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  1. Yeah there are so meany of them which can help us by predicting cryptocurrency coins but most of this sites don't have a good analysis and as we all know predicting a price of a crypto coin is not that easy its very complaxe and hard thing.
  2. No its not small, they pay very high amount of moneys compared to there tasks, because they have very easy and simple tasks to complete so its not that little,, and the best thing is we can increase our earning by updating our levels.
  3. Yeah this token was distributed to the old members before the forum allows new members to register and work again, and the value of water token have no value now, it drops instantly so no one is holding them they all soled it.
  4. The only way to stay away from scammers is not to fall on there traps and they have this well known trap they give you very pretty offers and that's the most easiest way to spot a scammers, and can i suggest you something, when you create your post try to create with 100 and more characters, making less than 100 characters is against the forum rule
  5. I feel the same way, i wish i had known about cryptocurrency before 13 years when bitcoin faucet site gave 5bitcoin for every clam men, but i don't want to complane ether because now i am earning good money it have been 4 years since i start earning bitcoin.
  6. Wow you are so lucky that you start your first payment with huge money, i remember i used to earn cryptocurrency's from faucet sits and men it was so hard to earn moneys from thus sites they pay very little money and i remember that i earn 3 usd working for about 1 month.
  7. I am from third world country and to speek the truth less than 10% peoples knows about bitcoin and cryptocurrency's, and since internet bill is high most population don't have internet access so its so hard to know about cryptocurrency without internet access.
  8. Yeah that's true we all start from faucet and ptc sites our cryptocurrency earning obs, i remember my first faucet site was freebitcoin and it was so hard to rich the minimum withdrawal limit, but i really enjoy thus days where i try to earn less than 1usd for a months.
  9. Yeah that's a good idea, also giving negative reaction for having different ideas or for not knowing about crypo is not the right thing to do, but there are some members who violet the forum rules they don't want to learn about the forum rules they only want to earn and they copy past poss and comments thus members need negative reactions because the forum cleared out that copy pasting spamming and commenting unrelated things is against the forum rules.
  10. That's true, i mean no one needs to invest huge amounts of moneys, and there is no right amounts of investment everyone have there preferred amounts of minimum investment plans, because not every one have same value of moneys so starting with small amount is the smartest thing to do.
  11. Yeah i also figured it out by accident when my mouse pointer was pales on the topic it starts to load and after that something poped open and i know this futures will help other members and i shared it with you guys.
  12. Yeah this site pays very good money and they have very easy takes, an from your comment i think you have another site that pays money, and can you tell me the site that pays money, i really need some additional moneys too.
  13. You are so right predicting a price of any unstable or fluctuating cryptocurrency is not an easy thing, and also we understand from its name that predicting is not 100% right, so like you said its better to do own our researches before believing thus sites.
  14. Yeah there are meany faucet sites that will allows to withdraw directly to faucetpay instantly, and yeah they have very low calming time, some are every 5 minutes like you said and the best thing is w can clam meany coins.
  15. You are right friend if we agree with the content of the topic we can agree with it but if the topic is not what we think and if we have different idea with the topic created they we have a right to discus with the person who created it and share ideas.
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