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Found 8 results

  1. И вот не прошло и пары/тройки месяцев с момента распространения страшного вируса-убийцы Covid-19, как мировая экономика загнана в рецессию искусственным путем. На помощь в этом молниеносно приходит доблестный Федрезерв и предлагает свой пакет по спасению мировой экономики. "Поскольку рынки продолжают падать, и США ожидают согласия Конгресса на массивный пакет мер стимулирования, чтобы спасти экономику от последствий пандемии коронавируса, новейшее предложение демократов Палаты представителей включает очень перспективный вид стимула: создание «цифрового доллара» и создание «цифровых долларовых кошельков". Ну что доздравствует цифровой бакс, товарищи? Но что будет с Биткоином и криптовалютами? Какие мнения у вас?
  2. Binary options involve predicting the movements of commodity, asset or index prices over a short time. Although they may be a legitimate financial product with many licensed firms trading in them, binary options are speculative, high risk products that are almost impossible to predict, even for professionals. There are groups of scammers who use binary options to steal your money. I would like to drop off few words about my negative and teaching experience with RB Options company. Like many others, I was contacted by the broker in 2019, and despite the fact I didn't have any knowledge about financial markets, got convinced by Peter Oaks, that I'll have all his assistance in order to make successful trades. Alright, sounds good, why not to try? After putting a large amount on my account, ive watched how my balance would go higher and higher. Ofcourse seeing this proof of how im good at it, my manager Peter made me invest more over 35,000 Euro. After a couple weeks of such magnificent trading, my account ended up over 95,000 Euro. An excellent opportunity to file a withdraw, no? No!! They released only 12,000 in order to trick me invest more 100,000. I didnt have such money at the moment and I was put on hold. Weeks after nobody would even answer my calls or my emails. It became very clear, that Ive become a victim of a huge and shameless scam. Time passed by and I was growing disappointed and very angry with my own naive. I had paid Birman Law 10% of my principle loss with nothing to show for it, I think the algorithm of these programs are designed for us to lose money in some way. If you flushed your money down the toilet with a binary broker then just learn your lesson, it took me 3 months to figure out how to get my money back after made failed attempts; I contacted several lawyers but it was all waste of time and money, they couldn't render an inch of help. I later came across a certified binary options recovery expert through a family member , I was able to hire him to recover my money within 15days from the brokers(RB options), he was able to retrieve my funds successfully . If you have found yourself in same situation as me you can contact the expert on '''hacknet (AT) cyberservices (cm)" , just in case you find yourself in same situation; I can assure he would be able to help you just as he helped me. Be cautious of where and how you invest
  3. We have the popular USDC market. For now we have added 10 trading pairs. An open source, smart contract-based stablecoin. DGB/USDC MNC/USDC ETH/USDC BSV/USDC AVN/USDC DOGE/USDC PIVX/USDC LTC/USDC BTC/USDC POT/USDC
  4. Many have been misled that making money from trading is easy especially from those who claimed to be guru in trading, yet they are making no cent. All they do is make up trade result and edited balanced on account, including fake withdrawal. Don't be fool again. Trading is actually easy...but making money from it is tough. Just follow me...I will show you some cool secret.
  5. Всем привет здесь я буду выкладывать сигналы на покупку в долго срок ибо всегда выигрывает терпеливый ! Сигналы основаны лично на моём анализе рынка . Результаты буду выкладывать по закрытию позиций 🚀
  6. Everyone talk about various methods of earning bitcoin. There many ways for earning bitcoin like free earnings, investing, mining and trading. There are also many ways to earn USD like PTC websites, surveys, stock market and freelancing. Some methods are shared for both currencies like investing and surveys. Now, one BTC is worth about $7500. Which one is easier and faster for you to earn? 1 BTC or $7500?
  7. Is Japanese candle stick actually a good tool to analyzed the movement and behavior of price in forex and in ctypto trading. Or there is others which could do better than the Japanese candles stick?
  8. Page to mine dollars, rubles or bitcoin, requires investment, planting tea plants in exchange for gold, which is interchangeable to dollars, rubles or bitcoin, different payment methods…. Note: To withdraw you need energy, and the energy must be equal to the amount of gold you have, the energy is obtained in the game in the energy market, this is obtained by your deposits, or investments in the game, or by the exchanges of tea leaves with energy daily that you make or for the deposits of your referred to the game. The daily withdrawal limit depends on your daily energy market limit, tea leaves buy energy; gold is worth your withdrawals. Your goal in the game is to increase the energy exchange limit as much as you can and so you can withdraw higher amounts daily. It is a long-term, stable and paying investment platform. But remember, to withdraw you need to have gold and energy, and the levels of gold and energy at the time of withdrawal must be equal or at least your amount of gold is equal to the energy levels you have. Sign up and if it convinces you, invest and multiply your money.
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