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  1. может кто-нибудь сказать, обновите меня на сайте? в большинстве случаев сайты выдавали свои собственные токены, и они использовались только на этом сайте, другие сайты обмена не принимают эти токены, поэтому лучше узнать о них больше.
  2. Yeah i see it and its not fair, i mean minimum investment 123,456 talk token, i think its too much now, i hope they re update it, for me its bit higher than i expected for minimum investment that have 1% interest.
  3. Yeah it have been almost two weeks since the payment and investbox stopped, and i am expecting good thing, since the price of talk token dropped i hope they make some good things with the payment.
  4. I would sell it but bro i invest on talk token when it was on good shape and now if i don't get at list half my investment it will be so hard for me, i mean when you invest on coins and if there price drops your mind thinks the coin will rice back,
  5. Hey everyone, good day to you all. I was checking my talk token investment on yobit investbox and it says "Wait" and this never happen to me and this is new, i know that moderators stopped the payment for English section contents temporarily but i didn't know that the investment is on hold, when i inter the invest box the status also says "no coins" someone if you have any information tell me, should i pule my investment or wait till some announcement.
  6. I have invested all my bitcoins on talk token and now the price of talk token drops and now i am hopping that the price of talk token rice back because men i was so exited to get good profit from it, the price of talk token is now about 1 satoshi.
  7. That's it, their is no espeshal secrete for getting more reactions for our topics or contents, all we need is to create some smart and useful topics and if someone gets good information's then you will definitely get reactions.
  8. Yeah that's true, but to speak the truth all members who commented on this topic i quoted and replayed to most of them but non of them replayed to me, and that's so so funny because the topic is about replaying for quotations but non of them replayed.
  9. Yeah since everyone have similar questions about cryptocurrency's most members in this forum create similar ideas of topics, and as we all know creating similar topics will harm our account so in order to be safe we should make a search before creating a topics.
  10. Thanks you, you should tell everyone that cryptocurrency will never replace fiat currency because governments will never allow that, governments will not get any profit from cryptocurrency because its decentralized so this will never happens.
  11. You are right, working smart or working intelligently will makes us find many many knwoledges and we can also have more time for other works, of course working hard is good, but working hard without being smart is usles.
  12. You are so right, that's what i was saying on my topic, but some members say that shopping with bitcoin is a good thing, but no its not we will lose moneys if we shop with bitcoins because of its price fluctuations and price change.
  13. That's true friend, the only thing we want to get profit form cryptocurrency's or bitcoin is its price ups and downs or price fluctuations, in that way we can buy with low price and sell it with high price, that's it
  14. To be honest the forum gives us about 5 chances, because no one will get ban with one mistake they give us 5 chances, if we make one mistake we will get on warning points and in order to get ban 5 warning points is needed.
  15. Their is no limit of posts per day you can make a tons of posts per day but you will get paid only for 20 posts, you can make 100 posts per day but only get paid for thus 20 useful of them, that's the rule, but if your posts are not useful then they will get deleted.
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