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Found 28 results

  1. How to invest in a cryptocurrency project? We know now that 2021 will be a very good year to invest in the cryptocurrency project! So we have to talk about some tips that will make you invest smart! 1-Keep up with the current market conditions You can read articles discussing the pros and cons of various cryptocurrencies, but current market data will always be the most reliable source for identifying trends and making smarter trading decisions, and fortunately we have a forum here and many channels on our Telegram that allow us to exchange information! 2-Follow the leaders Even when you have real-time data, making a trading decision based on a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies can be daunting, but when this data is paired with guidance from major investors, you can gain more confidence in your decisions and even learn some additional indicators. . 3-Diversification is vital to achieving success As with traditional investment opportunities, diversification is essential if you want to profit when investing in digital currencies, as the more diversified your portfolio, the more you can reduce your overall risk, especially if you are investing in currencies and tokens that serve different sectors. 4-Don't invest all your money with 1 Crypto currency ! 5- Buy when the market is in a significant decline and correction
  2. I see that if you have the good post and goes viral then you become famous. There are many user they cannot known about more about cryptotalk they only for earning purpose that is why cannot earn more reputation If you want to getting good reputation then you try hard and getting all the information about cryptotalk and its forum then you will also success.
  3. Dear friends, knowledge is man's best friend. It always helps people like a friend from the side. Suppose you have an asset that is likely to be lost a lot of the time, but does knowledge ever get lost? If we spend time for it, we will get the benefits of it in the future, so our main point here is to gain knowledge, not money.
  4. Is Talk token in danger !? We all know that the price of Talk coin is now very low without any talk from the moderators about the Talk Token project! Causes of drop: 1- Many members sell all they own from Talk without taking advantage of the investment advantage at a 1% interest. 2- There is no clear project for investors to get them to buy Talk! Are we facing a currency crash? The first possibility: in the event that this situation continues without any updates from the moderators here, then this will definitely lead to making the coin join the rest of the dead coins! The second possibility: the issuance of decisions by supervisors to make investors buy the Talk! And here we will be facing a huge rise in the Talk coin! What is your analysis of the Talk coin?
  5. This beautiful and exciting title is not part of my thoughts, it is a famous quote by the scientist Albert Einstein, the author of the theory of relativity. According to Einstein's opinion, imagination comes first and it leads to knowledge. Without imagination, we would not have reached much of the science and knowledge that we have reached. This imagination comes, for example, in the form of theories, which are studied and proven using known research methods. Or it comes through ideas, and perceptions which we search for the ways to achieve them. Imagination is more important than knowledge, so do not be afraid of imagination. Think in different ways. Imagine appropriate solutions to your problems. Activate your imagination in the field of cryptocurrencies, be creative and let us benefit from your creativity. I wish you a lot of knowledge and imagination. Thank you ❤
  6. The 3 Richest People in the World Because of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies !! The 5 richest people in the world because of Bitcoin are the early adopters of crypto currency investment and who realized that it is a profitable opportunity and began to invest since the early days when the price of Bitcoin was 10 dollars and now reached 16,000 dollars per currency. Barry Silbert Barry Silbert is the CEO and Founder of the Cryptocurrency Group. The company's mission is to accelerate the development of the global financial system, and it accomplishes this mission by building and supporting Bitcoin and blockchain companies. In a recent deal, the cryptocurrency group acquired CoinDesk, a leading source for Bitcoin news. The company has invested in more than 100 companies linked to the Bitcoin currency and is the world's leading cryptocurrency investment company. Blythe Masters Blythe Masters is a former managing director at JP Morgan Chase & Co. She is currently the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings (DAH). The company builds crypto-based processing tools that improve efficiency, security, compliance, and speed of circulation of securities, specifically Bitcoin. In May of 2018, DAH entered into what appears to be a lucrative partnership with Google Cloud, bringing its company's tools to developers so that they don't have to code it from scratch. Dan Morehead Dan Moorhead is the founder of Pantera Capital, the world's first investment focused on digital currencies directly. As of late 2018, it was one of the largest holders of cryptocurrencies. Their investments in cryptocurrency-related businesses range from exchanges and investment firms, such as Polychain Capital and Bitstamp, to currency trading services, such as Augur. Question: Do you know someone being rich because of Cryptocurrency project ?!
