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  1. Hello everyone I would like to raise an issue that some people get low payment and many of their post get deleted and this moment they should give up instead they should look out for the reasons and find out the solution. They can follow someone footprint and put out the real efforts in your content and believe there would be a improvement.
  2. Well dear it's a major problem and might be ur account have been hacked or something else which is wrong. Dear @NomanAshraf787 don't waste time and reset the password at the moment and recover your password and create strong password. Well take essential measure also for the security of email associated to Yobit account
  3. Hello everyone I would like to know that sometimes I spend more time to understand a topic but I can't understand them and didn't get the idea and I think that whatever I would write would not be considered as a useful post. So in such conditions what should I do Skip it or try to reply
  4. Actually these are the main thing and I have experienced it that whenever I lack these things I often earn less and we all need to remain focus and do our activities careful. Don't get distracted and discourage and devote time because the more time u spend here the more quality work u do here. We all need to follow the rules said by dear @Rileynixon
  5. There is no logic and mining through a mobile is just a waste of time and mostly scams . Avoid it and to know the truth read and research about mining. They require strong CPU and GPU that's what necessary and a little mobile can afford such mining process and brakes down.
  6. In the present era people are earning through solving captchas but as many members mentioned that they would not pay u much and it takes time because it's not a skill and Better to work here in this platform. Think if u have plenty of time and need little money then do this otherwise look for something better.
  7. No at all dear the price of digital currency doesn't get down due to defi because it depends on demand and supply principal and u need to learn what factors can increase its demand and supply. They are valuable currency and many people don't know about this. We all need to keep patience and educate people.
  8. Why not mood effect our working. Actually some days ago mood was off and I was not able to work fo three days and one day I tried and it took too much mistakes. Mood is related to the Brain and whenever we have off mood that means we can't do well because our mind is not supporting us and we get distracted.
  9. Skills which can helps u to perform well are reading and writing skills. Actually we are need to write here which relates to the topics and it's all about read well and withdraw the idea and share your experience and submit it in very clear words. U need to have to good reading skills to research for and to hint out the main points.
  10. First of all most welcome here in this great platform dear @DrAhmadAlkazem there are no specific skills which is essential to work here still u have to master up some important skills which could help u. Some of them are reading and writing skills Along with English language. I mean to say that u should be enabled yourself to read well and spot the main theme of the topics and write authentic and u should know to write effectively and that all
  11. Most welcome here dear @Faheem1122 there is reactions system which helps members to encourage the others members for their valuable content. Reputation points means that your content have been best and earn a good popularity by the members and they award's u Reputation points. Content which helps people are always award's by Reputation points to encourage them to write more and more good.
  12. Greetings to all , Dear members I have some confusion and concerns and want to take your help. Actually dear in the nxt weak my exams are coming and I would be busy with him and would not be available to the forum. I have been working regularly from the very beginning so I want to ask that what would be happened if I didn't join the cryptotalk for weak? What impact it would leave on my account? Advice my sincerely and suggest me the good advise
  13. Greetings to all , actually dear I have listened the word patience is very important in crypto trading and I have also read the comments and topics focusing on patience and I didn't get the idea why it is important so I want to ask u all that why it is important to keep patience? What rules it plays in crypto tradings
  14. Dear I hope that u are well living a good life. Actually I want to know that which topic should be replied. I mean to say that how should I choose a topic which can help me to win a Reputation points because as we know that Reputation evaluation is important to get your post paid. Waiting for your replies and hope u would tell the best way
  15. Hello everyone and I hope u are well , actually dear I want to do Cryptocurrencies trading but I need your help . Actually dear I have research a lot still I want to ask u what should I avoid. What mistakes people make and how to avoid them. Impatiently waiting for ur replies
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