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  1. Before choosing a currency within the trading field we must study it well and monitor all its movements in addition to that we must also compare it with other currencies and for me I see that the best currencies are bitcoin and etherium
  2. The prices of cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoin currency, are witnessing very large fluctuations, continuously and frankly, we cannot do anything about this matter, and the only thing we can do is wait and watch and monitor the market movement only
  3. For me, the best strategy is patience, avoiding emotions and following the mind only, in addition to doing reserves and storing currencies when their price is low and selling them when the price rises.
  4. Nezar

    Time Reset

    Since I joined this forum and I know that the timing of the forum depends on Russia and even I can compare the timing of my country with the timing of the forum. I use the global clock on my mobile phone.
  5. I have reviewed this link and I see it very useful for all beginners and for all people who do not speak the English language. Thank you for this post. I hope that everyone will review these sites.
  6. Hello my friend is with us I want to tell you at the beginning that this forum does not pay you Satoshi but rather it pays its own currency called talk so I hope that before you start working inside the forum you read the rules and understand them well and so you can not get the money you need first to link the forum to a platform yobit and then you need to complete 100 free posts and after completing 100 marsha you can start getting the currency where 20 talk is paid for each post you make and 50talk is paid for each topic you write
  7. The best thing we can do to become active and effective members of the forum is to write useful and valuable topics on a daily basis as we aim to help all other members through these topics and we also need to follow the rules and respect them permanently
  8. What you say is true that the thing that distinguishes the bitcoin currency and the alternative currencies is the fluctuation of prices that we observe daily and continuously. If you make the cryptocurrency a stable currency, then I am sure that many people will stay away from it because everyone depends on achieving profits from price fluctuations.
  9. This campaign is completely different from the previous campaign. As for posts, it is calculated daily and posts are deleted when sending payments to you and you do not need to write deleted posts in order to continue to achieve profits.
  10. What I have done is a very good job, it is important that we all keep all the rules of the forum and always follow them because when we work inside the forum within the rules, our account will remain a permanent security
  11. I joined this forum so that I can make some money in addition to getting many of the information I need inside all areas of encryption, but over time within the forum I was able to form a large number of friendships with members from different parts of the world and I see that this forum is very good for forming friendships
  12. Hello my friend, there are many things that made the number of active members within the forum decrease by a large percentage. One of the most important things is the Corona virus, which made many people move away from the Internet in addition to the supervisors banning many countries from the campaigns of the forum and also because of the days of the scouts change the Bitcoin campaign and start With a new campaign bearing the name of a new anonymous coin
  13. We are all adults and children, we are constantly exposed and making mistakes, that some of these mistakes are inadvertently, and that most of the mistakes are made by beginners, so I will share some solutions to overcome and overcome these mistakes. The trading field is full of risks and we must bear in mind that this field contains profits and losses Therefore, we must first learn from our mistakes, as we must learn from all the mistakes we make Your mistakes: If you are worried about your mistakes, what will you do to avoid them? Focus on what you've done well and always try to make the right decisions You must manage your risk: The trader should be risky and have a very positive mindset, but the trader may be very focused on making a profit and is not aware that he may lose too. Always accept your losses and learn to avoid them next time Trading Education: If you learn the basics of trading and develop reliable trader skills, you will not be afraid of mistakes, instead it will be a lesson you need to improve and develop another trading strategy to earn profit and avoid losses. In trading or investing, you must be able to convert your mistakes into learning and development in order to become a successful crypto trader and investor. If you have anything to add, I hope you can share it with us
  14. It is very difficult for us to know the future of the Bitcoin coin, but it is very difficult for the Bitcoin coin to die because it has become very important and now it has a very great popularity among users all over the world
  15. The world of cryptography contains a very large number of alternative currencies and I think this time is appropriate for investing the most important alternative currencies that have a high price and great popularity I believe that the best alternative currencies for investment are Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin
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