  7. Top 3 cryptocurrency trading platforms We all know that trading cryptocurrencies is a very profitable thing today! Even trading cryptocurrencies has become an effective investment to make double profits from the traditional trading market, or even Forex. And if you are a beginner or even an expert in this field, here are the 3 best platforms for trading digital currencies online: Binance Binance is the world's most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. It also ranks first in the world in terms of daily trading volumes; This is thanks to the development of the technological environment used to build that platform, which enables it to execute more than 1.4 million transactions per second. Binance also has a very solid security system. The platform also includes an online trading academy in addition to a very useful educational blog. Advantages of the Binance platform 1-The Binance platform offers the lowest price for the fees or commission of trading operations, which is 0.1% of the value of each transaction, and this percentage is reduced to 0.05% if you pay using BNB, which is the currency of the Binance platform. 2- The possibility of trading on new electronic currencies upon their issuance, and before many other platforms This gives you the advantage and preference in the first place and achieves a greater profit rate on trading new currencies. 3-High speed performance, reaching 1,400,000 operations per second, with the utmost accuracy 4-Very highly secure 5-Compatible with all devices and operating systems Bittrex The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is the premier platform in the United States, and it also ranks high in the international rankings. The Beatrix platform is the industry leader in security system, as its founders are three of Microsoft's largest former security engineers. Therefore, the Bittrex platform is your first choice if you are looking for safe trading on your operations as well as complete security of your account information and its protection from theft, piracy, hacking and more. Advantages of the Bittrex platform 1-The highest degree of protection and insurance on your account 2- Executing buying and selling transactions with extreme accuracy and lightning speed 3- The possibility of withdrawing profits at any time and very quickly Poloniex Poloniex was launched in 2013 with a dreamy vision that believes that trading and making money should be as easy as using the Internet and with the same speed as sending emails. The Poloniex platform is the destination for the most professional and skilled traders, as it offers a set of advanced indicators and tools for market analysis and trading movement forecasting that work very accurately and in a very sophisticated way. Advantages of the Poloniex platform 1-Suitable for professional cryptocurrency trading 2-It offers an innovative and advanced set of tools to analyze and forecast market movement and trends 3- Exclusive technical support around the clock Question for you guys ! What platform do you prefer to use to trade cryptocurrencies? Why?
  8. How to calculate the profit from Yobit investbox ! Whether you are day trading, long term trading, or long term investor, you should always measure your performance. Otherwise, how will you know if you are doing well? Therefore, when using a Yobit investbox, we must calculate our future profit to find out whether this investment is worth the risk or not? There are two types of interest! 1- Simple benefit 2- Compound interest! The interest used in Yobit is the compound interest! Of course it is better for us! Definition of compound interest for compound interest is the interest calculated on the basic capital, which also includes all the interest accrued from previous periods on a deposit or loan, and some argue that compound interest contributes to the growth of the amount faster than simple interest To calculate the capital after interest, we use the following formula A = P (1 + i) ^ n A: Capital + profits P:Capital i:interest n:days or months or years Example of a DLRS investment plan If we want to invest 20,000 DLRS for 10 days only, what will the result be after 10 days with 10% interest per day? 20,000 * (1 + 0.1) ^ 10 = 51,874 DLRS! In other words, our capital has doubled about 3 times in just 10 days! Question!: Are you using a Yobit investbox? Do you find it profitable?
  9. How to generate money from Cryptotalk Forum? Today I will talk about my own experience ... and how we are generating money from the Cryptotalk forum! We all know that we are making very good money from the Cryptotalk forum so we have to make good use of this in order to generate extra money! These are some of the ways in which money can be generated with Cryptotalk money 1- Talk InvestBox Plan Through this plan, you will achieve 1% revenue per day! But you should pay attention to the purchase price of the Talk! I think the best area to buy Talk coin is between (70-85)! You can put your money in the investment fund through this link Talk investBox 2- DLRS InvestBox Plan Through this plan, you will achieve 10% revenue per day! But you should pay attention to the purchase price of the DLRS! I think the best area to buy DLRS coin is between (25-30)! You can put your money in the investment fund through this link DLRS InvestBox 3- VMining Buy a virtual miner and get income in tokens every day! VMining 4- Trading By having good capital ($ 500), you can achieve a good daily income by also relying on expert signals! As for me, I earn about 40% per month through trading and this is a very good percentage! Question1: Do you like these ways to increase your capital ? Question2: Do you have another way to generate money from Cryptotalk ? give us yours !
