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  1. Centralized is best in way that it has the option for stop but in other way it is not upto the demands of day trader mostly the day traders like the decentralized mode of trading that is best in my view i think peer to peer option is best in it and authentication is also present there
  2. Welcome dear and yes it is neccessory for each post to get reputations because without reputations your posts can not be paid so try to bring good posts and get reputations on them so that they can be paid snd you can earn money around here best of luck dude
  3. you are right i have also many times received these kind of offers but i was glad that how it can happend even one day i heard that i can make 1 btc in one day i was adtonished to lusten that but i didn't gave any attension to them because reality is relity thst is not possible thats it so do not pay attention tl those best of luck
  4. You are right if someone especially a begginer is doing a great job here he should be admired and respected by others and if he deserves he will be given the reputation points he should not be underestimated if it happens it will not be benificial for the forum as well as for newbies of the forum
  5. I do not agree to your point of view because there is a huge difference between the eorth of gold and btc gold has a lot much lower price than btc gold price is in thousands while btc price is in millions so in this context bitcoin can win the race
  6. I have just started trading and i only experienced one thing we should not invest on a falling currency thats it it will be good for us because some traders think that they have a good luck and the take risks investing on low and falling currencies so don't do that
  7. I think the price of btc will fall and after that it will stabalize itself for some time because we are not still gone through the pendamic and once this pendamic finishes then we can clearly predict the price of btc in the future but now a days its hard yo say anything
  8. You have a very hood post and a great piece of information for us but i think its far most tough job that you are talking about its not so easy i know that because you work hard upload posts but you never know whether the audience gona like it or not so it is better to stay away and just work on cryptotalk which is best in my view
  9. Seasonal traders can never be able to get rich and know the exect tectics of the digital market because off season they are not aware of the market and suddenly they came to the market and think that they can do good but its just a waste of time for them i think only the day traders can get profit because they have the knowledge and idea about the market situtions
  10. Thanks dear this post is really informative and amazing i think that launching online stores in the form.of market cap is a very good step towards sucess of digital currencies because it will make a way for them to be more accesible and easy understandable everyone can approach them and it will be best for all of us
  11. This is amazing like you said if we have the lrice of token at 127 that will be great than becuase at that price it is way much than 1000 satoshis oer paid post so i think its a very good deal launched by the forum managment we should work hard and get fruit from.this offer best if luck all members
  12. If you do it on regular basis then you can get the warning points but if you do it casually then there is no worry to be about that because forum needs good qualitu posts if you provid it in simple english doesn't matter that willl be enough for you i think best of luck dear
  13. No shortcuts as far as i know you can only earn 20000 satoshis per day thats it you can not earn more than that but you can invest in yobit investbox exchanges and bounties and airdrops these are small investments sites that can earn you a good profit best of luck dude
  14. It is a digital currency you can not see the currencies because these are intengible and like virtual so you can only trust on them and can invest on them and can earn from them but can not hold them in your oalm so these are the cryptocurrencies in short launched first in the beggining of near about ten or eleven years back
  15. Thanks dear for sharing your perience mine is also same like you but inwould say that try to cteat your own topics on daily basis atleast 3 topics so that you can make yourself free from the tension of being banned because i have seen many of the accounts banned due to not creating their own topics so best of luck all newbies
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