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  1. A lot of spelling errors occur within this forum and the reason is that many members use a special translator in the English language, where the language of their country of origin differs from the English language and for this reason they have to use a translator and the only solution for this matter is for the moderators to create special subsections for the languages of other countries
  2. Saving time and organizing it in our daily life is very important and we all need it as we must coordinate between our daily work and working time inside the forum, in this way we will be able to work within the forum comfortably and we will be able to accomplish all our daily tasks
  3. It is very bad for you to convert all fiat currencies into a cryptocurrency because the future of the cryptocurrency is unknown at this time and that your doing this will expose you to permanent risk, so it is better to buy some of the cryptocurrencies and use them alongside fiat currencies
  4. I want to tell you that most of the robots on the Telegram site are fraudulent and are aimed at the caterpillar. It is very rare that we find a botnet that pays its users and unfortunately we cannot distinguish between a sincere robot and a fraudulent robot except when we do a currency withdrawal
  5. Nezar


    For me, the blockchain wallet is the best and the most used, as this wallet has a strong security system and an easy way of working and allows us to store the most important currencies inside it and this wallet enables you to replace some gift cards with cryptocurrencies or vice versa
  6. Kyc is a method of identity verification that a number of websites and platforms request from users in order to prevent fraudsters from creating more than one account. This method has existed for a long time and depends on verification by sending an identity picture, a passport picture, or any proof of identity
  7. Frankly, I do not know what your idea is, because I see that the elderly do not need to understand the Bitcoin currencies, and that the world of cryptography and the Bitcoin currency is intended for young people and the new generation who can enter and work within this field at an early date. Age
  8. The Telegram application contains a very large number of fraudsters who aim to steal our money and you can prevent them from sending you by entering the settings and stopping some of the open options and one of the members explained the method accurately and clearly. You can use the search button to find his participation and read it
  9. For me, I prefer and always choose the Android operating system, as it is the best and most secure and the way to work inside and use it is easy for everyone, unlike the iOS system, which is a bit complicated.
  10. I have been working within the bitcoin talk forum for a long time and until this time I was never aware of this matter but even if this was true I would not pay anything to join it because this forum is better than all forums
  11. Positive evaluation is important within this forum for several reasons, including encouraging members to continue writing well and valuable within the forum in addition to that some bitcoins are sent to us in exchange for posts that receive positive evaluation
  12. Welcome, you can link your account within the two campaigns together without any problems, and you can do this through the yobit platform, and the difference is that for the first campaign, you pay us with talc tokens. The second campaign depends on the Bitcoin currency for payment, and these currencies can be obtained by writing posts and useful topics.
  13. For me, gambling is one of the worst things that lead to the loss of all currencies. As you mentioned, it becomes addictive for some people, and in this way they will lose all their money, so it is better to stay away from gambling and focus on investing, trading and some other areas
  14. We must all be proud because we work inside this forum and because we have become acquainted with each other and with some experts. I have been working in this forum for about a year and it is reliable, honest and secure and pays us in exchange for learning and gaining experiences. Today we are witnessing a large number of new joins to the forum and this is very positive And evidence of the greatness of the forum and what it provides to its members, and I believe that this forum will be the best in the world of coding during the coming period
  15. This store is considered one of the best and easiest applications for downloading games and programs as it contains a very large and varied library of applications and that all the applications inside it can be found inside the Google Play store. I advise everyone to download this store and try it
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