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  1. Of course it pays little, but don't think about the payment, hell we used to play games for free right, without payment right, so this games have profits because we are playing games but also earning some little moneys, imagine if pubg game pays, we are playing it for joy right but additional payment makes the app espeshal.
  2. Thanks for your support, and yeah most ptc sites that says we will pay high money are scam sites, and you are right there are some legit sites like adbtc but we can get some profit from referral systems.
  3. You are right the price fluctuation or the unsuitability of cryptocurrencys attract investors and that will increase the price of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencys and that will give us good profit.
  4. Yeah you are right, having different idea and different view doesn't mean we its wrong thing, we don't have to discourage each other, we have to help each other and earn together, but giving sad reaction only for making money will affect us.
  5. betelihem

    Trading Bots?

    I heard and read about this bots, they are paid bots, and just like you said they are programmed to day trad, but they have so meany reviews about them, and most reviews are the bots are good for trading because they don't scare to place the trading bet, but the down side are when the time of the bot ends they leave where they are.
  6. Yeah its so easy, i never now abut the phone and some member told me that we can use this futures also on phones, and now you also told me how we can use it on phones, thanks for your information.
  7. Exactly, the price fluctuation of bitcoin is what all we want, we are making money out of it, and yeah if the price of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency's are stable then no one will use thus coins.
  8. I agree with this saying, mistakes is the beginning of success, we have to know that mistakes are some times our schools, yeah i maid some mistakes on crypto hustling times, and lose some moneys, but now i know what will cause loses so i learn from my mistakes, and also if we fear mistake then we can't be successful because we don't try things, and also on this forum, just like you said warning point means a chance to learn different things.
  9. It will be good thing to invest on cyrpto coins, but investing on new coins are bit risky than you think, the price of the coin may drop and some challenges will come to the coin, so make some researches about the new coin, and study the coin market, after that you can invest on it, but rushing to invest on new coins have some risks. wish you all the best
  10. To be honest, i only trad with my earnings fro cryptotalk forum, i mean i really want to do something with this money but i have a goal, i will use this money when i rich my goal, but till that i only trade and make more money with it,
  11. Hey guys how all are you dong, we all know that the forum starts paying for reactions, but some members taking this reaction to different things, we should know that sad reactions are given for spam, scam, bad posts and also copy past posts, not for posts that you don't agree with , its a forum so we all have different perspective views so we , so if you don't agree with the post or with the comments idea just replay to the post or the comments with your idea so we can discus, but giving sad reaction for ideas we don't agree is not right thing, imagine if i give you sad reaction if i don't agree with your idea, is that fair?! we all post our ideas right so if you don't agree with my idea you are free to discus it with me, giving sad reaction only to get paid will affect the forum, that all members will stop posting new posts, so please lets think before giving sad reaction. please see the screenshot, do i really deserve sad reactions for this posts.
  12. Yeah the only thing that investors interested on bitcoin is its big price fluctuation because we all know that we get good profit when we trade with it, and if it wasn't its fluctuating price it will lose its price.
  13. Yeah this app still works and pays, the good thing is the developer of this app have more than 3 crypto earning apps and they all support each other and yeah its good app, but we all know that free earning apps don't pay that much, but its better than nothing.
  14. Yeah that's should be done, we don't have to agree with all posts that are wrong ideas scare of sad reactions some members give sad reactions because they don't agree with your idea but its a forum we can express our real felling and try to discus.
  15. Yeah this futures will helps more to save our times, and we know how the posts good are before opening them, some posts are off topics and have different idea from there titles so its better to use it.
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