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  1. Hi! Community. Cryptotalk. They must understand something the OP are not lines of code, in fact if you are not able to understand, then study what it reads. Read the title, clearer impossible; Slow explanation. That is, there is an ad that says, if you are not interested in the details do not read, but the usual thing, reading is not just being able to pronounce, it must process reason, analyze and interpret the information. I am not participating in a contest to evaluate my publications in their development, in DEBATE of opinions and ideas, yes! What I write takes it to another front, which one? to your position, please learn to create debates and especially the use of tools, rate, report or add value to the conversation regarding the OP. In conclusion: a) You don't like what he reads, simple he qualifies: +/- b) You like!ok, or give it a value between 1 and 5. c) None of the above, inform the moderator. d) You have no opinion useful let it go. Please use the above to avoid innocuous, useless, simple personal comments, learn that adding value to a topic can also be done by not writing anything and using the points, a-b-c-d.
  2. In reality, mobile applications emerged as a quick alternative to adapt the web to the size of different phones, but its success was such that people forget that mobile web applications are actually a good alternative. For example the case of m.KCryptotalk works fine. I don't think it's a priority in the short term, for the forum.
  3. Hi! The issue, in addition to seeking consensus, seeks to debate. Please, you must to reading correctly, it is an opinion on the system. The community also agree that they can have a wide range of debate, both in their execution and in their results. It has been said tirelessly, please, let's avoid comments like: I find it useful Great In general, let's avoid shitpost or Off-topic. ETC. Please use the known channels, if you do not have an opinion on-topic or a useful message on the subject, simply report the message. And add the respective comment. The above is a "report" scenario, if you have any doubts about a publication, just don't rate it, but since you want to leave your query and help the community make your report. The idea is not to abuse the rating system, in fact I think it is a privilege, because in a way a post with - 1, implies remove the payment from another user. Let's discuss that, let's understand the system situations not only in its technicality but in its result. Don't comment off topic, focus on the OP. TY.
  4. Please read this topic before reading first : New payment and rating system for the forum. Next: FAQ new payment and rating system. This is "unofficial" opinion and should be debated by the community. You can find the links at the end of this post. How to use? no! You and only you must decide how to deliver the qualification and reputation points. This post tries to understand the difference between giving rating and giving reputation. Let us begin: A user giving his first rating / reputation of the day. Scenarios. It doesn't matter if you give a rating value between 1 and 5, reputation is one (1). 1.- e.g.(Image 1) Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 2 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 3 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 4 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 5 => Reputation 1 / get Payment It does not rating, nothing happens. It does not give reputation, the value of the post is zero, so you get paid. 2.- e.g.(Image 2) Rating 0: Reputation 0 / get Payment Does not rating. But, yes, reputation. then, you get the payment. 3.- e.g. (Image 1) Rating 0: Reputation 1 / get Payment In summary: Rating 0 : Reputation 0 / get Payment Rating 0 : Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 2 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 3 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 4 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 5 => Reputation 1 / get Payment The above means that two * conditions must be given "based on the reaction" of one (several) user (s), in order for the post to obtain a payment: Zero (0) the post did not get any reaction. A value greater than 1 up to a maximum of 5. (*) The above is really a single situation for "receiving payment," a value between 0 and 5. The opposite case is obvious, but to leave the explanation, we proceed: The user who gets -1 in his post does not receive the payment, it does not matter if it is -5, that is, the rating value is a negative range that can give a user varies between -1 and -5. Consequently reputation is -1. Rating -1 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -2 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -3 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -4 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -5 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Those are the scenarios when you exercise your right with a single user, but you can do this in total only 50 times. This, which implies? Well this is obvious, but let's go into detail. Scenario 1. If you only give a value rating of one (1) to 50 users in a 24 hour period, this implies that you gave 50 points of average rating and gave 50 reputation points. (You get a double payment for your post by sending 50 votes. 