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  1. Considering the Changes that happening in this campaign I think most of the users are offline because the Campaign for 30k Satoshi is over and they are not interested in the new campaign because they cannot earn money in a Daily Basis anymore.
  2. New release crypto are very profitable at the same time very risky ,If your not very experiance about crypto it better to avoid new currency because having poor knowledge about the project will lead you to failure and loss your money.
  3. Base on the content which is very simple are you recommending website where we can be come a free lancer ? Because if so I can recommend Fiverr.com which is a very Good website for doing Freelancing you can also check there website they you from $5 to $10 per Gig.
  4. The reason why I know this forum because of a youtuber who introduce this website for learning they also mention about the campaign which really made me interested in joining,Im so glad that I choose to join this forum.
  5. Kyc or Know your Customer is method use to verify users and secure there account KYC is being use more to avoid bot and Other scamming scheme like Hacking this also been use to avoid abuse from claiming airdrop and other things like having mutiple account to get rewards.
  6. This is where newbie always make mistake because they never use this method they always create topic that are similar to old topic which is why most of there content get deleted by moderators they should always use the searching feature to avoid duplicate topic.
  7. Not that im doubting you or anything but you should post a proof of payment or something that can be use for credibility for use to try this because telegram is full of scammer and Scam tokens which is very dangerous for Newbie to visit.
  8. Mistake is the best Teacher in life,Some people give up on there dreams because they are afraid that they will fail that is why most people just dream they dont DO,The world of cryptocurrency is very complex it takes time experiance and Failure to learn and to mature.
  9. Im confused what should we add for it to work ? If your looking for good ways to earn only try to focus on Freelancing that is the job the most people online use to earn good money although it takes time to learn them.
  10. Actually it already been done base on what I remember few months ago my post count is 2000+ and now that I got back to cryptotalk It been decreased to below 1000, Plus it normal that daily post count will decreased this concern is normal because some contents are being erased by the moderators.
  11. Faucets are great way to earn extra money even if they consumed so much time they are very good source of income,I like how this website give good interest when holding your dogecoin in there website they have same method as Freebitco.in which is great.
  12. This website is safe to use they will only send you emails to visit website that are offering freelance work or click to pay ads website,Most of the emails that I receive are from Ads website and Freelancing Websites.
  13. Not All scammers uses website most of them uses telegram they create fake groups to invite investor then offers them a profit in just 48 Hours this type of scams are the common one you can find in telegram.
  14. The Idea sound good but it is not base on my perspective four people working to gain profit,This will create problem when one of those people are lazy and other will probably gonna blame your team mates for not doing there best they will just create conflict in your team.
  15. I suggest other users to just use Coingecko to check the price for the Cryptocurrency that you desire it more useful to coingecko they also give the best details and most relevant place to trade your crypto it good to use them but this content is also very useful.
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