  10. How do we benefit from the Talk token? Many people have a strange feeling about Talk Token and don't know that there are many ways to take advantage of Talk Token even though its price is now very low! These are some of the ways I personally use Talk! 1- I am converting my Talk Token into cryptocurrencies that I already know will go up as much as ETH now! When converting Talk currency to a cryptocurrency such as ETH, the rise of ETH will be about 20%, meaning that we will gain 20% in a very short time! 2- Investing and storing Talk currency until updates are issued by the forum moderators! Or advertisements appear on the forum, which leads to increased demand for Talk Token Is there another way for you to take advantage of the Talk Token? Tell us about it!
  11. How to make sure the post is not plagiarized? We all have a passion for creating a unique topic and hope this topic gets everyone's attention! But have you asked yourself how to make sure if a person stole a post from a site or not? Today I will explain a way to make sure that our article is not drawn from previously existing sources on the Internet! Plagiarismdetector Through your use of this site you will be able to detect any sentences that you must change so that your article is not considered stolen! Explanation of use: 1- Visit this website Plagiarismdetector 2-Scroll down to the page a little until you see the writing box 3- Copy the article you want to check and paste it in this box and then click on Check palgiarism It will take a few seconds and then it will give you the result! As follows ! Note : It is better if the percentage of plagiarism does not exceed 25% so that you do not get into trouble here! The site will help you define the sentences that you must change! I hope I helped beginners to become able to write effective articles without getting in trouble
  12. What is the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency? I think that many beginners and newcomers do not know that there is a difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency .. so I saw that it is my duty to explain the difference between the two. The difference between digital currencies and cryptocurrencies is what we will explain to you in this topic, because the encrypted economy is something new to the world, just as cryptocurrencies, many confuse digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, so in this article we will try to know the difference between cryptocurrencies and digital currencies and What are the main differences between the two, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies? Digital Currency Digital currencies are the money used on the Internet. It is digital money in the form of numbers. It has no materially equivalent in the real world. But digital currencies have all the characteristics of traditional money. Just as local money, you can get it, transfer it or exchange it for other currencies. You can use it to pay for goods and services, such as filling out phone and Internet accounts, buying online, paying for bills ... digital currencies have no geographical or political boundaries. Transactions may be sent from anywhere to any point in the world. Digital accounts and wallets can be considered bank deposits. Crypto Currency Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are a variety of digital currencies but are encrypted with their own system. Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are an asset that is used as a medium of exchange. It is considered reliable because it is based on a complex cryptographic system based on cryptography. One of the primary goals of cryptography is to make communications safe and secure. It creates and analyzes algorithms and protocols that allow data to be encrypted so that no information, how it was, is changed, or allowed to be viewed by third parties. Cryptography is a combination of a large number of different sciences, with mathematics being the primary science in cryptography. Mathematics is responsible for the reliability of the encoded algorithms and protocols. What are the main differences between the two, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies? Architecture: Digital currencies are centralized. There is a group of people and computers that regulate the state of transactions in the network. As for currencies, cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are decentralized, based on distributed (computers) systems that manage transactions. Anonymity: Cryptocurrencies require user identification. He will need to upload his personal photo, some documents issued by the public authorities, proof of address ... and many other documents and procedures that prove the identity of the person. Either purchase, investment, or any other cryptocurrency operations do not need or require any of that needed by digital currencies. However, the cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are not 100% anonymous. Although the wallets' addresses do not contain any confidential information such as name, residential address, etc. What other differences do you know between digital and cryptocurrencies?
