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  1. To be traders it's only dependent on the learning and knowledge you have if you collect many of those skills you can be a good and a professional trader and you can earn as much as you can this the only best way
  2. Because the tokens is really die and no one want this token the price is falling dow day after day and of course the investors don't have the token to give it to other investors like you so just stop investing in this token and sell it fast
  3. Of course we need it specially the new users who just come to the world 9f crypto currency and want to discover this wonderful world it's the best place for that you can ask user talk discuss about crypto and learn as much as you can and also earn some coins
  4. We all see the most important if crypto currency specially in the pandemic of Corona virus and in the quarantine the majority want to know this world and make some profits from it so all have use it and invest in now it's become very famous
  5. If you tag someone in your posts can give you a positive reaction from the person you tag it and and if you have do that many time you can get a lot 9f reaction and automatically increase your reputation in the forum
  6. The knowledge it's every important in this forum to discuss with other and share with them what you learn and get from them what they already have ,this is the basic of any forum and like that you can have experience
  7. Because it's not a closed circle it's open for all over the world and all day you have a lot of users who enter to the crypto currency and that make the price go ip and down very fast all day you have a new projects and new exchange and all that can make a difference
  8. You are just a newbie users you need to go forward than 100 necessary posts then you can star earning coins in the forum by creating a useful posts, you need just to link your account forum with the yobit exchange account because all your earning will ho there
  9. To protect your self from the scammers is never answer anyone who don't know him specially who told you to invest with them and you can earn some free coins it's a scammer be careful about that because the world of crypto currency is full of hackers and scammers because it's about money
  10. Yes the answer is yes because the forum considers that a multiple account for one person and don't know if there 8s a lot of personal with different accounts in each device so you need to be card about that you can lose all accounts like that
  11. Of course you can anyone can do that because it's not just like that you need to work for that and have some knowledge to invest your money in a good project then you can make ,the most important in this is the capital you put in crypto currency if it's high you can earn more but if it's very low you can't get nothing
  12. The role of the forum is made for that all here can help each other because it's the basic of the forum and that's why we are here, for me if I can help any users I really do it without any hesitation because I have been helped when I come to the forum too
  13. All 5he time doing that with all posts that I find if I can give advice to the users to make the forum more clear and clean I really do it because the improvement of the forum it's our job too not only the admis to make it still working for a long time
  14. Yes of course there many way to earn money and coins with different way not only with the posts you create but you can also participate in airdrops and bounty and use your signature area to promote other projects and you can get some earning like that
  15. No you can't because the router have the same ip address and your both account will have the same address ip and that it's against the rules of the forum you can lose all your account the multiple accounts it's not allowed in the forum
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