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  1. There is many rules that any users don't respect and can give him a warning points and if they collect many they will be get banned, plagiarism and more rules it's the most famous mistakes that users do ,the only way to be in the forum is to respect the rules and the members
  2. If I remember in the past few months it's was against the rules of the forum and any who do that can get a warning points, bit now I see many user comments in the same post twice and third, I really dont do that in my personal comment, and I suggest you don't do that
  3. The best quality of any post can give a good rating and reputation for his post then you can follow the users and any time he post you will be the first to read and enjoy his post,this is how I really do,there is many best users in the forum who really appreciate their works
  4. Yes of course anyone have to learn about the forum and then start using it,read the rules it's the first best step and then you can be familiar with the forum and post us much as you can it's easy and make your job easier, that's how I do
  5. I see tha you don't continue your post or leave the forum ,I don't know why but it's a bad idea to leave and give up you need to continue posting and learn ,you should have passion and take your time,it's a advice for everyone who is new here
  6. Right all post are good to learn specially the first one you will be familiar with the forum and you can learn where to talk and post and use the difference session in your favourite use,and when you do that you learn more and more
  7. I hope it's not copy from other website and past here in this forum we really donned that and we can't learn like that because anyone can search and find that,we need your ideas and your vision of bitcoin and history and talk about,let's discuss, like that we can't get any discussio.But any way it's a good job
  8. I have the faucet system to earn a lot of Satoshi and couns,there a lot of them in the internet, of course the fake and the legit, you need to choose the faucet you use,I suggest you crypto faucet and adbtc and more great faucets
  9. Yes they are the same they work with the same technology with different project and goals but the bitcoin is the leader and all comes after the bitcoin litecoin ethereum, the difference is the project and way you transfer your coins
  10. Now the PayPal accept crypto currency in his last updated now you can buy crypto with your PayPal account, the problem is this feature is for us citizens only and the PayPal plan to add more countries in other times, but 8n general it's a good step to regulate the crypto
  11. Exactly the more information is really needed in thus forum because we have a big numbers of new users and beginners in crypto currency and need to be informed, I love post with a big numbers of information I don't get lazy when I read even is it's long
  12. The best crypto currency for all new beginners is the bitcoin only btc can give more profits and start understand the crypto currency because he has the market again all crypto currency and easy to use and trade,then you can forward with other coins like ethereum litecoin
  13. I use the yobit exchange from a long time more than two years and never have any problems, so yes you can use it with secure and safe way ,any one have any problems can talk to the support and he can resolve it within a few hours
  14. With the pandemic of Corona virus all over the world have a time to think about his life and take s good and change a bad decision, it's a great opportunity specially when we have the forum in our hands, I have learn and get more information with time we have
  15. It's easy to proceed to get a good rating, you just post a great content and bring a new tutorial and information, like that all user will love your post and automatically gives you a positive rate and also you give them rate to have a good reputation when you post an new one
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