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  1. You have a point, some peoples by nature they think they are right every time even if they are wrong, and the forum moderates maid it clear about the rule even if they maid 20 posts the payments are maid only for thus with positive ratings only, we have to accept that, but i have one question if you don't mind answering it, if i maid a post today but get reactions tomorrow will i get paid for that post, or the rating also have to be on that day??thank you
  2. The payment for bitcoin is only for posts with positive rating, and that means you will get paid for posts thus get positive ratings, even if you maid 20 posts and if 5 of them get positive reacts then you will get 5 payents.
  3. That's true i agree with your idea no forum or no site pays for its users like this forum, this forum did so meany things for its members it pays more than anything, i am one of the old members and i earn so so so much from the forum, more than that i learn on fast typing, so just like you said we have to make things clear and respect the forum and also respect each other,
  4. I feel you, i also get so meany sad reactions not because i deserve it only because they have different opinion, but we don't have to sad react opinions we are peoples we must have different opinions, if they think the post is wrong they can quot the post and argue with you, few days back i post a topic on how to earn paypal money on the app section and someone sad react me, i am sure its not because my opinion but to get payments. personally i give sad reacted for posts with scam and mining less posts,
  5. Yeah you are right, i also maid post like you about it, its true that most members are only using few section we can say the two sections about forum and beginners sections, ad that will make the other sections less active and if someone posts on that section no one will read his post, so the forum will not get active, but i remember that some member commented on my post saying that " most members in this forum joined the forum only to earn moneys and they don't have enough knowledge about cryptocurrencys that's why most members don't post on other section" but i order to learn about crypto we have to read posts on other sections right. thank you
  6. Hey everybody i have one question with payment of bitcoins, the forum pays for posts with positive ratings per day, but what if i maid a post today and get reactions tomorrow or day after tomorrow will i get paid for that post? did the rating also have to be on the day i post the content? anybody help me, thanks
  7. Yeah the dice token was given for old users and yobit gives airdrops every time, and yobit give us about 7,000,000 dice tokens and the sad thing is i missed the trading day and by the time i try to sell my dice coin there was no enough bitcoins to exchange with dice. so sad
  8. Yeah you are right, the moderates maid it clear that every 20 posts with positive ratings will get payments, and yeah any tricks or any violation of the forum law will get the user warning and also a ban for life from the forum, so lets not worry about violating the rule lets think on how to make perfect posts.
  9. Yeah, you are right since the price tag of some thing is determined by dollars and dollar fixed, but bitcoin is not fixed and its fluctuating so if we buy something with bitcoin then if the price rice then we will lose definitely. Yeah, so you are saying that yo like to buy anything with you earnings, i though you were saying that there will be no loss, i said that because there are so meany users which don't relise that shopping whith bitcoin are bit harder, and to answer your question after we trade we get profit then we will but with the profit so we don't lose any thing.
  10. You have a point but, did you read the whole post i maid a numeric explanetion i calculated every thing, lets make it clear for you, if you buy somthing with 10$ worth of bitcoin lets say 100,000 satoshi and when the price of bitcoin increasses then 100,000 satoshi became 15$ then you will lose 5$ worth of bitcoin.
  11. I could link you the download link but cryptotalk have restrict rule on sharing links, that's why i didn't attach it sorry, but it have more than 1 million users and have 3.5 ratings on palystore, i hope you will find it, enjoy earning.
  12. Talk token is not available for trading at the moment the developers are working on it, but if you want to exchange other coins click any coin on the left corner under "market" and after that click which cin you want to exchange and all you have to do is sell or buy.
  13. It means when you click "roll<48" you will win only when the rolling number is <48 only if the rolled number is above 48 you will lose, and when you click >52 you only win when the rolled number is only above 52, if the rolled number is less than 52 you will lose.
  14. 1, The cryptotalk campaign pays with talk token and btc only, and the coin type don't change 2,, the investment option for bitcoin is down because they don't have enough fund to pay for the investors 3, yeah you can change your coin to any coin that you want on yobit, and you can invest them and i want to add something for you, yobit investbox is not easy as it seems, they have this thing called actions which is don't every day for receiving interests for your investments, so before investing any coins with actions do the calculations, if you have more question you can ask.
  15. Hey everybody some of You may know this app called clipclap its best app which pays paypal moneys only for watching funny videos and inviting friends and the best thing is minimum withdrawal for the first time is 0.10$ and its easy to earn moneys, you can increase your earnings by using some tricks like using auto scroller app and i hope you love the app,
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