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  1. Well, for getting a good number of followers you must post quality contents that are useful for the cryptotalk users. One must obey the community rules, post qualitative contents, focus on creative things, research on a certain topic before you post or reply to any posts. One must have sound knowledge on the topic being asked or share their relevant opinion not being biased and relatively dedicated to welfare of people and cryptotalk users, which would help them to flourish or grow together, and following the people who are here with good content and more dedicated on community discussions, as a result of which we can be around the circle of good people, and we will progressively march with good contents with a follow back. So, I would suggest cryptotalk users to go with quality content, and post useful contents, so that you will not have to count on the followers, you're likely to get automatically if your posts are worth reading, and helpful to the community.
  2. @its.cryptologic I have posted another topic, showing the details on how to earn by writing software reviews in Capterra. I have also uploaded some screenshots of my payment proof form the Capterra website. Hope you'll find it useful, please have a look. Your suggestions or feedbacks are highly appreciated. Here's the Link ๐Ÿ‘‰ Capterra
  3. @JohanDonne Hello there, if you've not started working in the Capterra platform there's nothing to worry about. You can always have a fresh start. I have created a complete tutorial on this, on how you can earn from this website. You can also check for the payment proofs, in case if you've any doubts whether its paying or not. Here's the link to my post ๐Ÿ‘‰ Capterra @usamah Thanks for your time on researching on the Capterra platform. If you're thinking to start earning with this website, you need few things which have explained in my next post related to capterra, and I have also attached, my payment proof from the website. Hope you'll find my post useful. Here's the link to my post, ๐Ÿ‘‰ Capterra
  4. Dear Cryptotalk members! Today in this topic, I am going to share my personal experiences regarding online earnings. Today's topic is related to online earnings made by using search engine Presearch, from where you can earn some cryptocurrency tokens as a reward for searching the terms in the browser. 1. First, of all go to this website for creating your account. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Presearch 2. After you successfully created your account on presearch and login on your account you're able to get 25 PRE tokens as a sign up rewards. You can now visit their official website, and once you get there you are able to see the complete interface as shown in the screenshot below: 3. For each search you made from the website, you're able to earn 0.25 PRE tokens. 4. The daily limit of searches is 32, means you're only able to get max of 8 PRE tokens per day. More than 32 searches, you're not paid and earnings is limited to 8 tokens per day. 5. The price of the token at current time can be viewed from ๐Ÿ‘‰ Coinmarketcap. 6. PRE tokens are available for trading in the crypto exchanges like Kucoin, Probit and HitBTC. 7. Here's the payment proof from the Presearch website, that I made in around 14 months of using it as my regular search engine. Payment Proof: Thank you dear friends for your valuable time reading this article. If you've any queries you may leave a comment or mention me if you want to know further information regarding the Presearch search engine. I hope this article will be helping you to earn cryptocurrency by searching the things on the internet. For more information on online earnings you can visit my forum posts here, ๐Ÿ‘‰ Capterra ๐Ÿ‘‰ G2 I Wish You Happy Earning!! Stay Home Stay Safe!!
  5. If every individual own bitcoins in replace of fiat currencies then there will be more demands, with less supplies. This may result price hike in bitcoins, and people will be struggling to own what they could. This would bring financial crisis to most of the peoples, cause bitcoins will be owned by rich peoples only and the limited supply would create a havoc in the economy, thus creating an unbalanced distribution of crypto assets, where majority of the bitcoins will be in the hold of riches, and poor will be severely affected.
  6. Every person who is interested in cryptos will choose BTC. Because those who knew about bitcoins, only know how worthy it is, and the right investment on bitcoins make people financially strong, and they are able to purchase more golds if they wish to in the future. So, I would be choosing bitcoins, cause that's what every wise person does. ;)
  7. Well, for your queries I would say all these cryptocurrencies have the highest potential and has great market shares. Personally, I find tron a prominent one, because the transaction fees for the tron is significantly less as compared to other cryptocurrencies, and the block confirmations are carried out instantly, so there's no need to wait for hours as like BTC or ETH transactions.
  8. I want to know if this system still works. By looking at the prior post, I find it interesting as you do. So, If I still have opportunities on joining the platform, please let me know about it. I think there's new update on the platform, and let me be informed, if you're engaged in or either way, you find it appealing and worthy to recommend it to someone.
  9. I previously had an account on FaucetPay, though most of the payments are based on faucets, the earnings are relative low, except some surveys(not available globally). I find FaucetPay not worthy, and even after 5-6 hours of work, I am only able to make only few cents from faucets. So, I feel like it was not worth of my time and efforts and I left FaucetPay because of its relatively less payments.
  10. Good to know, we both had started using blockchain wallet in 2017. I also find blockchain wallet more secure than any other online wallets. Blockchain supports transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies. Currently the supported currencies, which can be received to, sent from, and stored in the Wallet, are: bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ether (ETH), stellar (XLM) and USD Digital (USD-D). The most significant thing I loved about blockchain is its airdrop campaigns, the airdrops of blockchain are legit and paying. :)
  11. Buy low sell high! as it sounds cool hearing this but actually implementing this in practice is a tough decision. Well, If I bought some coins/tokens at lower price with the expectation that will rise in the future, and will make good profit if its rise, then I might be wrong! We can't predict if this could go up, and we are likely to make profit, besides it may take more than a year or even a decade, who knows? So, sometimes it will not be practical to buy low and sell high, but only if you do investment with some prominent coins like Ethereum, Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dash me may be able to get profit but not particularly with every cryptocurrency, this works! So, it's always better to invest in potential coins whose market will be stable in the long term.
  12. I have already participated in the airdrop earlier, and got some 1000 GCM as rewards, but I am not sure, if that is listed in any exchanges, and is tradable. If you've any new updates about this coin/tokens please update in your posts. Well, I was hoping this could have a good price in market if its listed or is tradable.
  13. Well, the only reason for holding cryptocurrency is to sell at the good price, if the price goes up unexpectedly up in the future. I used to hold funds earlier, but due to scams and risk of hacks, I am not holding cryptocurrencies anymore, BTW I am investing or trading them for more profit. Holding cryptocurrencies might be a risk, and even some cryptos my dump forever, so holding cryptocurrencies my not be profitable all the time.
  14. In my personal opinion, digital payment will be covering the entire market in the coming years. Since with the adaptation of digital payment, it's easier for customers to pay for the products digitally. Even some places, in France are enabling bitcoin payments, not only this some popular automobile company like Lamborghini are also accepting bitcoins and this shows how rapidly the digital payment including cryptocurrency payments is influencing the world.
  15. Yes, you can comment at any time of the day here in the Cryptotalk forum. The website is active 24 hours and you can post at any time, there's no any time limit for posting. Make sure, the website is based on Moscow, Russia time; which means it is based on Greenwich Mean Time (+3 GMT). So, don't forgot to keep yourself updated with this time, because your daily posts counts, reactions are reset and is based on the (+3 GMT) Moscow Russia time. So, its always better to be updated with the time that Cryptotalk follows.
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