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  1. @Malik Ayaz Yeah, this is good decision made by the moderators. Recently, good updates are being done. And I hope this will increase in the future. Now, it is our responsibility to do our task in a good manner. And give like only to those posts that are deserving after reading them.
  2. @Dark Shadow Thanks a lot for your guidance. This helped me and also other fellows. I don't know what kind of cleanup is going on but I hope everything will be better in the future.
  3. @yarn48 You are saying right man. New topics should be created by every users so that new discussions can start. And also we should be careful that our topics are helpful to others and have god content.
  4. @Dark Shadow I agree with you my friend. Talk token is the currency of cryptotalk and I also think that it is not going to be disabled. I would be thankful of you share your views about stoshi. Is stoshi stable.
  5. @Athul krishna Yeah man, you are saying right. If the platform is offering us more then we should not abuse it. We should be more professional and read the posts before reacting. And only give like to the posts that are deserving.
  6. @Sezar3 You are saying right. I created some useful topics in the start. And those topics got many likes and replies. I also got increase in my following. And my reputation became excellent. So we should post helpful topics.
  7. @Ayeza Khan Great. But I want to ask that what do you do in so much time on this platform. I am curious to know. Because You are allowed to do only 20 posts max. And I think that can be in less than 2 hours.
  8. @Usman23 You are saying right my friend. This could help a lot to the newbies who are inexperienced on this new platforms. Experienced members can quote their posts and guide them. This can help them a lot.
  9. @Abuzar hashmi Great. There is no need to worry or to be sad if you get criticism on your post. This is a forum. And people share their opinions here, so these all are just opinions. We shouldn't take them much seriously.
  10. @laxpels009 I think the same. Cryptotalk is a great platform to earn a little money. And also if you want to know about crypto currencies, this platform can be of great use.
  11. @Muhammad muzamil I want to add to your post that we get 10 token per post. And we can do max 20 posts a day. 50 tokens count for aprox 1$. Also if you get a like on your post then you will get extra 1000 stoshi per post. Stoshi is converted to bitcoin which is then converted to other currencies on yobit.
  12. @abohasnn9 I haven't tried trading on yobit yet. But I will do it soon after completing my 100 posts when I would have something to exchange for. Your information will help me then. Thank you.
  13. @Yarazagh You are saying right that it shouldn't become a rule to report each topic. Also the report should be logical. I would also add that the account which has been reported shouldn't be warned or banned if there is not against rules.
  14. @Shaami Thank you for giving useful information. I also agree with you that step by step proceeding is better. Because by doing so you gain a lot of knowledge and experience which can be really helpful.
  15. Likes are important because you will get 1000 stoshi on at least 1 like on your topic or post. If you get more than one likes then it would also be counted as 1 like. So how to get likes? You should post valuable and relevant content for getting likes. The content should be helpful to others.
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