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  1. Talkcoin is calculated base on BTC rate and some are calculating it on Santoshi, but to me I use to calculate it IN BTC after that then exchange it XRP because it has less fee of transaction.
  2. The analysis of getting 4000 Santoshi you are giving I think that was then before but naw we can only get the payment of 200 Santoshi you your work are qualified also useful and also depends rating you have.
  3. Making good and proper research, is among the step to prepare for post before commenting or post, also Googling to have have experience about that Post, I'm going to answering, I think if you have follow this steps then you will be able to publish nice post,
  4. You are not the only one, I think the whole members of this are very excited and happy to find there selfs as members of this forum, especially I personally because I have benefits more than what I'm thinking to benefits from the forum.
  5. You are right and you said it at the right time, all your tips and steps to avoid your self from been scammed are Acceptable, especially using strong password, and missing letters and numbers, also don't follow any platform without proper research and explanation about it.
  6. The seniors members are here like teacher to the others members of the forum, teaching and correcting is the solution not acting like the moderators, everything need foundation I think as time goes on some won't repeat all what they're doing.
  7. I'm say yes with you as I besides listened about shifting of document about reputation but my colleague we must commit our most excellent in rank to find time for the posts and observations other efficient and beneficial accordingly relations be capable of exert a pull on towards it and bequeath reputation. We be supposed to shelve liability our top graft and I'm steady we will pick up advantage from this hardwork .
  8. Well, nice question, actually I'm satisfied with whatever this great opportunity forum brings or Change 👏 I have the level of BRAND NEW NEWBIES MEMBERS NAW I'm FULL MEMBER and my community possitive reputation is reading 718,
  9. I don't think there's something bad with that, because the Value of the others coin are valuable than the time the prices of BITCOIN is low, i think the others coin value is high because the price of BITCOIN is high.
  10. You are welcome mate, don't be discourage and worried your self any more about that, Actually the price of BITCOIN have changed and downgrade the price of any COIN, and also rise the value of the others coin, so I think this is not something to worried about any more.
  11. Nice question, actually I don't think it is I'll be possible to create you PayPal money account without phone number because is under must to receive OTP and verify it.
  12. Actually I don't think there's any solution for that, but you can still contact the admin as you do earlier maybe there will be any solution to your problem, for now I don't think there's someone else to give solution to you problem.
  13. You are right, additionally In ask for to come into this earth of cryptocurrencies, without a doubt, an intensive investigate necessity be followed from the the largest part critical as the requisites that are used, how cryptocurrencies are handled, the act of the chiefly exchanges. flat the nearly everyone multiplex such as intentional the action of the market, how to operate, research paper the function of every cryptocurrency in the bazaar and much more. @Designs112
  14. Getting possitive reputation and rating depends on useful meaningful and helpful contents you created definitely if you create good and helpful post then you get more reputation and rating than you are thinking of.
  15. I'm so sorry my mates, actually and to sincerely speaking I can't say any more about this your topic because I have never make a transaction or withdrawal with PayPal account, I only use other WALLETS.
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