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  1. Good one i dont know the existant of this one thanks to share it wit us ,I'm not fun with gift card but i have many friends ask me this question and i sent them to paxful platform they can do the same as this website
  2. The value is coming form the rare of this coins any one want it and there is not enough supply for all that why you see the prive in increasing year after year ,it's considered as a currency and we can pay with it now
  3. Easy just g to your profil and information about you and you can find a box below your name called signature you can put what you want on it,picture link and they will appear under your comment,post that you make
  4. You talk exactly about what i do personally in with my capital ,i never trust any thing a support all the time that i can lose them at any platform exchange or wallet,so i do all the step you mention ,and should any one do that to avoid the lose of all his capital
  5. I use the same email both both of them Yobit exchange and the Cryptotalk forum without any problem,if you cant do that you can use a different eamil and after the registration you can change it to your basic email
  6. This way is only for indian people but not fr all over the world ,the wazirx exchange is an indian exchange and they support the rupees any indian can use it with his bank account
  7. I really dont know this feeling because when i register in the forum they dont have a minimum to reach to get paid ,the payment start with the first post,But in general it's a good feeling that's mean you had word hard and your work give benefit
  8. Just create a good post and you will get a good reputation form other users ,other thing Give other members a good reaction to give you back and have a better reputation,I do like that all the time. and like that you can make many good friends too
  9. I like the picture you put that explain all we need to know about trading where to buy and when to sell ,it's a good post brother I appreciate that ,I will save all those screen and memorize them one by one to have an idea
  10. After, when i was lost my job I can turn to crypto and make it as my only job ,so yes the crypto save my life and still doing that he can save a lot of life all over the world just make a plan to work good on it and for sure any one can live with it
  11. We are really going to this way ,in the future all will use the digital currency specially with this epidemic there is no place for real currency ,it's time for blockchain to change the world i rally believe in that
  12. I log too the forum form my laptop and a also with my phone and each ne have a different ip and i never have any problem with that,because i use the same account ,I dont think there is any problem with that
  13. I really dont care about the people react to my comment ,I talk with honesty and explain my opinion without any fair,any one can like or dont like my opinion but we can talk about it,i dont like people who give a bad reaction when you dont agree with him ,the forum is for talking so let's talk
  14. If we work in this forum for 9 years we can get our bitcoin it's to much t reach that and no one can do that,and we dont know if the forum still with us for the next 9 years ,but it's good to know that it's an idea
  15. I know that India invest a lot in crypto currency and open some doors for this kind of investment but not in health ,now with the epidemic of corona virus we really can see that the world is changing and must take action with bitcoin
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