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  1. There are features that many know for sure but I just discovered the notification by section. If you want to follow a complete section of the Forum ,you can configure the notifications to your liking. 1.-
  2. Exact, excellent comment, post with open question, it brings lot of spam, for example this post is concrete with a question and they answers anything but what is requested. No special skill are needed, many do not understand that this is not blog contest; Forum is a community, a place to share an idea, a doubt, etc. % Update today is 0.01% Yeah! Topic takes more time. Good percentage considering that you have more than 1300 post. ๐Ÿ‘
  3. In both cases it is important to thank the participation. Thank you. It is important to add that if they improved theirs post, they could be considered useful. BUT the first is considered spam and second writes a lot but is useless.
  4. The Bitcoin Core requires 200GB of free disk space, also requires a good Internet connection and few hours to update with the network. You will tell us your experience. I hope you post here ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Sometimes some users start post well, but then they get lost in the idea or write lies, false data. The post is structured coherently but has nothing to do with the Topic. These types of users just need a little effort for do better: Example 1: Example 2:
  6. Don't worry you are on the road to get BTC, in the future its price will be so high that you can only buy satoshi, it is very possible that satoshi is worth $1.
  7. I like when people give data, numbers, results, graphs, if we talk about trader you have to see numbers. 9299 vachchan? 1300 sales? I didn't get neither Exchange nor web. (Please, correct your post could be considered spam)
  8. I asked that question a long time ago, these are things you can do: Skrill accepts deposits at BTC, it's easy , new feature (+-) You can do them from Local Bitcoin. LBTC You can get information at: Please when you do the withdrawal tell us your experience.
  9. You need to know that Yobit is an Exchange.You should know the difference between wallet and Exchange. Wallets are used to receive and send your coins. Exchanges you can trade with your funds.
  10. You can understand the information in the image, do not help me with that answer. In any case you can read this that I wrote just before your answer.
  11. Thanks for the effort , you get confused in your answer, fix the idea and try to make it useful, so you can avoid it being considered spam. What bus? the Topic refers To Bitcoin Core. Your post is considered useless, collaborate with constructive post.
  12. You are not saying anything in relation to the Topic, if you want you can fix the post and make your post useful, give a percentage and if you want to comment that data.
  13. I think that you tried to say that the market can change with Halving. the opposite does not exist, the market does not cause Halving. The Dump, important price changes are expected to occur, that term refers to a price increase, grow fast.
  14. You mean post py? it is not functioning feature, it is an incentive campaign. Please , which means: gathering program? Xenforo? IB? Try to make your post it is related to the Topic.
  15. I like these users who post this type of post here because they serve as an example. this for example is the type of bots, really your post is meaningless. No! All users can do better. Old or new users for whatever reason make useless comments, spam, the difference is the frequency. some do it without ill -intention but others do so premeditatedly.
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