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  1. Well many did not like my number! It is incredible to know that there are such bad posters gaining reputation and others simply by creating community we lose it. But hey! Let's get the positive, the system works of points-votes works πŸ˜‰ @mods
  2. Original capture: Be careful, the capture is real, traps are not worth it and can be detected, if you to forget that number and did not capture it, do not try to modify it. Update: 24 hours later my membership was removed :)
  3. Edit/ Update: Yesterday when I checked my profile I luckily got this number and now in less than 24 hours, it disappeared or rather the negative votes disappeared! 666 definitely has its strength, my post was also changed section, @mods I dont complain, in fact I had my doubts and they turned out to be well oriented, it was offtopic. Srs. @Mods but if you can take it now, it is a matter of reputation, in short, the important thing is how curious it turned out, because until now it had not lost reputation. ________________________________ Considerations: If you capture your 666 you are an official member of the club. πŸ˜‰ For all other users: Comment On-Topic. For example: How has your experience in winning "Community Reputation" been? You have a particular number that you like to follow. etc. Try to be positive in your comments and On-Topic. Happy day! πŸ˜‰ /update locked.
  4. It seems that many do not read ... but they inspire those of us who read. Title: How to end a topic thats overrun with "bot" posts. It seems that some want to enter the race, Ok let's make a "spring race": minimum of overrun 7 post (omg! I'm close... .) ) 1st place: @duncun007 2nd place: @xprince1996 7 2.-here "quote" is not prohibited, but it is a bad practice, to win post, try to make the conversation add to the topic not to your daily account. Please! I hope it's not literal and you get the point.
  5. You are the kind of user who sees a post and launches a comment, when you have already given your contribution, but you want an additional post to meet the quota. In another context, but that comment has already been said. So please no more post referring to checking the address, Thank you. Other examples of the same: different context. Do not repeat this type of advice thank you.
  6. The probability is almost 49.99% - 50.91% or something like that. In other words, it is a heads and tails, if you actually know numbers in the long term you neither win nor lose, but if you are a gambling you end up winning if you get a positive trend, obviously the opposite apply. Have fun, playing for a while does not destroy anything, unless you are a gambler sick , in that case seek help. In my case, for example, it is very worth it, not because of the game itself, but because I have some invest box that ask me to comply with some daily "dices" and just by throwing some "dice" I win a lot of money, even if I lose at the dice. The key ! what I lose at the dice is so insignificant because I bet on a 1: 1000 ratio that way you don't lose your easy or hard work, in my case, what I enjoy doing "community"
  7. It is not good to tell someone who is going through a loss of money, that "it is the best experience," I get the point, it is a matter of grammar. In fact, you may use VPN but "the Brother" reveals his origin, in his true grammar or mother tongue. Sometimes information is shared and it is not known how or when. It's good to have paid antivirus, it's only $ 25 a year, the free ones don't cover everything, although there are good free ones, but they usually never use them before, only after the things that the OP relates happen. Nobody, is sure, you can only be very careful and use the tools that exist correctly. By the way things like phishing are not detected by an antivirus, so do not trust 100% in anyone or soft-hard (ware) or humans :)
  8. I like that OP, which is still valid over time, I like the bubbly thing because I feel like a spam bubble is being created again, which I feel is about to burst with certain users. At the time of this OP, you could help by reporting, today we can help mods/Foro/ community self-manage the forum, and even control payments, this is a powerful tool for a community. Please use it correctly: not give unfair negative votes, not give by "talk token" gain. I really like the closing Op it deserves to quote it again:
  9. Please read, please read ... thank you. These spam farms (threads) make one sometimes become part of them. Please read and leave that shitty, nonsensical post like these: lol seriously is this a metaphor. (!?) I'm sorry, this post I made sucks, I have to be self-critical ...
  10. Nowadays the use of the clock happened to be something of adornment rather than really of consultation. You can see the clock but it is not taking the actual time information. With the above I can tell you that the same thing can happen to many, I have read things like I consult so many "x" times, but no one says why? In this case, it is for those who invest, actually the frequency, can determine many things but the important thing is that you understand the price information that you see as many times as possible, not simply see it due to the placebo effect. Remember what type of investment you made and act on that information. _______________________ There are still traces of the bad past that still persist, fortunately less.
  11. Not because you make many words in a post, it means useful, in fact what are you trying to express? Not only is it offtopic but it's confusing and nonsensical to the topic. It is about objectives, I think a good and immediate one can be to make posts that contribute to the topic. Please don't spam / shitpost. It can be an immediate goal.
