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  1. No, of course, there is no problem. For me, what I care a about is reading a post that contains useful information that I have never read before. I do not care that this post was previously written in a different language in this forum or anywhere else. What is important is always the content away from repetition and much talk that generates boredom.
  2. I think the reason is clear, which is that there is a lot of room to comment on the post, so asking a specific question in the Post can be commented on in dozens or hundreds of solutions and without any repetition, because each person gives advice through his own experiences. While creating new posts, this requires searching for new topics that are not previously raised, and this requires a lot of time.
  3. No, not true. When you put in the extra effort to write something useful and add value to others, whoever reads your comment or post will give you a positive reputation. Yes, perhaps giving some money in exchange for giving the reputation to others is a good incentive, but it is not necessary in my opinion, interest in meaningful and beneficial content is the most important.
  4. We can stay motivated by always remembering our goals, as well as by breaking the daily routine and adding something new every day. And when we achieve success, this success will be another incentive to start again and achieve another success. As an example, when we started working on this forum, we were motivated and the motivation began to gradually diminish, then we completed the first 100 posts, and when we completed them we got a new dose of motivation to start again.
  5. I think that most of the platforms with a large number of traders and investors are reliable platforms. However, you should generally be wary of some scam currencies, even on some reliable platforms there are scam currencies that you should pay attention to. Also, as you mentioned, profit rates are very important, so reasonable rates such as 5% each month should be a reasonable percentage in my opinion.
  6. I had been through this stage before and I was very bored at the time, then I took a break from the forum and from trading in cryptocurrencies for two days, and when I returned I was more energetic and enthusiastic to work. You can take a break for some time, and you should also always remind yourself of the goals that you have set in the long term, this thing will give you enthusiasm and motivation and will eliminate the boredom inside you.
  7. If you have something new to add that differs from the previous comment, such as new information that you got, or important new news on the topic, or if one of the members re-referred to you in his comment and started a discussion with you, then there is no problem with commenting again. You can make sure if you previously commented on a topic, by means of the icon next to the post title, if it is in black color, you have commented, and if it is still white, you have not commented yet.
  8. This depends on the reason for which you were banned, if you violated the rules and laws of the forum and received warning messages and did not abide by them, then your ban will definitely be forever and you will not be able to enter the forum again. But if you are sure that you were banned for no reason, then you can write to the moderators or managers and ask them to remove the ban because you may have been banned by mistake.
  9. They sent me warning message a while ago, and it says I have to wait a little while before posting the second comment. I think at that time the time was two minutes. So the minimum possible time to separate two posts is two minutes, you should not rush, because this may cause a warning point to be sent to your account or it may lead to a ban, be careful, and publish only what is useful.
  10. It is a very simple process, you must write useful posts and comments that respect the rules of the forum, so the number of letters must exceed 100 characters, and not offend others. Then this comment or post should get a positive reputation from the other members, so they pay you 1000 satoshi for this post. And if you want to make more money, you should use what you learned in Cryptotalk about trading and investing in working life.
  11. There is a very important point to pay attention to, which is that the benefit of the post is a relative thing. That is, what is useful to you may not be useful to others, and perhaps what you consider unhelpful and unimportant, it's for another person very important because he has not known it before, and may benefit from it by the work he does during that period. So let's not judge what is important or useful and what is not, and let us leave this task to the directors and moderators of the forum.
  12. I learned a lot of things since I joined more than 10 days ago, my English language improved greatly, I learned to share knowledge and experience with others, I learned that I can invest in the Yobit platform, I learned to use a lot of useful mobile applications in the mobile applications section, I learned not to invest all My capital is in one currency, but divide it into 5 parts.
  13. You can notice that the number of members has increased greatly during the recent period, and this indicates the good reputation that Cryptotalk has gained among people. I expect the increase in the number of members to continue until it reaches more than one million active members, so there is a huge future for this forum in my opinion.
  14. There is a famous saying, I don’t remember the one saying, which is: the more you learn, the more you feel that you do not know anything and that you need to learn more. No one can learn everything, and life is a school that teaches its students for free, and the forum also teaches its members for free. But more important than learning is to use what we have learned in our working life.
  15. Yes, I think that there are many sites similar to Cryptotalk and I have previously tried one of them, which is a site called ReadCash, and it also pays you for articles that you write and receive a positive reputation, and there you can publish on any topic you want, whatever its type, but they focus on Cryptocurrencies. When I joined Cryptotalk I quit ReadCash because in my opinion this forum is much better.
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