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  1. @Waqar Ameen This type of counterfeit attempts are not always tolerated by the forum users/moderators. Such acts are against the community standards and subjected to the violations of the forum rules. Be careful next time, this may lead to negative reactions, and it would result your account being permanently banned from the forum.
  2. The term DeFi is related to "Decentralized Finance". It's a term that is more concerned with varying applications of cryptocurrencies and powered by blockchain; subsequently braking down the financial intermediaries that lies underneath. DeFi is ought to hold it's disciplinary with a complete blueprint of blockchain technologies that holds a clear history of transactions(transparency). DeFi are actually created and are built in the top of Ethereum. Ethereum being the world's second large cryptocurrencies platform, it has flourished itself to make it distinct from Bitcoins in-terms of use cases and creating decentralized applications, with its unique smart contracts and development of solidity making it "turing complete", apparently with Bitcoins "it's non-turing complete". With the solidity there comes the possibilities to explore the platform which is more focused on improvement and offers flexibility for smart contracts, which enables auto execution of transactions if certain conditions are met. There's a high chance that DeFi will stand as a successor for bitcoins on the longer run too, as there are a lot of use-cases and improvements done to make it most secure that aids to varying service and functionality to the decentralized ecosystem and making smart contracts updated in-order to bring scalability to the entire DeFi ecosystem. Also, with the creation of Wrapped Bitcoins(WBTC) it has made the revolution on the DeFi ecosystem, as it is completely being tracked over Ethereum blockchain allowing users to get interest on their investments from another platform, and with Decentralized exchanges(DEX), the complexities in trading has been minimized and users can trade their assets without having to go for other intermediaries. However, the lending platforms are being implemented which has also the similar concern for minimizing intermediaries and uses smart contracts to manage the transactions with more transparency. So, there's no doubt on the thing that DeFi will act as a successor for Bitcoins.
  3. Dear friend @Morning Star You've raised quite a good question on this. To be honest, it is not yet like cryptotalk forum, but is something similar with earnings; as both platforms pays us in cryptocurrencies, and we need to trade them for BTC, ETH or USD to make profits. Please kindly visit my next topic to get into more details related to earnings or withdrawals proof from the platform. Here's the link to the topic. If you have further queries, you are always free to ask me at anytime. I will try my best to reply you with all your queries. Thank you for reading the article. Much appreciated!
  4. Hello Cryptotalk Enthusiasts! Today in this topic, I am going to explain on one of the cryptocurrency that can be earned without investments. I have been engaged in Energi(NRG) platform since 2019, and made almost $1000 for free without investments. I am going to share the ideas on how you can utilize your creativity to earn free NRG tokens, that is also listed in the Coinmarketcap and is also being traded on the reputed exchanges like KuCoin, Digifinex, HitBTC, CoinEx, Mecatox, Indodax and BitBNS. You can also check for the statistics here at; Currently, at the time of writing this topic the price of 1 NRG is approx. to $1.99. You can also check out the screenshot below: You can also learn more about the platform on their official website. Here Energi(NRG) token is being traded on the following crypto marketplaces or crypto exchanges, you can also check out the screenshot below: Now, let's get straight to the topic, you can earn free Energi(NRG) tokens by joining them on their official discord server. You can take part in their official promotional campaigns, creative discussions, chats, meme contest, and other quizzes like cracking the code, solving jigsaw energi puzzle and many more including power posts, Energi educate and so on. You can join their official discord channel from the link, click here. Note that, the above mentioned link is not a referral link to the discord server to earn referral commissions, rather it's an invitation link for you to join the discord server. So, I am not intended on any promotional campaigns or referral links. Users are advised to join the platform on their own, and not to take it as financial advice. The following topic is created for educational purpose only. I have already mentioned on the next topic on how to register and get validated for earning in the server. You can check for the further details on this post. Here For making a good earning in the server, you just need to be active in the discord server on daily basis, and get enrolled in chat(conversation) to get rewards as a rain for all the active users in the channel. Furthermore, you can participate in their official promotional campaigns, meme contest, quizzes and many more. The more you are active in the server, the more you'll be able to get free rewards from the discord server.
  5. Hello Cryptotalk enthusiasts; First, I would like to make it clearer on the simpler terms what a Stock Exchange Market really is; Actually, companies issued their shares for their development and uplifting of their institution/organization(s), and the issued stock share are usually opened for the public, by allocating a certain percentage share for the employees or the founding members. A stock exchange is a part of capital market ecosystem, and are generally issued by companies to grow/flourish with divided shares and bonds. The standardization of the capital investments through companies stock shares allows people to buy/sell discrete shares of ownership for various companies. The fundamental purpose of raising the capital share investment through stock exchange is to provide capital formation and intermediation to a central marketplace, which in terms helps companies to raise its capital from the investors. Secondly, Cryptocurrency Exchange Market or a Digital Currency Exchange(DCE) is a platform that allows users to trade(buy/sell) cryptocurrencies for crypto assets like bitcoins, Ethereum or other crypto alt-coins, (apparently) that may also include conventional fiat money. We all know that, the cryptocurrencies are inherently unstable in terms of price and volatility. Their prices keep changing over time and the price is mostly unstable, with high volatility. Also, the DCE platforms undergoes theft, fraud and other online attacks including DDoS, phishing, social engineering attacks, and so on. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malign attempt to interrupt the normal traffic of a targeted network through detour or diverging the target with a high volume of unauthorized Internet traffic to victimize the platform or with the intention of taking it down. Similarities between Stock Exchange Marketplace and Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: The following points show the similarities between stock exchange marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange platform. 1. Both of these platforms are can be accessed online, and the user can easily interact with the services/ features of the platforms. 2. Both of these platforms are related to buy/sell(trade) of currencies or shares. 3. Works on the basis of supply and demand. 4. Both of these platforms can be a potential risk for the investors, as there are can be cases like scams, theft, cyberattacks and so on. Thank you for your time reading this article, if you've anything to add up you can simply add up in the comment section by mentioning me in the comment section, so that I can take notice and may update the topic if required. I need your valuable suggestions and feedback on this.
