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  1. Hi! Community. Today I bring the information of Binance, I will use the OP format: Update Mar 28, 2020; Exchange: Binance Deposit Fee: No / 0.00000 BTC Withdrawal Fee: Yes / 0.0004 BTC You commentary: This Exchange allows deposits from visa and Mastercard. A confirmation is required for the deposit to appear on your balance. 2 confirmations are required to start using your balance. PS: Remember these rates are constantly changing,
  2. I have this situation in my profile specifically in Activity: There are users who have a tendency to repeat themselves the reaction many times, I have reviewed and the situation repeats with a certain group of users. Let's say a user gave me like November 30, 2019. So today he decides remove it for whatever reason, but he gives it again. It appears twice. The first time in "my activity" something like this appears: It no longer appears Nov 30, but if the date of your last time you did it. This user has done it no less than 5 times. Possible Reasons: There are users who do it so many times that it affects reputation. A user can do it let's say about 60+ times, when deleting it only removes a point in the "received likes," but the "community reputation" of his benefactor (receiver) is benefited. Another effect is that many users can be confused when they see the same user and think of a reciprocal activity every time they see a new like, but it turns out that it is the same. Question: 1.- How can that bad practice be avoided?
  3. The signature Feature, This user practically half of his post is presented in the signature, so it is very annoying and that's when I used this feature by the first time: .Before: After: In any case it is always good to leave a reasonable space between the signature and the post, this way your signature may not be so annoying. e.g
  4. Report in the Topic: Original post user1: User2, copy / paste: Comment of this copy / paste: C/P 100% _____________________ _______________________ Original post user1: User2, copy / paste: ___________________
  5. Don't make bad quotes, taking quotes out of context is bad practice. Be careful. This topic is easy to comment, it is about the objectives that each one has, for example about what your appointments do, do not explain what they are, talk about how they influence your objectives.
  6. @tienda @iloveyobit @Hanan951 @Ali_hmwi @scorpiali (*) Their posts are bad, cannot answer "any idea you guys think" in relation with theme crypto, must give "replies" to the issues in the OP, it is essential to participate objectively and making this forum great. General Rules of Forum [Official] In detail that you are breaking: General Rules of Forum 2. Abusive expressions in any form are prohibited. Posting Rules: 6. Don't post off-topic or repetitive post. Don't post off-topic Don't repetitive post. 8. No zero value post, ensure constructive post discussion. Don't use google translator or any automated translation. Your answers do not match what was requested in the OP. Fix your posT and lovingly removed , I will even give your deserved You should not replies in a post where you have nothing to contribute. ______________________________________ (*)They are still missing but the Team is already arriving. _________________________________________ Remember:
  7. .. The trader is not just what you see! _______ I am entering the market at 0900 every day, I trade three hours. I return the next day 0900 but if there are no changes above 5% in its price nor do I try, it is my strategy in these days of so much uncertainty. In those three hours, carried out some 40 trade operations.
  8. You like trolling! you have more than 3800+ messages do not come to dirty this topic menu, let's help to be different things, different comments, useful. Do not take my opinion out of context: Make the quote correctly.
  9. Please, really please! Fix your posT and lovingly removed , I will even give your deserved You should not replies in a post where you have nothing to contribute.
  10. This topic seeks to collect all the information available on the withdrawal and deposit fees of the exchanges. No matter if they are popular or not. Contribute to posts related to BTC fees LBTC Exchange - P2P: LBTC Deposit Fee: Yes / 0.00003 BTC Withdrawal Fee: Yes / 0.00001 BTC You commentary: This Exchange allows the sending BTC between accounts without payments fee. It is the centralized typy. KYC is required Yobit Exchange : Yobit Deposit Fee: No / 0.00000 BTC Withdrawal Fee: Yes / 0.0012 BTC You commentary: This is "Cex" - Good promotions - Invest Box - Much Tokens - ICOs ____________________ Please leave your helpful feedback, also if there is an error with the rates mentioned, please let me know. These prices change from time to time. Contribute to posts related to BTC fees Please: use this Template: Exchange - P2P: LBTC Deposit Fee: Yes / 0.00003 BTC Withdrawal Fee: Yes / 0.00001 BTC You commentary: This Exchange ....
  11. The Volume is relative, I do not have the information at hand but there is a post here that lists the exchanges that have been scammed or lost funds and you can find exchanges with very acceptable volumes cap. In reality, all this is based on trust, the fundamental principle of the existence of Bitcoin, so as a side effect, that trust must be extended to the entire blockchain (peoples, wallets, Exchanges, etc)
  12. Hi! Specifically how much is the cost in Kucoin and binance? It would help me a lot to know, since I have not entered Binance since July 2019. Kucoin I am totally ignorant. It would be important for the community to have updated prices and be able to take a look around here, you can leave them in this post . If you want to make an additional contribution, I have a Topic that seeks to collect informayions of withdrawals: /
  13. It is easy to do it, honestly earning a true reputation, making comments that contribute by your words and knowledge, doing the right thing, you have to correct the false consensual supports. This Topic tries not to repeat the mistake, you really think you are doing it honestly! if you try to cheat you don't cheat a single person you cheat a whole community. Avoid cheating is a mistake.
  14. If you allow me, I'm going to comment. Several things or scenarios actually happen: 1.-Can occur that some blogger, website or other forum, takes (copy / paste) the content of a user and complements it (steals the idea) for their benefit. In that sense, one should verify the publication dates, if the date can be verified, that way you can know, if the member published here first, then, the villain is not the member of Crypto Talk. 2.- The MEMBER is the owner of the Blog, website, etc. Then simply nothing happens. But HIM should reference that account, website, blog on your crypto talk profile, to avoid potential conflicts. I think that starting to have that reciprocity in an orderly, honest and fair manner is an impulse for the Forum, in the long run everyone benefits.
  15. Checking my profile, I found that I had 6 banned followers. Of those six followers, one has already left that status. Of those five, there is one that in addition to being banned, everything was deleted. That way you can see the distant penalties that apply, remember this when you think about breaking the rules.
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