  13. How to convert your TALK to BTC or USD !? There are many inquiries about the process of selling TALK currency, and I will try in this topic to cover all the points that are formed or inquired by beginners here! There are actually two ways to convert Talk currency to USD: 1- Direct Transfer By selling Talk currency for USD directly! Note: (This method is not recommended because with it we will lose dozens of cents!) For sale according to this method, enter here TALK TO USD 2- The indirect way It is done by selling Talk to BTC and then selling BTC to USD Note: (This method is recommended due to the currently high bitcoin price and also through it we earn some extra cents) For sale according to this method, enter here TALK TO BTC TO USD Now how to complete the sale! After choosing the method that works for you the SELL box will appear! Number 1: Click on the number one to select all the amount of Talk that you own and want to sell Number 2: Choose the Right Price You Want to Sell Talk Coin at! Number 3: Click on SELL to activate the sale order! The sale process will be completed when the Buy Order matches your Sell Order!
  14. What is the difference between stable cryptocurrency and variable cryptocurrency ? As we all know digital currencies are cryptocurrencies on the blockchain network that have been programmed to facilitate payment operations and one of the most famous of these currencies is Bitcoin, which was the first digital currency that was created in 2009. After that, many other cryptocurrencies were included, as these cryptocurrencies were divided into fixed cryptocurrencies and variable cryptocurrencies. Variable cryptocurrencies The most important characteristic of these currencies is their price change very quickly! That is, it is never stable! But why ? Bitcoin has witnessed major price changes throughout its history, for example, the currency's price rose from several cents to $ 17,000 in 2017. And there is also the ether currency, which is one of the largest and most famous of these currencies, which also started at a price of several cents and recorded nearly 1,000 dollars in 2017. Thus, the price of these currencies changes from time to time according to supply and demand, in addition to several other market factors Stable Coins Fixed cryptocurrencies are a digital currency that has been encrypted and programmed on the blockchain network, but unlike variable currencies such as Bitcoin, these currencies maintain their price despite market fluctuations. What are these currencies used for? Saving profits: resulting from the rise in the changing currencies in what is known as freezing profits among traders Payment operations: as they are used to transfer money from person to person like other digital currencies, but with the guarantee of the stability of the currency's price when converting it and the stability of the amount paid The most famous fixed cryptocurrency 1-USDT 2-TUSD 3-DAI Question : Do you think that the presence of fixed cryptocurrencies is necessary in the cryptocurrency project ?
  15. Invest in Cryptocurrencies It is possible to get very rich by investing in digital currencies, and it is also possible to lose all your money. Like investing in any other asset, investing in digital currencies comes with many risks as well as potential reward and profit What criteria should be considered when investing in cryptocurrencies? First: The project from a fundamental point of view, one of the most important criteria before investing in digital currencies is the search for the project from a fundamental point of view. This is what is known as fundamental analysis and it is very important and cannot be neglected and avoids falling into the traps of fraud and fraud that some disguised entities carry out to steal investors' money under the name of real Bitcoin. For example, you can compare Ethereum and Cardano, as they have the same goal, but the implementation differs Second: Assuming that the project was succeeded by a well-known and strong team who has experience in the field and has a plan and a white paper to implement this plan Here, we must look at many variables such as the market value of the currency, as well as the number of currencies in circulation in addition to the total number that will be put on the market. A practical example of this: the Cardano coin that recently achieved a huge price explosion and reached the third place in terms of market value. The most important currencies that you can safely invest in! 1-BTC 2-ETH 3-LTC 4-BCH 5-WAVES 6-DOGE 7-EOS
  16. How to explain Bitcoin to those who do not know it ? It is a complicated thing in most cases and the reactions are very different, in some societies ideas are accepted very openly, and in some others you feel that you are explaining your ideas to one of the doors of the house and the topic may be embarrassing for you. I will offer some ideas that can facilitate the way you explain the digital currency project to them The digital currency is intangible ... but it can be converted into tangible money (metal money - paper money) Bitcoin is like fiat currencies or coins .. But the difference is that Bitcoin is stored through electronic devices or wallets With regular money, you always know who you are with. But with cryptocurrencies you do not need to know who the person is, you just need to connect to his wallet address With regular money, you have to pay high fees when sending money because the money has to move from one bank to another and those banks charge fees. With crypto money, you don't need to pay exorbitant fees because the money goes directly to the other person's electronic wallet In order to withdraw and deposit regular money, you need banks ... But using digital currencies, your bank is on your mobile phone or on your PC. With digital currencies, you can do without work! Because the digital currency project provides you with many ways to make you self-sufficient and do not need work! (By investing - mining - trading - gambling) Through digital currencies, we can buy many things (video games - books - clothes ... etc.)
