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Found 24 results

  1. I am still new to this forum. And after spending like 4 to 5 days on this forum,I have understand that to achieve success and earn more in this forum, one thing everyone must need to do is to get the knowledge about this forum. I came on the forum to earn but now I have realized that to earn here, I have to get knowledge first. Who else does agree with me on this..
  2. I would like to help the beginners to how to get positive rankings on this forum. In my opinion you have to create unique posts.
  3. I just want to see how you all guys welcome the new members , I will be very happy to see the how many likes and ratings I get you guys, waiting anxiously,it will not cost you but will give me pleasure waiting for you good response
  4. Listen to music and get paid (14+ websites online) SliceThePie Slicepai will reward you for listening to music, but they ask you to write a review after listening to a song. Just a few sentences, not much. He is said to be the largest paid review website on the Internet, which has paid more than $ 4 million so far and seems fairly respected. Yes, they do pay. And, off the music tracks, the company lets you leave feedback on clothing and many other brands, essentially rewarding you for your opinion. So, if you like listening and / or trying new items, this is a great way to voice your opinion and be rewarded. The better your review, the more you earn. Generally, as long as your review is legible and makes sense, you should have no problem moving up the ranks. Just don’t write something like “it was good” or “it wasn’t good.” The more details, the better. At first, not much can be expected, maybe a few cents per review, but as time progresses, experienced reviewers report more than $ 0.30 per short review. It may be a task at first, but I promise it will be better as long as you can prove yourself. Also, keep in mind that you will need at least $ 10. It is 100% free to join. Website: SliceThePie Music x-ray Music X-ray may possibly be the largest and most reliable website online that rewards you for listening to music. And, to make money, the process is extremely simple. First, like any website I mentioned, you have to create an account. It is free, and during this time, the website basically wants to know about your listening habits as well as what kind of music you listen to, it will do its best to match you with songs of your interest. Then, once you sign up, the website will try its best to match you to the lyrics based on your profile. And, the number of songs you can listen to really depends on your preferences and how many songs are in the song bank at the time of listening. The website pays $ 0.10 per second or up to $ 12 per hour – not bad! With Music Xray, this song is as easy to listen to and it is. Nothing more is required on your end. Once you hit $ 20, you can request payment sent to your PayPal account. Website: Music X-ray HitPredictor HitPredictor, as part of the iHeartMedia family, gives you the power to influence new music, even before being released The company worked with record labels, radio stations and even the band’s manager is. One of these websites, as I have already mentioned, HitPredictor will work in a similar way, asking to react to the songs you originally heard. Every time you do this, the website will give you points, in which you can then give cash for gifts, such as gift cards etc. In addition to listening to music, you can also earn bonuses for artists as well if you complete a certain number of reviews in a certain time period. From the research I did, it appears that you can earn about $ 5 ~ for every 15 songs you can review, each review can take you at least one minute. It all depends on how fast you can type. HitPreditor is open worldwide until you are 13 years or older. Free to join Website: HitPredictor PlaylistPush Do you use Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music? If so, PlaylistPush will not only reward you for listening and reviewing the songs, but if you add it to one of your playlists, the company will also pay you up to $ 12 per song. The company works with artists looking for exposure and curators alike who want to earn money by exposing these artists to their playlists. This is a great platform if you want to support the independent music scene. To qualify for this service, they ask that you have a playlist with at least 400 followers. It’s not as difficult as you think to get followers, because you can often buy them at a lower price on Fiverr, if you don’t want to fussy yourself.
  5. Lisa612


    Hi, everyone hope you are doing good. From senior members or who are receiving money from here. I want to ask the process of withdraw from yobit. Help me I have connected this account with Yobit. One more thing that are getting Satoshi or 10 Talk Token for each useful post. Tell me if you know
  6. I am on this platform from couple of days and what i observe is that majority of people are just trying to make 20 post per day amd share no knowledge base information on this platform. I wana start some tutorial base topics to train juniors and other people who really wana learn something. If you are agreed with me then support me and tell me what should i post next
  7. Is all the members here facing the problem of not getting their payment. If yes, then please tell if you know the reason behind it. Please tell me. I am so worried.
  8. Hi, I have come to show you this great browser, which I have been using a few months ago, it is called NetBox Browser, it is a browser that, unlike browsers that offer cryptocurrencies as a reward for mining, or for viewing advertisements. In NetBox they reward you because the browser works as a Node. Not only this, but the browser itself has a staking system included, a lottery system, some games to bet, among other things that are being implemented. I also wanted to say that for now the browser has an airdrop of 20 NBX for new users, so it is your opportunity to take advantage, in addition, it has a referral system, that is, if you invite your friends, your friends will win the 10 NBX , but for being your referrals, both you and him will earn 10 NBX extra if you and your referral use the browser for 1 month. In addition to the airdrop, they also have to take into account that the browser will pay them every day just for using it. Download Netbox Browser here: Netbox Coin:
  9. please tell me how many satoshi crypto talk pay for 1 post? and in what duration can we withdraw this amount ? waiting for your reply
  10. Hello guys. I am new here. Can you tell me the minimum and maximum earning of the one month from cryptotalk. I have no idea about maximum earning. If we are spending our time here than we should know our earning.