10 talk)(1) Scenario 2: You vary your votes in a range that goes from 1 to 5, if you do it 50 times, you would be giving 50 reputation points, but you could give a maximum of 250 qualification points per day, at the maximum limit of giving 5 points to each user. But as this varies, you can deliver if you qualify to the maximum that there are 50 users, a value per qualification of between 50 and 250 qualification points. (1)By rating 50 users you get the bonus of 10 additional Talk per post. Scenario 3: It does not reach 50 users in votes, nothing happens. Scenario 4: Does not qualify. Nothing happens. Conjectures/doubts: From scenario 3: If you qualify for 10 users with the maximum value of 5 points, you awarded a total of 50 qualification points and 10 reputation points. You can see it under the scheme I have used: You to User A: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User B: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User 😄 Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User D: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User A: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User E: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User F: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User G:Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User H:Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User F: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 The relevant thing here is that you do not receive the additional payment. Don't confuse 50 rating with 50 reputation. Important, that's why I like to call it "vote" because you can exercise this right with 50 different users, or you can simply give your rating / reputation vote or like it, not strictly to 50 users. It may be that you get your 50 votes and are not necessarily 50 unique users. See the previous example, user A and user F repeated. At this point it is good to remind you of the rules of the forum and of this new rating. I do not want to mix things here of standards, I may put them in another post, they are really very important. But in order not to leave anything out, I recommend that you read the official posts of this new system and complement it with this: FAQ new payment and rating system New payment and rating system for the forum Attached: Image 1: Example 1: You to User A: Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Image2. Example 2. Rating 0: Reputation 0 / get Payment Image3: Example 3. Rating 0: Reputation 1 / get Payment Image 4: Mix, Rating and Reputación Like. This user (You) received 2 votes: a like and a rating of +1. User A to You: Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment User B to You: Rating 0 => Reputation 1 / get Payment A user can never do these two actions at the same time in a post.
  5. Hi! It is actually good to make it clear that the use of VPN is not prohibited by the EXchange, but at the time of KYC, let's say that for a withdrawal of funds they will ask you to send your address documentation, for verification, at that time You must disconnect your VPN so that they can know your true IP, they can even suggest it to you directly. This is not cheating. Regards.
  6. Hi Babubu609 No! You must differentiate whether it is qualification or reputation, they are different there is confusion here. Remember you have a maximum limit of 50 reputation which can generate a value from zero to 250 rating. Read my previous comment and this one can help you: Regards. If you have any doubts, you will quote me and we will debate the topic, the more discussion we have, the more doubts are resolved.
  7. He saw the use of flashy avatars somewhat hot, with suggestive girls, read first and be objective not to be fooled by an avatar. This may cause you to make mistakes, remember that you cannot use multiple online votes, it may cause a warning.
  8. Hi! I thought he had explained me well, first what I said is by way of example, hypothetical, it has not happened, you understand! I hope so, I did it to explain, if I confused you, I apologize. Regards.
  9. Friend use the grammar rules, separate your paragraphs to understand you. You should start by going to the main thread: Then the FAQ I made this comment read it, it can help you, your post may be deleted but I will take the risk.
  10. I am not married to any exchange , in reality I only use the best or the most popular ones, this use is according to my needs or to the currency that I need to exchange.
  11. It is not worth cheating you are going to lose your money, the use of VPN is not prohibited in the Exchange but this exchange has Know Your Customer (KYC).
  12. Where is the volatility of bitcoin? It has been so calm that what is to come cannot catch them without notice, bitcoin has to drastically change this passive behavior, in the future perhaps very far we expect this passive behavior. That by traditional market standards it is not normal but at the threshold of bitcoin yes, however I do not think that bitcoin will stay at 10k this year.
  13. Excuse me , but a suggestion of activity or reputation rating button. I don't know, something like that.
  14. Hi! The average rating is what it is, simply a value that determines your average of negative and positive ratings, actually measures the influence on a community-based value, I even think greater than reputation, because in the average rate you can get a maximum out of five, while reputation is always 1. In consideration, it may be that two users have 100 of reputation but an average of +100 for user A and another has another of +200, which indicates that user B receives more acceptance with their content than user A . Now, is that just for it? NO. The average rate determines the negative or positive value to receive your payment. In reality it is a system that fumigates spammers, `because if someone make spam the negative values lead them to make good content if or if. I hope you understand, if not please ask again. Regards.
  15. First it is good to realize, that we are learning, this topic corresponds to October, a time when the forum began and also the growth of spam, that symptom was already beginning to combat in October 2019. A few months later, why talk about this in another Topic, if this one exists, in fact it can be read and compared, and even how spam changes over time due to various circumstances. There is less Spam, but spammers keep coming and when Talk becomes a voice on the Internet, the rush to write shitpost will grow, you just have to show that those who are like regulars, make useful, informative posts.
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