  17. Japanese candlesticks Japanese candlesticks are a type of chart that eastern traders may have used in the Middle Ages in order to track changes in rice prices. In contrast to the usual European chart, Japanese candlesticks give more information about price action: the parameters of the opening and closing of trades, as well as the minimum and maximum prices within a specified time frame. As a general rule, if prices are heading higher during candle formation, the body of the candle will turn Green or be left Red. If prices decrease, the body will be shaded in Red or any other color, even if the increasing candles in this chart have the background color Thus, candlestick analysis allows the trader to understand how prices have changed over a certain period of time. The high and low benchmarks represent the full range of candlestick fluctuations and indicate actual changes in currencies or other asset prices. This matter is especially important in the long-term charts, where the changes in the day's trading are all displayed at the time of closing. You as a trader do you use Japanese candlesticks to analyze the market?
  18. Do you transform because of forum. I believe i am transform because of this form.Before joining this forum i do not have deep knowledge but after interacting with different members on forum and learning new things from forum.I started learning and acknowledge my self how much i have to learn .If you are not learning from here then where can you Learn.So make your time precious here just don't focus on posting instant make your self attached to the forum this is not a short term stay.Make it long term So you can achieve something. So i ask you Do you transform here Because this Forum is Feeding You BTC and Knowledge constantly. Request:Respectes Mods,if you find my post not worthy then delete it but do not give me W.P.I muster courage and make this topic to express my feeling toward Forum.
  19. What companies and sites accept Bitcoin payments? The most important challenge facing Bitcoin payment and the expansion of its use is the lack of adoption by companies and major websites. Because of the volatility of Bitcoin, many companies and websites are reluctant to accept it. However, this does not mean that there are no companies and stores that accept Bitcoin payments, but there are many of them and in different fields, in this article we will address the companies and sites that accept Bitcoin payments, which come as follows: Microsoft Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin payments on its online Xbox store since 2014. However, due to the fluctuations it temporarily stopped accepting it, then was re-accepted again. Bill Gates commented on Bitcoin several times saying that Bitcoin is better than the traditional currency GoldSilver Through this site you can buy silver and gold by paying for bitcoin Overstock This site is one of the most popular sites for buying electronics from the Internet in exchange for paying in Bitcoin CryptoPet This site is one of the most popular sites to buy pet supplies online in exchange for paying in Bitcoin KFC Canada This site is one of the most popular sites for buying ready-to-eat food and drinks from the Internet in exchange for paying in Bitcoin Expedia One of the sites that provide easy ways to get airline tickets and flights using Bitcoin. Qusetion for you guys ! : Do you think that more companies will accept Bitcoin at 2021 ?
  20. How do we calculate profit or loss when we exit a trade? Perhaps the topic is ridiculous at first! But many of the members here do not know how to calculate the profit or loss ratio after selling the currency that they had bought! So today I am going to explain how we can calculate the profit or loss ratio! Profit Ratio = (Price on Buy - Price on Sell) / Price on Buy * 100 Calculate profit= There are two ways! First method: (Price On Sale * Quantity) - (Price On Buy * Quantity) The second method: Profit Ratio * (Price On Purchase * Quantity) + (Price On Purchase * Quantity) Do you have another way to calculate your profits? Tell us about it!
