash), it will be greater. In may 2020 with halving miners will earn lñess because they will less bitcoin to mine. Source:
  9. What is the source of this information? My friends You must say where your read it. But then questions you don't know. The networks node creado is secure, its just rumor, nobody can verify that number or percentage.
  10. ??? No one has to know. ? Exactly, I agreed. ? It is most likely, Dumped. ______ __________ _________________ But anyway, such an amount is not traded in an exchange. Two guys meet (this is no necessary, but anyway) one sells, the other purchase, they set a price, ready? they agree? YES. Send BTC.
  11. Friend!! If you found out this just a few years ago, you don't have to cry. But you heard about them in 2010 and ignored it, then you should cry, In any case she did the right thing at that moment, but fortune visited her very closely
  12. The africa continent is opening little by little to the cryptocurrency industry, recently bad news has been heard such as that of the Zimbabwean Exchange. But this type of openings in Nigeria means that they will incorporate other countries. A region that needs a lot of help. The exchanges should be thinking about doing philanthropy. A continent that can become an example of that crypto can do for us.
  13. The license is for commercial use, usually exchanges are acquired under rent (licenses) plus a percentage of profits. I am sure the software has an additional price.
  14. thank for you post. 1.- It is information that should serve to understand that it is not good to mine with your smartphone. 2.- The smartphone is practically used only to mining 3.- $3 month / $100 the value of your smartphone means that you recover your investment in 33 months
  15. Really! Having both is best, if you mnemonics you will never forget your password and if you encrypt it in paper, it is doubly secure. There are so many ways to keep a password cold, it is something that has been done for thousands of years, for example stenography.
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