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  1. Not really a good Idea to use mobile application for earning cryptocurrency they pay less and consume more time but if you really interested try Bitcoin Blast In google play that an application where you can earn free bitcoin.
  2. I think android is the most suitable phone to use for mining I dont think that Ios support mining but you try installing cryptotab browsers that is cryptomining browser you can use.
  3. I think the creator and the brand also play a role i success in mobile applications they also need good popularity to gain more users application should be user friendly and simple to use.
  4. I dont really know any android emulator but i know where to find them you can search in youtube about this they have plenty of android emulator there which is a good source of information.
  5. First you need to passed the Kyc then you can joined there waitlisted to gain free cryptocurrency its also required to be Kyc verified before you can trade your cryptocurrency they also support Exchanges.
  6. Fattkidd


    This content is some how not connected at all Pubg is game for gaming you cannot earn any cryptocurrency in pubg and the same is You cannot earn cryptocurrency while playing pubg this topic is not helpful and very off topic.
  7. Right now my main source of information telegram which I find most airdrop there they also provide more details and more information in telegram I also use coinbase for the free cryptocurrency.
  8. Well that your idea is great how that someday you became an administrator of this forum or maybe its better if you became the moderators so you can check every post or comment that are being submitted in this forum.
  9. I get how the mobile application works but the only thing that confusing me is what your contents. Is about i mean your not really promoting or sharing any specific application we can use .
  10. I know this Application the have a shopping application which you can buy somethings but they also pay for every invites there payment method is Paypal and they have a lower withdrawal fee they also have Good anti cheat system which banned user when they are cheating the refferal program.
  11. Its a brilliant Idea if cryptotalk supported an application version of its forum which probably get them more users and more traffic but Idea its not yet complete because this forum is newly made and it needs more testing before creating an application.
  12. I dont have much background about this RingID but if you attach some link or Photo maybe we can try this application for ourselves to know if its really paying or not.
  13. You can use merriam webster or just try using a translator to help you understand how those english words means It better to study them but if you have no time to study then you can use a translator.
  14. Storm Play is a good app you can earn cryptocurrency by doing task or downloading apps they also have varous ways to earn in storm play you can check it out on google play if your interested.
  15. Its nice that your giving some list of app that can get you free cryptocurrency but you should have added some payment proof to be more convincing sadly I dont use app to earn anymore they pay less and consume more time.
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