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Found 4 results

  1. Сайт для ознакомления с проектом: Информация с сайта: "Каждый токен GOLD на 100% обеспечен физическим золотом, размещенным в надежном хранилище. Количество золота в хранилище можно проверить в любой момент. Мы гарантируем ликвидность токенов GOLD. Вы можете купить или продать неограниченное количество GOLD на нашем сайте 24/7." Удобный маркетлейс прямо на сайте: Аудит золота в хранилищах: Ссылка на коимаркет:
  2. According to news in recent days, the Asian giant, China, is testing to launch a digital currency, the e-yuan, which would come to compete in the hegemony of the US dollar worldwide, the difference between the two currencies is technology that each one entails, while for the US printing dollars includes expenses in paper and ink, in addition to physical space for storage, the e-yuan will be a digital currency, specialized in financial exchange through devices that will make the modern era of world finance. With the e-yuan, physical money in China will remain in the memory of many and in the showcases of collectors as something that has completed a cycle within the country. I must clarify that it is not a Cryptocurrency, it is different, it is centralized and traceable by the Chinese government, which is its issuer, with this this country tries to have its own payment architecture similar to the swift used today by different countries , but whose protagonist is the dollar, the e-yuan will, of course, be more advantageous for these exchanges than the dollar. Modern times are coming and the existence of physical money is coming to an end, now our money will walk on our devices. Other information in this regard can be seen at this link: banco central de China,digital soberana % 20important% 20del% 20mundo. & Text = From% 20principios% 20de% 20este% 20a% C3% B1o, backed% 20by% 20el% 20central bank% 20. It is in Spanish, but you can use the translator :)
  3. What is the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency? I think that many beginners and newcomers do not know that there is a difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency .. so I saw that it is my duty to explain the difference between the two. The difference between digital currencies and cryptocurrencies is what we will explain to you in this topic, because the encrypted economy is something new to the world, just as cryptocurrencies, many confuse digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, so in this article we will try to know the difference between cryptocurrencies and digital currencies and What are the main differences between the two, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies? Digital Currency Digital currencies are the money used on the Internet. It is digital money in the form of numbers. It has no materially equivalent in the real world. But digital currencies have all the characteristics of traditional money. Just as local money, you can get it, transfer it or exchange it for other currencies. You can use it to pay for goods and services, such as filling out phone and Internet accounts, buying online, paying for bills ... digital currencies have no geographical or political boundaries. Transactions may be sent from anywhere to any point in the world. Digital accounts and wallets can be considered bank deposits. Crypto Currency Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are a variety of digital currencies but are encrypted with their own system. Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are an asset that is used as a medium of exchange. It is considered reliable because it is based on a complex cryptographic system based on cryptography. One of the primary goals of cryptography is to make communications safe and secure. It creates and analyzes algorithms and protocols that allow data to be encrypted so that no information, how it was, is changed, or allowed to be viewed by third parties. Cryptography is a combination of a large number of different sciences, with mathematics being the primary science in cryptography. Mathematics is responsible for the reliability of the encoded algorithms and protocols. What are the main differences between the two, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies? Architecture: Digital currencies are centralized. There is a group of people and computers that regulate the state of transactions in the network. As for currencies, cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are decentralized, based on distributed (computers) systems that manage transactions. Anonymity: Cryptocurrencies require user identification. He will need to upload his personal photo, some documents issued by the public authorities, proof of address ... and many other documents and procedures that prove the identity of the person. Either purchase, investment, or any other cryptocurrency operations do not need or require any of that needed by digital currencies. However, the cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies are not 100% anonymous. Although the wallets' addresses do not contain any confidential information such as name, residential address, etc. What other differences do you know between digital and cryptocurrencies?
  4. How were digital currencies and cryptocurrencies created? Before Bitcoin The origins of digital currencies go back to the year 1980 when David Chaum established the (DigiCash) company in the Netherlands. What was most important to "David" was the issue of not protecting privacy on online payment sites, as well as the ease of obtaining credit card information and personal information as it was not sufficiently protected, which prompted him to work on a new type of technology to obtain something that prevents banks or governments from Hacking online payment. Despite his success in establishing this technology, the lack of adopters and supporters of the company led to the declaration of bankruptcy in 1998. The origins of Bitcoin In 2008, “Satoshi Natomoku,” the nickname of an unknown person or group of people, outlined Bitcoin in its entirety in a newspaper. It took a long time from the newspaper release and the rise of Bitcoin; It was launched to the public in 2009. This experience was not without its flaws. Because of the old technology, a technical problem was encountered that made it difficult to know how to use the same money twice. Satoshi was the first to solve this problem. The problem of widespread cryptocurrency fraud before the publication of Satoshi's article was a critical problem; As cryptocurrency fraud was used to symbolize the purchase of stocks, paper, or securities, and real money With the advent of blockchain technology, this led to an increase in the price of Bitcoin due to the security this technology provides! Which made people believe in the power of Bitcoin.
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