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  1. Besides Paypal, particularly I use, Skrill, Uphold and AirTm. They are as good or better than Paypal, of course each one has its particularities and uses, but the important thing is that they all have their space in the digital economy, as I say.
  2. The Eth, that crypto has a lot of future, from my point of view. It is the second most important currency after the BTC and every day it is gaining more ground in the digital economy. Good future for the Eth.
  3. It seems to me that we are going there. Some governments are already taking into account, more and more, Bitcoin as an alternative for saving and capitalizing. It's important that this happens, but in a very orderly way.
  4. I don't think so, there are only a few days left to the end of the year, it's very little time for it to go up to $20000. Very little time to go up almost 100%.
  5. With that $200 you have one or several investments, for example in the YoBit mining, I have seen that they have several packages and very profitable. Don't waste your time and invest.
  6. If it refers to mining crystals, if it requires electricity and a lot of electricity. In some countries this is not allowed because it requires a lot of electricity to operate properly.
  7. Unfortunately, in the country where I live, there is not even a bitcoin ATM yet, I have the information that they are about to introduce in Latin America, because I don't have one close by.
  8. In my country, although we are in crisis, the world of cryptomonies is well known, in fact the government created one, but it does not have much support. Many people I know, including myself, work on the internet and in various projects we are paid in cryptos.
  9. It is NOT necessary to do it, the best strategy would be to have multiple sources of income, investing in several platforms, it is not recommended in only one, since it is very risky.
  10. This is excellent, learning from others, of course, if they are willing to share their experiences. One of the keys to success in the digital world, is to join or find a mentor, an expert who will guide us and step by step we will also achieve that desired success.
  11. My question to those people is this: If you are a successful person, what is the secret of it that you can share with us? What have they done to make you successful?
  12. There is NO guarantee, like any currency, there is always the risk that it may lose value, that depends on the game of supply and demand, but in general, nothing guarantees that a currency is stable.
  13. It can be possible, it usually happens to us when we are under pressure or in trouble. The crisis in some cases is positive, since it shows us ideas that we didn't even imagine before, that's why I say that it is possible to block in a crisis, but good ideas also come out of it.
  14. My best income method is CPM (Cost per thousand). It is easy and exciting, I have tried it several times and I have had very good results.
  15. Here where I live there is a saying, a very popular comment that says; he who eats quietly, eats twice. I totally agree, no one has to know what you are doing, much less whether you are winning or not.
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