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  1. Thank you, my friend, for this useful post. We must beware of the advertisements on the Internet sites and the offers of fraudsters that they present. We must think a lot before clicking on any advertisement because fraudsters are smart and have many new methods.
  2. Thank you my friend for this post and I agree with you. We have to search carefully to create new and useful topics for the forum in order to become good and important members of the forum. Thank you.
  3. Hello my friend, thank you for this good suggestion. I hope that we get rid of the spammers. We must beware of them and not respond to them so that we do not lose the opportunity to work in this forum. Thank you.
  4. Hello my friend, yes, I think that I am very lucky in the world of coding. As soon as I am in this forum, I will be one of the lucky ones, and this is a good opportunity that is not always repeated. I hope to be one of the important and distinguished members of this forum. Thank you.
  5. Hello my friend, I have not previously dealt with fraudsters because I am careful with any website and with the ads that are posted by some fraudsters whose offers are fictitious and illogical. Thank you.
  6. Hello my friend, I am new to this forum and I have not finished the task of 100 free posts for me. I think that there is a slight technical error and it will be fixed. There are many of my friends in a forum. I got profits from the forum. Thank you.
  7. Hello my friend, you must read the forum rules well and abide by them because if there are spelling errors more than once, you will get a warning point from the members of the moderators on a forum so you should be careful when writing any post or comment from spelling mistakes. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, my friend, for this good advice, and what I agreed with you. We must be careful when you buy an account from anyone and it is better to create an account for us and to be careful not to give account information to anyone because it is possible that he is from fraud and takes all our currencies.
  9. Hello my friend, it is easy. There is a message mark next to each topic. If it is black or gray, you have commented on this post, and if it is in white, you have not commented on it yet. You can also enter your profile and know the topics that have been commented on. Thank you.
  10. Hello my friend, Bitcoin currencies have great popularity in most parts of the world and that it is in great spread between countries and there are some countries trading cryptocurrencies on their own Internet sites and you can sell and buy with cryptocurrencies instead of paper currencies. Thank you.
  11. Hello my friend, I do not think that there is a perfect match between two topics, and if this happens, the members of the moderators of the forum will delete the topic because it is presented before, and I advise you to read the topics well before publishing any topic for you.
  12. Hello my friend, you are right. The publications and topics should be understood by most members of the forum and for everyone to benefit from them. These topics should discuss cryptocurrency trading and useful methods for trading. Thank you for this good post and I wish you good luck.
  13. You are right, my friend. Success needs an adventure and a risk, and we have a strong heart to go through this process of investment and also be patient in order to win more cryptocurrencies. If we fail, we must learn from our failure and try not to repeat the mistakes again to reach our goal of success and reach the level Larger.
  14. Hello my friend, the world is in constant development, and now there are some countries that recognize cryptocurrencies and trade in them, and this is evidence that cryptocurrencies have a great future, but I do not think that you will like the place of paper currencies, but they will have a big role in the future and all the inhabitants of the earth deal with them.
  15. Hello my friend, it is good to have a special application for crypto currencies sites to be safe and difficult to penetrate by fraudsters who seek to rob members of their money. Then the crypto application is good with an application that supports cryptocurrencies. Thank you..
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