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  1. A few people of the world know about cryptocurrency and from them few people earn profit from it and this is our chance to take this opportunity. Because using this is so much easy and safe again it don't takes much time to transfer all around the world, It depends on blockchain. I rode on this journey and see where it will take me. Thanks for the post.
  2. When currency came thousand year before it was not so popular in just some years, it took time t spread all over the world and just like that c=digital currencies also came in this decade and it's became popular in this decade and it has stepped on another decade. Soon it will get a good impact on global economy. Tesla also invested 1.5 billion on it. Thanks for the post.
  3. Using signature is not prohibited in this platform. But it's prohibited to give referral link direct. We should also avoid this. The moderators are always working for make this forum clean. So we don't need to worry so much. We just need to keep our workings. Thanks
  4. If we really need btc, then we should convert it with a less fees and send it to the main wallet and then if the wallet support exchange then exchange it or you should use some exchange sites that really takes less fees. Thanks for the post.
  5. Thanks for your informative post. But I don't like so much the investbox. Because I saw many negative reviews and posts for this and many have lost their investment. So we must know everything before we invest anywhere again it has some risks like trading.
  6. It's important to know about market before trading or holding. Because I lost my first earning for a wrong step. I bought a unstable coin and when I bought, I mean when I clicked it for buying then suddenly it's price go up and when I sell it again goes low in just a second and I tried it again and the same happened. So we should trade on stable coins that have a good volume. Thanks for the post.
  7. I always give important to security and it's must. I will get the payment even if it takes some time, but what will we get if the transaction is fast but we don't get it in a sudden. So we should always choose those wallets coins that is very secured. Thanks for the post.
  8. As a new member, I don't know massive about private keys or public keys. But we should save our information on secured folder or system. It's very important in virtual world. Because there are many people who are finding ways to discover others private keys. Thanks
  9. If our post got many reputations than others then it will be on top, for this it's not important how old member you are. But sometimes it depends on it, because members always give reputations to the senior members than new members. But, it's not a fact. Thanks for the post.
  10. Right you are. I didn't thought about this, but I store my information on my secured device. But, I didn't told them as I just started working on crypto-currencies and didn't earned much but I will inform my family in future. Thanks for awaring us.
  11. If the forum won't pay anything then the forum will not go forward. SO it's important, don't regret it. But before earning we must have some knowledge. Because if we just comment or post just for earning, then most of them will be deleted and finally we lost our time. So we should focus on learning, then our post's quality will increase with payments. But I like your new suggestion and attracting the admin if they can do anything about it. Thanks for this important post.
  12. I didn't much about crypto-currency before joining this platform just knew it is a digital currency and didn't know much from this and when I joined in this platform I leaned much about it and now I'm also trading and investing. Thanks for your post
  13. Thanks for the post. After the internet it's been very easy to trade from home and I don't know how it was before internet. We should build up our skills to trade or freelancing. Because time has changed now work from home. Build your own future from home at your desk. Thanks for the awesome post.
  14. Welcome to my profile. Hope you will get some attractive information in my profile. Thanks

  15. We shouldn't waste our time in these things. Because they really give a very little amount for this. If we want to make a good earnings then we must have skills. We can earn a lot by selling our skills or we should spend our time in crypto-currencies. Thanks for your informative post.
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