  6. There are several ways to check the legitimacy of the platforms or any online projects. I personally prefer to check their legitimacy by visiting their official websites, and getting to know about their project roadmaps, and also checking information on their official social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit and so on.
  7. I was removed from the cryptotalk campaign by moderators. And it's been already a month, and I haven't got any response from the administrators, Why this has happened? Aren't there any ways to rejoin the cryptotalk campaign?
  8. @online123 It's always helpful to be connected to the forum, even if we got restricted from posting. This would help us to learn different things and also help us to develop our skills in a specific field; Like I gained knowledge and ideas related to trading, and I have made quite a good profit currently by trading on Yobit. Also, I got information on how to invest, and yet utilize my accumulated earnings from the forum in Yobit investbox, where I am getting daily profit out of my investment. More than that, I got to learn various things related to cryptos, and online earnings ideas which has helped to me develop my career and strengthen my work area, and earnings too.
  9. Hello learners and innovative minds! We all are connected to an open platform where we can share relevant information, have constructive discussions, and help one another in the forum with their problems/queries. As, I have been restricted from posting for a month(29 days), but I never think of leaving the forum, but instead I came here daily to gain various information related to cryptos, investment ideas, trading strategies, tech-gadgets, online earning methods and many more. This is my first post, after getting restricted for about 29 days from posting. And I am glad that I can finally post, and share information to my cryptotalk friends. In that period, of restriction I became active daily, and also utilize my daily reaction(ratings) on other posts, as this helps them to develop their career in the forum, and motivate forum users to create more genuine and interesting topics in the future. So, I just want to say, if the same scenario/case happens to you, please do not leave the forum, instead give your time on the forum to learn new things and also utilize your reaction(ratings) to the deserved posts. Now, I can assure I am fully motivated to work on the forum with my quality posts and never repeat my previous mistake again. Thank you for going through this article. Have a happy time! 😊❤️
  10. 1) Nickname: Pacific 2) Profile link: 3) I got 4 warning point for copy/paste of my own content. It was by mistake from my side. As I edit the previous topic to add some updates but mistakenly pasted the same, which was already posted in the forum. If moderators can check the edit history, there's the proof. So, it was not intentional on creating duplicate topics from my side. Even I tried to re-edit and submit, but that doesn't work. I feel extremely sorry for my mistake and I will not repeat this mistake ever again. Also, I have been removed from the cryptotalk campaign by the moderators. Is this due to the same mistake(copy/paste topics) or for other reasons. Please, let me know about it. 4) @Bigpat
  11. @Mohamad ibrahem It's always a good idea to tell about the opportunities to your friends. You've done a good on this, and I really appreciate your effort. Encouraging others is the right thing, and keeping them motivated to do work that benefits them, and making them learn new things is great indeed!
  12. @Hamden You are onto the point. Blockchain employments have been increased or adopted significantly in recent days, as you told blockchain or crypto payments provides a good amount of salary than other job areas. Also, people can work in the remote areas, and this has increased the flexibility in remote work. Moreover, people are more interested in cryptocurrencies as they are decentralized, and everyone can own them and it is also favorable for tech companies to adopt them, to help their customers purchase the goods or service with cryptocurrencies, as of which they can also progress by creating their native tokens, and opening shares for the investors and helps to upstake the liquidity.
  13. @Enxz Well it might be different for the person, and it is dependent on what investment platform they are choosing and the source of their income for bitcoin earnings. The earnings amount might be different for a person, but in average if you're talking prior to earning from the forum, it will be taking almost 5-6 years, but still that depends on the price of bitcoin. Just like if bitcoin price is dropped to $5000, then it will take 2 years almost, and if it's the same as current price or even more it will take more than 6 years. But that also depends on how people manage their fund, just like they can trade to earn money, some like to investment and this goes different for different peoples.
  14. It is just because Binance platform has set the minimum number of tokens/funds for to initiate the trade. You can't trade for the small funds, and to your concern $0.66 is also a small amount, so it will not be sufficient to initiate the trade. The only way is to deposit at least $10 of BTC on Binance and initiate the trade in-order to use $0.66. Apart from this, there is no any particular idea to solve the problem.
  15. @ETheHedgehog Well in my experience, I have invested talk tokens in Yobit Investbox. And I will also recommend you to invest on talk tokens, as it is giving a profit of 1% daily. Though the interest rate is less as compared to other cryptocurrencies, but trust me its worth of investment, because talk token holds a potential, and also every cryptotalk users are depended on the price of talk. And this will create the demand of talk tokens, and it will be having a good price in the future.
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