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Found 12 results

  1. First of all I warmly welcome you. So we are going to be discussing about how to create outstanding topics. For writing anything you need to know about it first. So, if you don't know what is cryptotalk and what is crypto trading then you are at a beginner level and here at this point you need to learn first. After getting your first foot into it. Try making topics at this time. This platform needs new and innovative topics. But how to do this? Answer is short but effective! First go to Google. Search about cryptomarket / crypto trading / crytos anything related to crypto frankly speaking. Then there you will see many articles, read them and think if any specific part needs to be addressed on cryptotalk. There you go you got an initial idea of your topic now search for specific topic which you have crafted and read article related to it, gather Information and write it down in your own words. Tada!!! Here you have created a topic that is unique and informative at the same time. Exactly what this community needs. For research purpose you can also take help from youtube videos as well, they are great source of knowledge 😉! Enjoy making topics! ♥️
  2. This trend has been going on for quite a few months now. I have been silent about this for a while, but I feel like I have to speak out about it now. I am talking about the prevalent inactivity on the newer topics compared to older ones. How come barely a few members post on new topics compared to older ones? If you don't believe me, here is proof: This trend is not limited to that particular section in those pictures. Just about every other section in the English forum suffers from the same fate. If members are worrying about new topics getting deleted, new topics are generally safe a week after being created, but even those don't have as much comment as one would expect. There is also the advice of how to pick good topics, new or old, to post on, as many senior members have admonished over the course of the life of this forum. I am not forcing everyone to post more on new topics, but members should at least consider giving them a bit of attention. This especially holds true for members who post large volumes of content daily. Posting on older but relevant topics is okay, but you run the risk of merely repeating the idea of someone else (technically not against rules if not copy/pasted, but reading the same idea over and over is going to be a bore), or rehashing what you've just said if you already posted on it over and over and over again (a mod might call you out with spamming violation for this). And if you guys complain repeatedly about the forum's lack of new posts but then ignore the new posts created, then please stop complaining. EDIT : My personal 'Top Answer/s' picks!!!
  3. I think that the ignorant never ask, never question intelligently... ... Because they doesn't study. Those Who Have The Most Doubts Are Always Those Who Study The Most. I was recently reading the responses on my Topic and basically there are two answers that are constantly repeated: Fear of having your* created Topic erased They* think that the Topic should be done with complex topics and possess advanced knowledge. *Users Opinion, point 1. - Really what happens is that it does not comply with the rules of the forum read them and I assure you your elimination percentage will decrease. In general, the reasons why they eliminate Topic the most are the repetitive themes, for which you can use this topic on how not to repeat themes,link. Opinion, point 2.- Always think of simple topics, but read or study before asking. Many users do not understand that a forum is more a place to ask for help and clarify doubts, than to come and read concepts, on the contrary the concepts are questioned in forums, projects, ideas. Don't be afraid post
  4. Likes are important because you will get 1000 stoshi on at least 1 like on your topic or post. If you get more than one likes then it would also be counted as 1 like. So how to get likes? You should post valuable and relevant content for getting likes. The content should be helpful to others.
  5. Relationship, Topic Vs. Post This Topic has been discussed for some time in the Forum, from several perspectives, that if there are few Topic in relation to Post, that the payment for Topic Should be increased, that certain users when reaching rank "x" can publish Topic, etc. In other words, there is an interesting debate. In one of those Post is occurred to me, that users should have a Post/Topic ratio of at least 10%, I think there should be a contribution, at least not mandatory but symbolic as with the Rank currently. Let's do this analysis first of how much is our percentage of Topic created versus Post, mine is... Source Quote: I am very low 4.1%. I have decided to place the source of my appointment because there I explain the reasons why my percentage is so low. The reality is that far from going into those details, what I would like to know about this Topic is: What is your percentage of Post / Topic? and What do you think should be relation that an average user should usually have? or What do you think?
  6. ...We are in the season of spam Topic. The creation of unnecessary, non-constructive, repetitive, useless Topic is disproportionate. And PIC for when deleted. This is an extreme example but let's participate in a post that has something to save to respond, even some bad ones can get something positive to answer, but there are others that overcome the inconsistency but still receive incohente messages. Do you really think that users read the OP and some comments before responding?
