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  1. Hello buddy @Alhnuof, can you please make your font size the same with others, your post is not readable for every mobile user using a desktop site. It makes your post useless because we cant read the whole text. It looks like this.
  2. Passive income has only a few profits if you want to have big earnings for every passive income, you should do referrals, there is always a referral system for every passive income, the more you invite the more income for you.
  3. That's true, we will be wasting our time creating useless content because it will be deleted once the admin or the moderator read it. It's better if you put effort and time when creating topics, you will have a good result if you put effort on it, you may use some articles on creating topics you want.
  4. I think we are all here for the intention of gaining knowledge and earning money which is the category 1, both things are important because we need it for our daily lives, life changes so we should learn new things if your intention is not for long term then you are into earnings, but if you are minding for the long term, you should prioritize learning.
  5. Maybe the heart reaction is not compatible with the browsers of yours, but don't worry about that, I think the moderators and the technicals of the forum are doing their best just to fix this problem.
  6. That's true, once you have received a reputation it means like you are doing a great job, they gave you a reputation because they appreciate your effort and they find it so useful. You deserve it for putting time and effort into your topics.
  7. You are being selfish with this statement, if you want to help this forum and another member of the forum, you need to have good grammar, there are many forums that are successful enough because they keep their content useful and good grammar.
  8. Hello guys, I received restriction points for this day and I already created 3 posts this day and all of them have been deleted, do you think that this warning point is the reason for the deletion of my topics? I am still a beginner of this forum and this thing is new for me, thanks to those people who will give information about this. PS: I have a feeling that my topics are new and useful, why all of them got deleted?
  9. I think there wouldn't be someone who will donate money to other person if there are no important reasons if you are asking for donations. 1. You have to include first what is your intention of doing it. 2. What will you do for the donations that will be given to you? 3. You have to include first the proof where will you use the donation. If your reason is not valid, there would be no one who will donate to you.
  10. There is no member here who can withdraw their talk token yet, even those old member here cannot to, we are all similar here with the new system, we can withdraw our earned tokens for the month of September. Let us all wait for the month of Septemeber, our efforts and time here will be worth it.
  11. Are you just joining forums to earn money? Anyway, you are right with that, it's hard to earn money in bitcointalk because you need to have a high rank first before you earn money and you need to apply on their signature campaign before you get paid. Not like here, it doesn't care if you are low rank here as long as you complete the 100 posts you may earn money.
  12. You're right! I am very thankful because I am here in his forum, it makes me so knowledgeable about the crypto world. It makes me learn new things about crypto activities. Even though I am not earning yet, I will still be active here in this forum because I am a strong believer of this forum, let us just wait for the month of September and all of our patience and hardworking will be worth it.
  13. For you to be a good contributor in this forum, you have to follow the rules and guidelines, you shouldn't violate any rules here to be a good contributor. You should also make things clear here, whenever you see something wrong here, or you have seen a topic which is not helpful or spreading false information, you have to give action on it, you may report it to the moderator. You should also give your best and put efforts whenever you make posts and topics, we should take time thinking of creating useful topics that could benefit everyone here in this forum.
  14. That's life must go on, we don't need to be worried when we are receiving a negative reputation from otheres because we can't do things to fix it, just accept it and continue the things you are doing here. If you know that you are contributing well here then you shouldn't be worried.
  15. We are all here for the reasons of both teaching and learning, well the information is already here, what you only need is to have the time to read and understand the topics that may help you to gain knowledge. We should also continue teaching or sharing our thoughts and knowledge so this forum will continue working.
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