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  1. I think that it is dangerous for a person to invest all his money in one cryptocurrency only! Even if this currency is bitcoin! The investor must be aware of this matter and not put everything he owns in one basket! Because the loss at that time will be traumatic and very painful! So I think it is better for him not to do this, just keep his earned talk without selling it
  2. A great pump now ! I think it's something good for Talk investors ! now they can sell some of their Talk because of this amazing pump ! But is there anyone explaining the reason for this pump?
  3. Lots of members here don't care to collect Talk! They think this coin is just a simple coin! They do not know that the price of this coin was more than $ 0.2! Members were here making good money through it! Time must bring it back to the days of strength! But it just takes a little patience! I think that selling Btc is better than selling Talk, because Talk's rise may be surprising by more than 1000%!
  4. Are there bounty campaigns now that you can profit from? If your answer is yes, please share it with us! I think most of the people here are always looking for the best way to make money! Especially if you have already withdrawn from it!
  5. To answer this question, we must have the following information! 1- We must know whether the forum’s plan is short-term or long-term? 2- Will the ads really be included in the forum? 3- Will forum moderators support the price of Talk coin by developing the forum? the answer : If the answer is yes, then I will definitely say that the Cryptotalk Forum will be at the forefront of the forums related to the cryptocurrency project!
  6. There is no big problem in the event that a grammatical or grammatical error occurred during the suspension for one or a few times! But if the supervisor notices that you have a weak English language, this definitely affects that many people will not understand you because of your poor English! So here the supervisor warns you immediately! There are some apps that can help you bypass issues like Gramarrly or Google Translate
  7. Most of the people got acquainted with the cryptocurrency project due to the Corona crisis! This is what led to a major recovery in the cryptocurrency market! You are lucky to have encountered the Cryptotalk forum! So you can get money and knowledge at the same time! This is not found anywhere! Many of us need a place to improve our English! But I think there are other things we have to take from here! It is knowledge about the cryptocurrency project!
  8. In my country, we buy bitcoin through brokers who live outside my country! Because in my country we do not have a visa card or credit card staff because of what we suffer from US economic sanctions! So the buying and selling process is a little complicated and takes some time! You also need to deal with people with high confidence!
  9. Yes, my friend, it'd be amazing to get Alt Season! We are always waiting for good things after the year of halving! Often the year after the halving is good for all cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole! The arrival of the ETH price to a new peak means that we are on the verge of a significant increase in the price of the ETH currency in the event the market closes a daily close above $ 2040! Let's watch the situation now!
  10. Yes, by working on the Cryptotalk forum, we gain more than one thing at the same time! When we are working on this forum we are getting both money and knowledge at the same time! This thing is not available on the rest of the platforms! So I consider Cryptotalk one of the best forums out there! I would like to tell you that you are in the right place, my friend! But the currency here is not that easy, you need a lot of patience!
  11. Why are you on Cryptotalk? For investing or earning ? Many of us work on this forum for our own purposes! That is why I liked creating this topic in order for us to share goals or plans with each other! Maybe one of us has a good plan that will make us earn more! So I'm going to ask this question! Why are you working on the Cryptotalk forum? Is it the best right now? Are you investing and storing Talk coin? Or are you only interested in collecting money! Are there other ways to profit? For me I am making an investment here and thinking long term! I want to store the BTC and Talk that you get from here
  12. The problem is that there are never statements by the moderators of the forum! This makes it even worse! So I think that now everyone who used to store Talk coin became afraid of it! And he'll sell it even at this cheap price in order to eliminate the risk of the coin dying out and joining the Yobit dead coin list! This matter should be explained to the members here, as they are considered partners in the forum!
  13. But how do you buy and sell cryptocurrencies if your state prohibits this? What methods do you use? You should create an article on this matter because I and a lot of the comrades and colleagues here do not know anything about this topic! It would be nice if we could share our experiences with each other! I really hope your country accepts cryptocurrencies soon!
  14. Yesterday someone contacted my friend via telegram! He told him that he has a charity and needs donors and that these donors will receive benefits at the end of the year! I don’t know why these people always exploit virtue deeds to get their goal (money)! Of course, my friend asked me, is this correct! I explained to him that it is just a liar who wants to cheat and take money!
  15. Yes, you can do this without any problems! I personally did this thing! Because when I created my account, the connection between the Cryptotalk Forum and the Yobit platform was not allowed! So I created my account and took the initiative to end the 100 free posts and then they opened the link between the two platforms and I really linked my account successfully without any problem!
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