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  1. Hello friends. I want to discuss a very important issue, and I noticed it several weeks ago. Related to writing within the forum sections I noticed that most of the forum members only write the responses and that the members who create the topics are known and unfortunately everyone depends on writing within some sections only and that the number of topics is very few and this is very bad as it will be difficult for everyone to get posts to complete the daily tasks Therefore, my friends, I hope that everyone will start working and write the topics and responses within all sections of the forum and we hope to stop writing in some sections only When we write in all sections, we will get more positive points and we will be able to find many topics. In addition, we will help in the development and progress of the forum
  2. There have been cleaning and bans inside the forum several times since I joined it, and the process was done by stopping payment for members and then starting to delete all posts and random topics and banning all offending members and I think that this matter will be repeated, but after the start of trading the talk symbol so we must be careful and adhere to the rules always
  3. Welcome and welcome with us This forum is the best place to find out everything related to the cryptocurrency, so you can find everything you are looking for and everything you think about inside this forum and within its sections, so you have to read its posts carefully in addition to this forum gives you the opportunity to get some currencies as well
  4. First, I want to say that your post is not understood and is never clear, and it can be considered random participation, and this is against the rules Secondly, if you mean to share with you these taps sites, I want to tell you that it is a waste of time and effort, and it will take months for you to be able to achieve and get $ 1
  5. I think that the new payment system is very good and acceptable, and it forces members to write useful posts so that they can get positive rates. And that the payment system depends on the posts that get positive rates only. All posts are examined for sure. For members who violate the rules, the supervisors are dealing with them quickly.
  6. As for the world of cryptography, it contains a very large number of iron and old symbols, and frankly, we can never trust all of these symbols because most of them are fraudulent and for me I see that there will be a future for the Ripple currency as it is considered one of the best alternative currencies and symbols, and I am currently storing some of them hopefully Price in the future
  7. There is a very big difference between Bitcoin and Libra, and it would be bad and very embarrassing to make a comparison between this currency and the currency of Bitcoin because Bitcoin is the best currency and the mother of cryptocurrencies and all the alternative currencies and tokens are dependent on the price of the Bitcoin currency. I think it is successful or has a high price
  8. I faced the same problem several months ago and the transfer currency took many days until it succeeded, so you do not need to worry my friend, the transaction will be successful soon, so you have to be patient and wait, and if the process did not succeed, your money will be returned to you.
  9. Frankly speaking, these people are very lucky and I wish I knew the Bitcoin currency at that time, and it is very likely that they are the ones who control the price of the Bitcoin currency, as they are controlled when buying large amounts of currency or transferring and selling large quantities as well
  10. This reference is given to all members whose topics get many reputation and many comments, and this signal is evidence that your participation has become popular within the forum and has been classified among the best topics that have been written within the forum and this is wonderful and very good
  11. We must always respect the forum rules and adhere to them, as adherence to the rules guarantees us our accounts within the forum and ensures that our country remains in the forum, for example, I am from the state of Syria, so if I violate the rules and write random posts and many people from my country do the same currency, my country will be banned from the forum and we will not From continuing to work within the forum, therefore, I hope that members of all countries respect the rules and abide by them permanently
  12. I liked the compensation plan made by the supervisors, and as I said, there is a difference between the talk token payment system and the bitcoin payment system, but I see that we get small payments from Bitcoin because unfortunately we are not given enough positive and fair evaluations during one day, for example they have written 20 A post for the day, but I only received payments of 7 posts, and this is sad for me, but it's okay because I see and think that the talk icon will have a high price in the coming days
  13. I am confused with you that surrender is a very bad thing and is the path to failure for everyone, so we must always learn from our mistakes and try to develop ourselves and return to work with strength and determination, in this way we will be able to achieve profits and lasting success
  14. For me, I prefer to write and read long topics, as they are more useful and rich in important information that we all need. The reason some members hate long topics is because their only concern is to get money only without understanding or benefit, and this is completely wrong and for this forum, posts and short topics are considered null Interest and randomness
  15. The dice game is one of the best profit flames and one of the most dangerous games. As you said, this game depends on luck and depends on numbers. If you choose 48 you will be able to win if the number that appears to you is less than 48 and if you choose 52 you will be able to win if the number you choose Shows you greater than 52
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