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  1. Right want the easy way to store his coins and don't search for other ways,the hardware is the most secure but a lot of people dont want to pay 50 dollars for that and he can find many free wallet
  2. You can trade Binance coin with other pair like bitcoin and ethereum to increase your btc or eth satoshi, it's a good idea too
  3. Right the majority of wallet save the private keys out of network to make them safe,ans also many exchange use this Technic with users coins too
  4. The forum Bann a lot of user because they have many accounts,and now there is many countries banned to use the forum because the majority are from there,So any one need to be careful and dont bring people from his country who make a multiple accounts
  5. It's the best suggestion for today thanks to talk about it, people are greedy and want to multiple her token just by one click and they don't come to the forum to talk and earn,all need to be patient and keep her talk token until the opening of the market
  6. For the beginner it's very important to talk about the crypto currency and how it's created from the beginning,and then talk about how people can make money with it. Because the most attractive points is money to be honest with you,but in general you have a good points to talk about
  7. I really don't know that i cant reply to other statue if I dont activate this one,any way thank you for the advice and the tutorial it's very helpful and easy to understand
  8. scorpiali

    Time Reset

    As you say everyone in this forum know that,the forum and the exchange is based on Russian federation and the time is different than your country, I think it's automatically reset on your laptop of phone,but if not do it your self
  9. I think it's clear for any one that the big reasons is the change of the payment system from bitcoin to talk token, people don't trust this talk token and it's not already in the market,we need to wait the month of September
  10. I think they do a great job until now they have a hard job because the forum is still growing day after day and we need to help them to make it easier
  11. The rules of the forum is clear about that,and any one who who search do something and want to Know about the ip and if he have problems,want to create another account and profit more from the forum
  12. Paper wallet is secure too like the hard wallet but people don't use it to much like like normal wallet because they don't understand who it work and what to store,the professional use it to much special when you have a big amount to store
  13. If I can suggest you dome coins listed in marketcap you can go ahead with all coinso owned by the exchange like binance and huobi ,kucoin,okex and more .They have a good future and any one can earn from them
  14. In trading you can earn 5 per cent if you start with 100 dollars easily 5% is 5 dollars if the coins you trade in changing up with five per cent,So yes you start with the minimum 100 dollars and more you put more you earn
  15. BNB Coin is my favorite coin in your list and more other coins too,but the first is the binance coin it's supported by the exchange and in general all coin owned by any exchange is good for investment
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