  12. Types do not get confused with your answer, this post is simple: what to do: 1.-You have no posts, ok: 0% You Post: I really only post, I have not had the concern to do a thread for "x, Y, Z" reasons. my percentage is 0% 2.-You have Topic: % = Topic / Post. You Post: I have made 2 query post... ______________________-o-_____________ @Tunuu lo , sorry. Ok! /L You did not read, the development of the post. I'm sure. You are making an Off-topic comment. I already mentioned this in the past, my friend, the idea is to contribute to the post. I'll teach you_ Add value to the topic, with a helpful comment, then commit the Off-topic. That is the correct way. Look for the "Post" "Reply" "comment" "Opinion" answer and I tell you there are more synonyms, where what you mention is already covered. In general, people like you, who say that, do not have English in their mother tongue, it is a matter of grammar. In the Forums there is a jargon established as a norm, it is not law, they are not mandatory rules to follow, but those who do not know them fall into off-topic like yours due to ignorance on the subject. Explanation, there is: Theme, Threads, Topic to refer to a Main Topic. In that "Theme, thread, Topic" there is the first publication, "OP". The rest of the answers, opinions, comments, shouts, ideas, etc., as a general rule, are called; POST So the structure is Thread- Topic - Theme > OP. >> Post Ahh! This picture from my profile can help you too.
  13. "In my opinion, the one who does not read does not know anything." Just observation teaches you a lot, it is an innate ability of scientists, great thinkers, a lot of written information comes out of not having read anything. In the simple literal context you are right, but in the depth of what you say, no. "Reading is an essential thing in order to learn." NO Reading informs you, and it is the basis so that many sometimes have no idea what they are talking about, because they do not study what they read,...
  14. I think the important thing is not that everyone knows it, in fact many know it but have not been integrated into its use in action, I think the real question is that they start using it, that they understand it. If that were the context of your question, we would be a population with decision-making power, over governments we could create true participation in each of our countries, we would become true owners of our heritage, we would have true control over the resources of each country. In short, the applications would be many. That is why its adoption is difficult, they do not want the people to be able to control. And that power that I speak is not possible at the moment because, people are not prepared to assume a control of such magnitude.
  15. I take your advice, thank you. πŸ‘ I understand you, I had seen it but the reason for posting it is precisely to clarify that doubt. So, Google Search is giving me "wrong links"! So. If the result of those links does not take me directly to the source, where I can verify it 100% , not report. To the user and the community. Please, it is not my intention to hurt or bother anyone, in fact take into consideration the note that I leave as a quote in the report. Also note that the post is not edited, that is, I want to fix things and put that quote. I am happy that it is a mistake and not yours. My apologies. That comment makes it clear that for me it is first a user than a report. For now, these reports are not valid, the user is clean ________________ Considerations to this report: There are digitalpring that are like a fingerprint left on the Internet is like a "mirror/links" that has the "Google Search Algorithm" of all the links that can be accessed when doing a search. Google Search does not search for "something" when you put it in the search engine, that search already exists, Google Search Algorithm collects information all the time, it is the best watchdog of the content on the Internet, this post, its words keys, their images, it is collected immediately and creates those links, (mirror, perhaps we have a grammatical semantics with this word, that's why better use links) that's why their searches are so fast, but sometimes that speed is not effective. How Google Search solves this, with quotation marks ("") and a maximum of 25 words, it is very difficult, but practically impossible for two people to place those words in the same order. Do the test, with what you want, it does not fail, it is 100% accurate. It is so good doing searches "Google Search" that when you want to verify the privacy of a private message (worth the redundancy) you get the following message: No results found for: "the words or phrase you are looking for" And in some cases it throws you the following message: "A privacy reminder from Google" The point is that Google Search cannot access certain information and make it public, but the rest of what is written if, everything, records everything, at least in that way that I explain, you can even get thumbnail photos that remain in their records and it doesn't matter if you delete them, at least the mirror will remain in Google's databases. __ With Cryptotalk content you are resulting in links that cannot be verified. My analysis of that was; that having had a cleanup of the forum due to spam where thousands of posts were deleted, the search links pre-established by Google Search, which no one can delete, with the exception of Google, is the record that did exist. In fact if you look at that post the reason for double searches is to give even more confidence to those results. When the results are several, this gives even more value of certainty to the result, because imagine if it is already difficult for two people to place those words in the same order imagine two or more results of that search in quotation marks. Going to the Post again, Report # 4. I made a paragraph that indicated that there was a post that was only a few hours old, but when I search for it, it does not appear. Again I repeat it, Google had already created its mirror (link) for quick consultation and was leaving a record of that in its databases. What happened here or my justification for not giving up and posting that report: The user who created that post I delete it. (great coincidence) Someone reported it, for whatever reason (it was deleted) User "A" realized that a user "B" made the same post, I delete it, I think it is an extension of reason 1. There is a database with posts that were deleted and are resurfacing. _______ Finally: Well with all this I just want to say that not only do I report because I find a duplicate phrase. I understand the users, I understand how the search algorithm works and in that sense my premise of "let's make community" if they were not important I would not bother with this explanation. Regards. P.D: Understood, if the link does not take me to the existing post, there is no report.
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