  7. How to make sure the post is not plagiarized? We all have a passion for creating a unique topic and hope this topic gets everyone's attention! But have you asked yourself how to make sure if a person stole a post from a site or not? Today I will explain a way to make sure that our article is not drawn from previously existing sources on the Internet! Plagiarismdetector Through your use of this site you will be able to detect any sentences that you must change so that your article is not considered stolen! Explanation of use: 1- Visit this website Plagiarismdetector 2-Scroll down to the page a little until you see the writing box 3- Copy the article you want to check and paste it in this box and then click on Check palgiarism It will take a few seconds and then it will give you the result! As follows ! Note : It is better if the percentage of plagiarism does not exceed 25% so that you do not get into trouble here! The site will help you define the sentences that you must change! I hope I helped beginners to become able to write effective articles without getting in trouble
  8. Good afternoon guys, I was noticing that the next unread topic buttom always lead me to a read and commented one for me and i always saw a comment to me on the topic also the list of black notifications beside the topic means i haven't see it i click on it and i see my comment all the time is that a bug or issue here need to be fix or what?
  9. Dear I saw many members that have most liked content award. So I want to ask how they get this award and I also saw a people with 300 post that have this award so can anyone tell me how to get this. I want to try for it. I always try to win award so I want to also try for it. 💕 Thanks in advance 💕
  10. It is not a mandatory Forum rule, but we must be self-critical and moderate our created Topic, we may participate helping more in other posts than in our own Topic. Considertions or tips: Remember that you close a Topic if you think your idea, concern, question, does not need to continue receiving comments. Some Topic in their OPs must have updates with new information. Congratulate those who participate in your Topic and thanks the users who answer your questions. For users who stand out in your Topic with excellente answers use the button Make spam reports on your Topic. What other advice can you give me? _____ Please remember not to be repetitive post, ty.
  11. Avoid Repeating "Create NewTopic": The A-B-C "Create New Topic" repeat is considered spam, but since repetition mostly occurs without us noticing it, this guia are way to help you reduce and even avoid repetition when writing "New topic" Search In The Forum A.- Search Options: 1.- Search Title: " Learn How To Avoid Repeat Topic " in content titles only. 2.- Search Title: Learn How To Avoid Repeat Topic 3.- Use Keywords: Learn Avoid Repeat 4.- Clic in More Search Option B.- Read Found Results 1,. Reading "Found 5 Results" in expanded view. Just do it please. Reading can detect key words or phrases. C.- Go Similar Found Post 1.- When the results are few and you have a lot matches, analized if its worth creating another post or topic. That is, reading post from the author. E.g. This e.g. Posts may be same in "idea" but they differents in reason and meaning. Topics are just repeating over and over again, because some of the users are too lazy to "Create New topics", The "Tutorial: Avoid Repeating Topic" can help to find duplicate content, don't forget report the admins or moderators. Try least one ways to search repeating topic. Finally, this are ways to help you avoid repetition when writing your post... also warning points 😊 _________________________ __________ ________
  12. Celebrating my 1,000th Many have passed through here quite quickly, I have opted for the slow road. A thousand post is a large number for any specialized Forum, even more, one referring to cryptocurrencies. It is an opportunity that gives us the Crypto Talk Forum, in many places they do not forgive you if your contributions are not accurate, correct and in general useful. Crypto Talk has allowed us to grow in Post and in the process to gain knowledge. (+ PPP) In recent days, someone here in the Forum talked about Crypto Talk should make an Airdrop. We are living one, since they have allowed us to write, write and write in the Forum, without eliminating so many unnecessary posts and getting paid immediately, you are being part of one. The Airdrop began with the Pay Phase from the first post, then came the second stage with 30, then 50 and currently those who are arriving late start at 100. You have to identify the opportunities, they are always there, find them. Finally I want to say that I have been growing in knowledge and that I am not here to run for "X" PPP, but to contribute and make community, 4 months here and 1000 post, to certify it. In any case I am prepared to start taking new challenges that come for this community that grows every day in this Crypto Talk Forum. For those who walk around in the forum near or far from this number, just follow the rules of the forum and when things do not go well, You just is encourage to follow, here they do not take anything unfairly from you, on the contrary they give you many opportunities. So a little gasoline fuels the desire to post, and as they say give me a like for these 1000 posts. When you see my content support it.
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