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  1. I think those people who left this forum they are don't left permanently, but they are not active all days maybe because they restricted from payments. But they must be using this forum is there have somethings cannot solve themselves.
  2. You can post more than 30 post per day and there nothing about to be blocked will happen, but even if you post more than 30 contents, you'll be only getting paid for 30 post.
  3. I think that's we are not eligible to benefit cryptotalk by paying them, but I think the only favour that's we are able to return to the cryptotalk is only for inviting more members here.
  4. Very nice mate I'm also giving you big congrats because there have few members in this forum who hitting more than 3000 contents, but I hope me also soon I'll be reaching 3000 contents like you.
  5. If you reacting to a spam post it cannot be deleted once you reacted, but the moderators must have a look if its really the post is spamming or not. So you can react to a spam post and if that's user reacted you back as spammer, don't worry moderators must have a look on it.
  6. I cannot complicate all over time to be challenging myself to reach high ranks in the forum, but I have only to look if I have time to do that in order to reach on the top ranks.
  7. I guess if you want to create the topic which related to CORONA and cryptocurrencies, you should use the search box and search for CORONA, so that's all topics that's concerns about CORONA will appear and you can see what's others writes and you can decide what's to write about CORONA.
  8. This forum is not only important for the bitcoin future, but this is important for all cryptocurrencies in generally. Because if you see mostly of newbies in this forum, they have started to use cryptocurrencies after joined into this forum.
  9. I think that's to use the https connection security is very expensive, and if you look those are the faucet website which doesn't generate enough profit that's why he decide to use http.
  10. I think for now its will be more good if the admin will starting the forum competition of the most topic creators in the forum, that's will help to increase the number of topics in the forum.
  11. I think if you have opened the topic that's you don't have sure if you already commented on, it automatically directly you to the reply that's you already responded to that topic before.
  12. Nowadays I see the investbox is becoming really tough on getting profit, I think this is due there have too many members in yobit who are using the investbox.
  13. Wow that's great effort of cryptotalk, if in November 2019 there was 14000 members community in the forum but today march 2020 there have more than 218k members community in the forum.
  14. Hello guys! There are something that's I'm too much feard about it, which is bitcoin price fate due to CORONA virus, do you think that's the price of bitcoin may continue to fall massively?. Because I'm holding some of bitcoins, so that's if it will be continue to be falling I want to take the decision of selling it or to still holding till the price recover again.
  15. That's is why its called the warning point and not the punishment, so that's when you received the warning point you need to be carefully about what's you are posting in the forum.
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