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  1. Cryptotalk is really a big help for all the members to know about investment and anything more about crypto world. We cannot deny the fact that upon entering to this forum, we can really learn a lot and communicate with people who knows about trading or investment as well. As we stay long here, there are lot of possibilities to learn more.
  2. @Asad BakhshBakhsh i agree with you, in the beginners section is where the queries at. A lot of users have been asking questions and you can find answers as well on that section. If you are a beginner it is a must for you to look for the topics in the beginners section because that will really help you in order to be knowledgeable here even for a little bit.
  3. I agree with this, do not just post something random because that might get deleted later on. Think of something new and informative. Make your post different from other post so that it won't get deleted. Additionally, make your oost ckear in order for other users to understand your topic easily. For all the beginners, don't just post queries, you should also post something informative to gain reputation.
  4. For the earning method right bow in the forum, youbwill earn depending on the rates you got. You will earn depending on how many posts got positive rate. If you haven't got any positives rate then you won't be receiving any payment. That's why it is a must for us to create good quality post in order to earn.
  5. You can actually use different ip address in accessing this forum. But make sure that you are the only one uaing it in accessing here. Because if not, your account might get banned. This forum doesn't allow users to use two or more gadgets in one ip address to enter here in the forum so beware
  6. If you will not notice you errors you might probably get warning post. If you will create post which contains too much grammatical error maybe you can receive warning points. But as long as you check your post before posting it, you can prevent this from happening.
  7. It is a good idea to check your grammar even before posting it. A lot of users here i hink don't really know the basics of English grammar sometimes there are post which consists of grammatical error. Having grammar checker will help us create post that doesn't contains any grammatical errors. It can also prevent us from having deleted post.
  8. If you will look in your yobit account you will see there how are we going to be paid here in this forum. Of course we need to create post as many as we can for a day. Make useful post so you can get rates because that will be the basis of how many earning are we going to get once 7 days have passed.
  9. Giving up will leads you to nothing. No work is easy, we all need to work hard for it. You may having a bad time right now, but always remember that this will pass. The more you became dedicated to what you're doing the more you will go to your success. Never give up, because people who have the will to success doesn't have room for giving up.
  10. Ratings is the one we give to other people which became their reputation points. These are the basis of our earnings here in the forum. If we don't have any reputation points then we will not be paid by the forum. We can also give rates to other people if we find their post useful. The more post you have the more possible rate you get.
  11. For all the beginner asking this question again, this is not a strange thing. Licked topics is natural for all the beginners. Sometimes, beginners cannot post on those locked topics because they need more knowledge and experience. But, once you become a member of this forum and full member, thee are lots of opportunities to you which you can open different sections of this forum.
  12. @Eyadov i agree with you, visiting profile of the members will help us explore topics which sometimes we can't easily see. Exploring the profile of other members give us benefits by finding a lot of topics to comment on. With that we can create content as well and for a greater possibility get a reputation.
  13. I am here because i have come to hear that this forum offers knowledge for us about cryptocurrencies and crypto world. This forun also pays for our participation. The more we post topics and create comment the more we can earn talk tokens and btc which we can convert into our own currency.
  14. Yes, i definitely agree with you @Osman khalifakhalifa working here in the forum is not hard compared to the other discussion forum we have online. By just simply posting and replying to some people's topic, we can already earn. You just need to be patient and work hard in order to gain all your hard work and effort in the forum.
  15. Receiving warning points can happen to everyone if they keep on making mistakes and violating the rules. Senior members and newbies can get warning points. But i think beginners are prone to receive warning points since they are just beginning and they don't have enough knowledge on the rules of the forum. Nevertheless, we can avoid getting warning points if we will remember the dos and DON'Ts here in the forum.
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