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  1. That is truth, I only had Steem and some ETH, but the minimum withdrawal amount restrictions never liked it. My Big withdraw amount :)
  2. 1 BTC for my trade, Im still doing the same thing. Some other way, I start working to get 2 BTC. When I get to 10 BTC if I have time to travel.
  3. Depends, because sometimes it is not objective, a photo or friends can help. Look at this case, 2 hours...
  4. Hi, do you know the concept bankroll? it is important to know if you can get back to $300. The best investor is not the one who invest once and win, he always has "capital" to invests again, again, This if you have a yobit Account, it can help, Invest Box.
  5. hi Karidun, both are necessary, they will coexist for a long time. The big difference is that your cryptocurrency funds are managed witout restriccions.
  6. hi, What amount and how long hold? do you trader for income? them short-term. If you have very few money and you can hold long-term invest in a low-value currency.
  7. There is a logo that was created by child, anyway is a part of the brand, there are also "The slogan" and The Name". @andrehol, @moosang217, @th3nolo, @Saqib Ali Sadiq, @mando7, @Nicecrypto, @Paranoxxx, @CryptoBry, @teminalibug, @duncun007, @Razer Ty for commenting and votes.
  8. In july a larger one occurred when a whale moved 142323 BTC. The transaction represented approximately 10% of all BTC volume. +47k BTC https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transaction/58d6606d6e16e3899dffe687dc78514420630eb4aa1b5e0f19971a9727f81644 +49k BTC https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transaction/003b44b752358ae6834c66dadb7f3c48a23e6e028091df961ea90b0e35da2a37 +
  9. The important is to know everything about coin. them your favorites logo is Dogecoin: 1 voted Hi Drboss, your favorite logo? Ty for commenting and votes.
  10. Logo is important maybe by "Branding of Cryptocurrencies". There are a lot cool cryptocurrency logos and very nice designs. What's your favorite by design?
  11. I just read news on my smartphone 😊. The app "Google News", I don't follow any specific web site.
  12. Hi, guy. It's not about you liking bitcoin, but its the coin that should have. I like to have coin related projects, Steem, chp, Agro Coin, Pesetacoin,etc.
  13. Hi, people always say "what your top 5...?" and the truth, it's no like choosing your favorite color. My top depends e.g. on the cryptocurrencies, if I want to sell or buy, etc. So top 5 for what? Anyway, for ERC 20 Kucoin, yobit, Hitbtc, Idex and Block Trades with Steem.
  14. hi guy. A lot of things to comment on the quote, but the main thing "you Have to invest wisely" that's not in your words "...so i invest only the money that I'm not afraid to lose". I think, it's always having money to invest, you know the term bankroll, a money that takes risks with the probability of losing only 1%, leaving 99% to try to get it back. . 😊 Regards👍
  15. The poker has helped me a lot about crypto mainly to have control with money, so your comment also serves people who invest in cryptocurrencies.
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