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  1. HAHAHAHAHA kaya nga makapagsalita yang hayop na yan dami na yan nakaaway dito akala nya kung sino sya I don't think that will ever happen.
  2. @Yayamantayu username ko s hahaha may forum ako na alam ung ok din magbayad Hahahaha wala ako telegram eh Oo daw try ko rin yun sa sunod Hahahaha tangina nangdamay kapa
  3. Cryptotalk had taught me so much and I am grateful for that. It gave us all the opportunity to learn while earning. But unfortunately, they banned my country, the Philippines from payment yesterday, and it made me and my fellow Filipinos very sad. I don't know why they would ban our country. It seems like all the Filipino posters here are genuine and are willing to improve themselves for this forum. It made us all think, "what wrong did we do?" We tried our best to post with the highest quality that we could, but it seems like it is not enough. I think this forum made a mistake by doing this to our country. We don't deserve this. Also, I have a theory. That one by one, they will be banning countries because they don't have anything to pay us all anymore. So everyone, don't expect anything from this forum anymore. I'm not mad at this forum. It just pains me that they would do this to us. What I just don't understand is, why didn't they just ban those spammers and low quality posters instead of banning all of us? Imagine what you would feel if you're one of those 5 percent who didn't deserve this punishment. Anyway, Thank you for everything. I never would've known anything about cryptocurrency without this forum. Xx
  4. No. I don't think it's possible. I advise for you and your friend to just make one accounts each because what you're suggesting wouldn't be possible.
  5. No. It won't. It would just be good for the topic creator because he/she will have more perspectives of other people on the question that he/she created.
  6. Yes. I almost got scammed before when I still was a very new member in this forum. Told me to download it and give him informations that shouldn't be shared.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing this information! This is very helpful to traders especially beginners like myself because I will now avoid these cryptocurrencies when I would do trading.
  8. Private keys should always be hidden. You should never tell anyone your private keys because they will definitely take advantage of that and get your crypto.
  9. I have already. I already earned almost 200 dollars already for two months of posting here. Wbh it's worth it for me since I'm still a student who couldn't work yet. This is perfect
  10. Yes. This is normal. This usually happens when our connection suddenly gets lost. They check if you're not a robot. But tbh, yeah it's sometimes annoying.
  11. No there isn't an option for that but I guess it will be good especially if that someone is toxic and wouldn't benefit you, but we should have a rule.. We cannot block mods and admins for they check our profiles from now and then.
  12. Hahahaha. Sadly we cannot so that. I too wanted to like every single posts that is motivation and informative but we only have limited likes so we can't do that 😕
  13. I think it's a great idea. It will definitely improve the forum's quality. It would make this forum be more professional, clean and will have a better quality.
  14. Me too. When I first started here in cryptotalk, my goal too was just to earn and nothing else. But the longer I stayed and posted, I learned so much about crypto and its purpose. I now love something today, that I don't even know it existed before.
  15. I'm grateful that some countries are will already not be getting paid because they didn't deserve the earnings. I hope spammers would be lesser and lesser as days go by.
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