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  1. Thanks for this post mate. Yeah before joining, I think this is just an earning site but it's really proved me wrong. There is huge opportunity and by gathering knowledge ,sharing information, this is really cool .
  2. This is an awesome feature. Thanks for this post. Yeah when someone post an informative and useful topics and get good reputation ,then when he/she finds out how many reputation would be that day, that's a great for anyone.
  3. Firstly Thanks for this post mate .I click on "1" the start page of the topic and I find it. Yeah it's true that we comment more and more that's why sometimes it's harder to find main topic. I think this method is useful. Other member suggested another method, those was very excellent.
  4. Hello there Thanks for this post. This is very informative because senior members comment here. Even I want to know Yobit's best feature. Many members indicate many feature that's really useful for me as well as the owner of post.Thank you.
  5. Toxic,wrong and rules breaking comments should be reported. This is our responsibility. This forum environment is really cool and useful but if anyone spreads toxicity and wrong post then it can be polluted. So we should report against wrong post. Thanks for this post mate.
  6. Yeah you are right @Rubaba99 panicked is natural and quitting is not a proper solution. Patience and optimism can stimulate any situation .calmness and sharpness is very important. Searching solution and effortless trying is needed in crisis moment.
  7. Thank you mate. I am really happy to join in cryptotalk.I was a member who had not any idea about crytotalk before joining. But after joining, members are really sober and helpful.I have known lot of information about cryptocurrency. I want to do trade and many senior members said about correct place. Really a beautiful world.
  8. My dear friend, I honestly come here not to give opinion just to read comments actually. I am junior member, I haven't enough experience yet. By reading senior members comment ,It's really useful for me.Thanks for this post.
  9. Any useful, cryptorelated and catchy topic could be a very popular. People have emotion about cryptocurrency and bit coin and daily life we face lot of things. We put time on it, so any idea about crypto is vey welcoming .Thanks for this post mate .
  10. This is very informative post. I am a junior member. I haven't lot of experience. I want to know about restricted country. Now I have known about it. Thankyou all
  11. Thanks for this suggestion mate. Yeah that's true criticism comes from different perspective. Criticism pushes us to think another way. Whenever I was being criticized then try to accept it and improve myself. Actually criticism and negative reaction helps a lot.
  12. Yeah buddy, success comes from proper dedication and hardwork. And here an optimistic member can be a successful. Yeah luck is important but maximum time luck favour on dedicated member. A proverb goes that fortune favours brave. So proper hard work in cryptotalk makes you successful.
  13. I have passed a very good time today. After a busiest week I got relief today. Watching a moving, doing creative things,eating noodles. Yeah not everyone can express real feelings, we live in pandemic time. But yeah Onesay everything will well.
  14. This is very informative post. I have known very little about Yobit. By reading full and senior members comment, I gather information about yobit. As s junior member, it is very useful for me.
  15. That's is an excellent post mate. Yeah sometimes I have got panicked. You give a best solution. I will try this when i got panicked again.Thank you for this informative post mate.
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