  21. What is the difference between a token and a coin? What is a token? A digital asset that can be used within the ecosystem of a specific project. The main difference between token and currencies is that the former requires another blockchain platform to operate. Ethereum is the most popular platform for creating tokens, mostly due to the smart contracts feature. The token created on the Ethereum blockchain is usually known as ERC-20 tokens - like most of the industry's popular stablecoin rope (USDT), for example. There are, of course, other token platforms, such as NEO or Waves. The purpose of a token also differs from coins, although it can also be used as a form of payment. Several tokens are created for use in DApps and their networks. Its main goal is to give the owner access to project functionality - as is the case with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Examples for tokens: TALK , UNI , Aave What is a Crypto coin ? Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), and Ether (ETH) are examples of cryptocurrencies. And all of them are in their standalone ledgers. Where BTC operates on the original Bitcoin blockchain, ETH is used inside the Ethereum blockchain, XMR is on the Monero blockchain, etc. They can also be sent, received, or mined all of them. Scalpex is the fastest future trading platform According to its name, the cryptocurrency has the same features as money, it is exchangeable, divisible, transferable, and has limited supply. Hence, cryptocurrencies are usually meant to be used just like physical cash. That is, payable for things (although adoption of hash has been slow). While Ether has all the attributes of a coin, it operates outside of its "money" role, as it is used inside the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate transactions.
  22. We always get acquainted with strange information about the cryptocurrency project ... But we did not ask ourselves ! Who is a celebrity who uses cryptocurrencies Today we will talk about the most famous people who use or support the cryptocurrency project Lionel Messi Luis Suarez Floyd Mayweather Do you think that the entry of such people to the cryptocurrency project is a good and necessary thing in order to increase confidence in the cryptocurrency project? I think it's the best way to market your cryptocurrency project! Because we know that there are many people who trust these famous people! Which leads to many people entering the cryptocurrency project because of these people!
  23. What are the theft methods used by the scammers in the cryptocurrency project? We know that scammers are increasing in number significantly day by day within the cryptocurrency project! Therefore, many of the beginners in this project fall victim to the scammers because they do not have awareness! So I thought that it is my duty to warn about the most important methods used by scammers to take money from us in illegal ways! 1-Via e-mail Professional hackers can hack your email! By taking your personal email, they controlled all your accounts on trading platforms such as Yobit or Binance! Therefore, we are always warned when registering on any platform that we never share our information with anyone! 2-Via the chat box within the trading platforms! Never allow a stranger to contact you, no matter what! There are people who specialize in this in order to access information that helps them penetrate your computer! We know that platforms like Yobit or Hitbtc have a section for people to chat with! So I consider this a huge risk to our money! 3-Via Telegram! Telegram has become one of the favorite programs for scammers to riot! Because the Telegram application is easy to use and through it you can communicate with anyone you want without any controls! Therefore, we must pay attention to strangers and not allow them to achieve their goals! Are there other ways scammers can use to steal our money? Share your opinion!
  24. What is Bitcoin? What is Dominance? And what is its effect? Bitcoin: We know that Bitcoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency out there! Therefore, it has a huge impact on the rest of the cryptocurrencies! But when is the impact of Bitcoin strong and when is it low? Dominance Bitcoin Dominance of Bitcoin, which is what Bitcoin acquires from the market value of all digital currencies, in relative terms. For your information, Bitcoin Dominance has its own chart, by opening the chart on the Tradingview website, you can analyze the dominance and benefit from it Bitcoin Dominance Chart on Tradingview: Dominance general rules The rise in the Bitcoin Dominance in addition to the rise in the market cap as a whole, the result will be a rise in the price of Bitcoin and other currencies altogether 1- Bitcoin's dominance rise in addition to the drop in the market cap, the result will be a relative stability of the Bitcoin price and a decrease for other currencies 2- Bitcoin Dominance decreased in addition to the market cap, the result will be a decrease in the price of Bitcoin and a rise in other currencies 3- The decrease of the Bitcoin Dominance in addition to the decrease of the market cap, the result will be a decrease in the price of Bitcoin and other currencies Traders have to use this chart and these rules to make a good profit !
  25. Does your country accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Many of us ask ourselves daily, does this country support the cryptocurrency or bitcoin project? Or does the country I live in support the cryptocurrency project? So today, I wanted to share this picture with you, which shows who are the countries that accept Bitcoin? Who are the countries that consider bitcoin illegal! But has countries' acceptance of Bitcoin become important after the success demonstrated by the project after the Corona crisis? For me, I think it is not important anymore to know if the country accepts Bitcoin or not!
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