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  1. I don't have guarantee to say this not is legit even if it is tradable, but when choosing trading bot you should look those recommended bots because you give your API keys to the bot in order to be able to access your balance.
  2. I really like trading courses from udemy platform, because I was also bought the forex trading course from udemy and it was really help me a lot, so if that crypto trading course is free, it is just an opportunity for newbies to understand how trading is work.
  3. Before I was try to use this index for trading because the arrow was indicate strong sell, so I was place sell order but my order was going wrong, but within 24 hrs the arrow was still shows strong sell, so I was discover that index is not for live trade but it only shows the market idea.
  4. But when you'll withdraw your earnings make sure that your money will worth something to cover your basics needs after withdrawing.
  5. It is not better idea to suggest for someone to create the own coin or token, because just imagine if all people in this world will be creating their own tokens?
  6. Its true sometimes short term trading can be good because long term investment sometimes can lost your time but end of the day you gain nothing.
  7. That's really good suggestion, this forum even if they'll stop paying us today, it will continue to have many benefits from us, so all we have is to support it in order to enjoy its benefits later.
  8. You are very genius mate, I think admin should try to take a look on this because sometimes it cannot be fair when someone create very usefully post and not getting any reaction, and other can post useless post and give self reaction through multiple account and getting paid, so this might be not fair somehow.
  9. Sure we need to cooperate together in order to discover those with multiple accounts who giving self positive reactions and sometimes can give others negative reactions.
  10. It is a good idea to have different languages sections, but unfortunately if this will be implemented currently, it will cause the languages sections to not be more active because every sections will have less people.
  11. This is a great idea, but as I know beginners as beginners cannot learn full about trading here, but they will need more learning platforms to learn, but there they will only get an trading idea.
  12. I think they were start to pay with bitcoin first in order to prepare us psychological to decide the price of talk token compared to the previously payment amount of bitcoin.
  13. If the warning point punishment will only be deleting 10 reactions from the account, this will make the account to be unknown on how many total reactions it has received since it created.
  14. Sometimes you cannot be eligible to get payments for your post for the reason of your post to be having negative reactions, this is one of the rule thats you cannot get paid if you have negative reactions.
  15. Of course we just need to keep working without give up that easy, but the reason that's makes people to give up like that is because they don't know the actually price of talk token.
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