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  1. A thought comes in our mind and then we easily get all knowledge about this and be able to share this . So firstly a beautiful thought comes in mind and you learn all things about this .
  2. I think you can put post by all the day when you are free at morning make ten post and then make other ten post when you are free آل over the day . you are do your work when you are mindly comfortable .
  3. Yeh its true that you can earn a lot of money from this and able to pay your school fee . A lot of students are not able to pay school or university fee but by doing work at this forum you pay fee easily .
  4. Keep in your mind that you are here to create good topics when we make content with a lot of knowledge then this is our main duty to give good knowledge .
  5. The most important thing at this forum is knowledge . We are continously give knowledge to others and get a lot of knowledge from others . When we are spread positive wibe then more people learn a lot .
  6. I think its our duty to help others . When we help others then more people come to this forum so give every one positive reputation . when we give brand new members negative reputation then they leave this platform and disappointed .
  7. If you want to do any thing in life firstly get all its information and then do it . It is the need of age if you want to get experience learn all things read all useful information . reading is very important without reading any thing in your life you are not able to do best .
  8. Don't worry bro . There is no tension you both use data or wifi if you have wifi use it . It isn't dangerous for your account and payment system .
  9. Many countries have good educational system . There system is so good . Educational system is converted into modern but this education is so good . In these days the children are double minded because of this education .
  10. I mean when we do same thing by many years . We are bored by doing same thing . For enjoying you should join online jobs these are good . when you get other platform for work you will be happy .
  11. Ab.Waheed

    2017 all over again?

    I don't think that things will come again like 2017 because all over the conditions of economic are not good they are change day by day and became bad . so i think things may came back in up coming days . I wish that all things may rise like 2017 .
  12. Your profession is good it give a lot of money online to engineering students . so i think you firstly get all information and must become freelancer engineering . I am also pre engineering student but i have no more idea to earn a lot of money and not earn . in our pakistan these engineering freelancer are hired and work .
  13. Please there are a lot of people want to do like these jobs . Your post i hope helpful for a lot of people so please firstly give all information about its payment means its packages and working style and also its qualification .
  14. Hy brother you tell only the link . Tell every thing in detail tell us about this . Tell all explanation and its working style how we do this which things are required without any knowledge we are not able to do any thing . So please give its more information .
  15. I have no more knowledge about this because i am firstly join this online job . I really want to say you with all my heart wishes please be good freelancer . A freelancing is good if you have all its experience it is not so easy like others firstly you should get all its knowledge and then do it . Freelancer is a man who do is work perfectly .
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