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  1. No one can tell you what topic to write about , it is like cheating in an exam but I can tell you to look for new and original ideas, maybe bring the latest updates in the crypto world, talk about new services and new coins, but most important of all is to stay away from spamming.
  2. Do not give up, it is the best advise I can give you , you will find many obstacles in your way and sometimes you will find that all your effort is in vain but remember to move towards your goal slowly but steadily is better than not moving at all.
  3. Most members will tell yo to focus on finishing your first one hundred comment, but I will tell you to educate your self about crypto currency world, because it is the basis for a successful career, and when you have enough in formation you can write your comments and then become a useful member of Cryptotalk.
  4. Me too, I have never thought that I will become a crypto believer, I thought that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are for financial experts and not for ordinary people, but thanks to Cryptotalk forum I got involved in crypto world and I really like it.
  5. If you are a middle class person and you have nothing to offer to you children then I guess you can buy them a bitcoin and leave it for them when they grow up I guess that it will worth a fortune, cryptocurrencies values are increasing significantly and the more popular they get the higher their price will be.
  6. What is exactly that you do not understand, you joined this forum so you should try to educate yourself about cryptocurrency and then you will write a one hundred comment which are free, then you will write daily payments for your comments and you are allowed to write twenty comments daily.
  7. If you are looking for storing ten you are an investor and the best coins to invest are the most famous one or the leading coins as they are called. Everyone knows about them but I will mention to you the best ones to invest in and they are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and ETC.
  8. It is true that learning about crypto currencies reduce poverty but also you need to keep in mind that this forum restricted these countries because their members are cheating or taking advantage of this forum in wrong ways. Everyone who is taking wrong decisions and choose to manipulate others should be responsible of his own actions.
  9. The title to our question seems like an exam question, Crypto currency is the new type of currencies that depends on encrypting information and using blockchains to send them , it is a highly developed technical system that ensures that o one is able to steal your coins from you and it also includes the ability to send your money any where around the world.
  10. There are so many skeptical people out there and you are not responsible for making them a crypto believer , all you have to do is to tell them about it and if they decided not to go on with it , do not blame yourself , it is their own mistake and they are missing a great chance.
  11. The best thing in crypto world is to be an investor, because it means that you do not pay attention to all the changes the market goes through and you do not worry about the price change, you just hold your coins as long as possible and the you will notice the major growth in the price, even though it might go through some dump periods.
  12. This is so unfair and no country has the right to do so , it is just stealing from all the people who trade with crypto currency. It is a highly risky field and people in it a re jeopardized by cyber attacks all the time and then the government comes to impose taxes, this should not be allowed.
  13. There are a lot of imitators but none of them is a as honest ans Cryptotalk forum, it respects all its members even if you are a newbie, you will be paid the same as a senior member ad you have the right to read all the topics in any section and you also can comment on them freely , I guess there is no other forum that can compete with this.
  14. I do not have great achievement yet, I am a member of Cryptotalk that is still finding my way in crypto world and I am doing my best to be active member so I am spending all the vacant time I have to learn about crypto and to read the topics in this forum and reply to them , I hope one day I will experienced enough to do special achievements.
  15. I prefer to hold because you cannot guarantee that the market will go the way you want and if every time the price goes beyond your targeted price you will sell your coins then you will have nothing left in our asset. Trading needs patience and experience so you can not expect to achieve your target easily.
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