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  1. I totally agree with you.. Trading in crypto currency without proper knowledge can harm your assets and also your hope and confidence with the crypto currency.. Everyone must have sufficient knowledge before entering in this digital currency world..
  2. This is very good decision my dear friend.. Keep learning and exploring new things. I hope you will not face any failure next time.
  3. I am not a trader but I suggest you to keel goals before trading and work according rules.. Think before investing each unit of money.. Best of luck
  4. Yeah.. I am agree with you.. It gives a lot of kbowledge to beginners..
  5. Every man gets success if he is hardworking and diligent in the work he is performing. So is the case with crypto if you are performing it with hard work you will definitely get rich
  6. Hello friend.. The newbie user should pay heed to the content of posts. The content must be knowledgeable and They should follow all the rules of the plateform.
  7. Hello dear I hope you are doing well.. This plateform is safe and secure but keep track about sharing your personal information and keys.
  8. Coins have a stand alone block chain like bit coin on the other hand token do not have its chain it uses the existing block chains
  9. Hello my dear friend.. There is a risk in each type of trading. In case of digital trading you must be aware of spammers.
  10. It is a good idea but before making friends everyone should be aware that he should not share his personal details. For knowledge sharing all are friends
  11. Get knowledge from topics Do not invest in the beginning stages Be aware of spammers
  12. I am a beginner and student.. I have not get any payment yet if i receive i will use it for my expenses of daily routine.
  13. Dear friend you should search about your wallet and try to check others opinion about your wallet. Use the wallet which is more suggested.
  14. very good question I also want to learn things to become an expert
  15. Beginners should learn and read topics to get knowledge and learn things about cryptocurrency..
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