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  1. Indeed, there are times that we feel to stop the things we are doing, there are times that we feel that we want to give up, well that is normal we are people there are some things that we cant do but you should not be contented if you can do that thing, just relax, take a rest and try it again, never give up!
  2. Well said, we are all here to share our thoughts and knowledge about cryptocurrency, let us all make this forum presentable by creating good and useful content, let us all help beginners of the forum to understand some important things.
  3. A referral is really useful specifically for faucets, the profit for faucets is not that high so if we do referral if we will invest many people then our earnings will increase because we will have percent for the person we invited.
  4. Dice token has given for some loyal users of yobit platform, yes it's true, we can use it for dice game and invest it into the invest box, good things is we can now trade it into DOGE coin, it's not that so big, better to invest it until the price of the dice gets high.
  5. Its hard dor us to become rich if we have to lack knowledge about cryptoxurrency, it takes so much time, it's not easy because most of the crypto activities are risky and you may lose your money once your try it.
  6. That's what makes the bitcoin so unique and thrilling, it's hard for us to know whether we could earn or lose our money, we should always take the risk on it if you do the trading with bitcoin.
  7. There are many cryptocurrency passive income, but the earnings for that is so long, you have to ait for how many decades before you earn big amount of money, instead of using that platform you may do some online jobs that pay bitcoin.
  8. I can wait for many years until. the inflation of bitcoin happens, if you are a strong believer of the bitcoin you will do the same way, you will get more profit if you can wait for many years.
  9. It doesn't mean that if we do quote on a specific reply it should be rated, there are some times that we do quote because we find it not so good and we try to make his or her statement correct.
  10. It is still the bitcoin, bitcoin is really the best cryptocurrency of all, there are many people who are willing to take the risk to this kind of cryptocurrency because it gives so much reputation in the world crypto, and once you win in investing you will earn a lot of money. I think you are holding a dice before and then now we have the exchange for dice and it is only available for the dogecoin lol, I am also looking for it, we have the same thoughts.
  11. Well said, that is why reading the rules of the forum is one of the important things to do if you are a beginner of the forum, it will let you know the right and wrong things to do here. You will see the reasons why you will get ban if you read the rules.
  12. Thanks for sharing, I have heard the word token and coins for so many times but I can't even compare both currencies, thanks for informing all of us, in order for us to be a good bitcoin we should know some of the important terms in the crypto world.
  13. Well said, there are many people who are only thinking of how they will earn money compared to how they will gain knowledge here, that is not a good mindset because if you want to improve in the crypto world you should always have an urge to learn new things.
  14. That's true, it's just like day trading, you will take a risk when playing dice because you are not sure if you can win the game, better to invest in to play dice because you will gain profit of 1% each day.
  15. Dice token exchange has started a few hours ago, we already know the price of token now, we can trade our dive in dogecoin which has the equivalent of 1 Dice token = 0.00015808 Dogecoin, it's not that high. The best thing to dice now is just to invest it, for now, I am really hoping that Dice town will increase its price in the future. Just invest it into invest box or just play a dice game to earn more dice token. The system says that they will be ready for 3-4 weeks. I just want to ask you guys, what did you do to your dice token?
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