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  1. Right that's what I do too dont wait until they hit the target they say if you have two three percent it's OK for me . Good choice
  2. scorpiali

    Copay Wallet

    You need to secure your device and be safe if your keys are stored in your phone, it's must be secured because it's all about your data not only your keys but all your phone data
  3. scorpiali


    It's really depend on the market for holding for long therm you dont care about the market but for a short therm you need to be careful about the market and sell in the correct time no one want to lose his money
  4. Yes I have seen that because they want to be in the race and dont miss the bull run ,That's why can't trust any analyze or prediction and fake news about 20k in this month
  5. Any body here in this forum earn more than they do on Yobit exchange but if you have a big numbers of referrals you will get more profit from them for sure
  6. No one recommended cryptotalk to me , I have received a email from Yobit and i join the forum. and after i recommended to all my friends and they do the same
  7. Yes the bitfinex is the owner of tether coins and when he use it we call it IEO Because it's all on the exchange it little bit different than ICO
  8. Yes of course crypto is now the best earning forum in the crypto currency business and you can learn too how to trade and new skills too so it's the number one and i hope they can continue like that with us
  9. No crypto currency it's not like Forex trading but in forex if you dont have a good knowledge you can just copy other traders trade and it's done but in crypto you can do it by your self and also you need to learn how to use indicator and more feature to analyze the charte
  10. I have account on crex24 but never use it I hope it's secure and have a high volume because this the most important thing in any exchange
  11. Yes we all do it in our trade of course but by experience we take a lesson to how be relax and take our time to buy or sell our coins without any manipulation
  12. Yes right in bitcointalk they need to be ranked in legendary and it's take along time to have it it's not easy like in cryptotalk they can just pass the 100 posts and it's done
  13. I read all comments and i really dont find a good one , so yes it's all fake or dont pay more as we work on it it's a wasting time and effort without any value coins
  14. It's just for 30 days and with 10 dollars And we can find if we search in internet with free dont need to pay to have this just need some skills and it's done . any way thanks
  15. Yes the both of theme are very potential coin and most trusted by the crypto currency community and we can find theme in any exchange
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