  11. Hey hi people what'sup? how are you doing today I believe that you all would be having a nice day untill now and I am feeling the same as well. I want to talk to you do random people like you about one of my hobbies that I do in my spare time everyday as I am a freelancer so I work from home mostly so I have couple of hours a day for myself so I do something that is a little fun maybe relaxing and even a little beneficial for me financially maybe not at the present moment but maybe mature into something a little valuable in the future. I am talking about doing some small task online for which I earn a little amount of different cryptocurrency everyday I don't spend them neither do I trade them I just hold them in my wallet so that later on May be one or even two out of all of them matures enough to create me some profit so what I am trying to ask you people here is that are there anyone else like minded who wants to to do something like that or can spend a couple of hours doing childish task and learning some cryptocurrency while working on some android applications and websites and don't you worry about the legitimacy of any of the the projects that I I will reffer you guys if you want to do that as well because I have cashed out and tested each and every one of them myself and still doing it, so let me know what you people think or if any one of you are interested I would be happy to share my Interest and projects I learned about so far, would be looking forward for a response, thank you.
  12. Hi friends first of all hopefully you are all good. M in shocking because organization of the crypto talk disable reacts talk token Earning. I don't know why but it is not benefit for anyone. Anyone knows why crypto disable them. From now we just earn 200 talk token per day. If anyone has any information so please ans me. It is good for us or not?? Give me your opinions?? 😥😢
  13. The internet is full of advertisements and every day we are bombarded with tons of adverts on every site that we visit. And we are forced to view all of these adverts which has no benefit to us whatsoever. So why not get paid to view ads? This site that i want to tell you about is a ptc ad site where you can get paid to view ads. All you have to do here is click on an ad that you want to view and wait until the time runs out, at which point you will be paid out in bitcoin for viewing that ad. In fact you can earn up to 200 satoshi for every ad that you view which is the potential for some great earnings here. You can also use this site if you want to advertise any of your sites or perhaps your referral links for other sites as well, and the price for such is relatively cheap and varies depending on the audience you want to target and the time that you want the ad to run. Now you may be thinking that you all have stuff to do on the internet instead of watching ads, but what is great about this site is that there is an auto surf mode, where you can leave the ads to run in the background whilst you continue with you normal work on the internet. This does not interfere with your daily internet activities. If you are interested in joining this site and making some earnings in the background in a passive way then please sign up. My referral link for this site is as follows: Hope to see you guys there!
  14. Today I come to share something for those who ask if something can be won here, I finally tell them that YES, Cryptotalk rewards your effort, your daily work, if you are persistent and make good publications and comments you will get good profits and satisfaction, look down one day work, where I did not make the maximum 20 publications, for me, a fair payment, this is only one imagine the others, so I can recommend you not to give up, keep working hard and you will see its fruits come. Thanks to those who give good reputations to my publications and comments, that makes me more motivated every day to be here with all of you and also give good reputations to what you do, because we must recognize the work of others, we go very good friends and that's good.
  15. For those of you that are looking for an incredible faucet for bitcoin, where you earn in USD, look no further than cointiply. This faucet is great in the sense that you get a daily bonus percentage and your coin earnings are in terms of US dollars, ensuring that if the bitcoin price had to drop, you can rest assured that your value remains consistent. Therefore your satoshi number will go up to account for the loss in the bitcoin price. This is great for those that don't want to immediately use the funds. What is more, if you keep more than 3 dollars on your account, then you become eligible for their interest of 5% per annum. The faucet also consists of games, where you can earn for each stage you clear, offerwalls that includes videos and surveys and a chat function. With the chat you are rewarded for your activity on the chat, therefore if you are very active on the chat you can earn quite a bit here just by talking and helping people out. For me, this was one of the first faucets that i have ever used and i have never had a problem with them in the past and found the admins as well to be very quick in responding and resolving any confusion that may arise. I definitely encourage all of you to give this a shot. Here is my referral link for the faucet: Have fun on the faucet!
  16. Spacecoin (SPACE) A digital currency to use throughout the universe. Spacecoin is a digital currency with cutting edge features and technology. The idea behind Spacecoin's creation is to unite the citizens of earth behind one currency fit for our future lives in space. As people begin living in space, there will be a need for a fast, reliable, and secure financial infrastructure that Spacecoin can provide. The fiat currencies of earth will not suffice in space and work to further divide us. To achieve a proper financial infrastructure for space, we need to unite around one decentralized currency that can't be manipulated by any one group or government. It must fill many roles and services to hold up to a different type of life in space. Spacecoin takes advantage of Komodo Platform's assetchain technology, which provides a great foundation to start from. Being an assetchain, Spacecoin benefits by inheriting the available features in komodo's codebase as well as future upgrades and updates. Unlike other blockchain platforms, Spacecoin is in no way tied to komodo. It is still a 100% independent blockchain and can continue to function even if komodo were to cease to exist. Spacecoin is a 50/50 hybrid Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) equihash coin. There is no premine or ICO, giving everyone a fair start. New blocks occur every 30 seconds so transactions confirm very quickly. Everyone knows the importance of privacy and with Spacecoin you can sleep easy knowing your private transactions are sent using Zcash's zk-SNARKS. Spacecoin also comes with CryptoConditons, allowing developers to write Turing-complete dApps and Smart Contracts that can be used on the SPACE blockchain. Spacecoin is ready for atomic swaps on Komodo Platform's AtomicDEX. Spacecoin's coin emission schedule consists of 6 eras with decreasing block rewards. The era's are designed to reward early adopters with higher block rewards and to also last for many years into the future. The first era that we're in now, with 36 SPACE block reward lasts until block 939,393. It will then go down to 27 SPACE per block. For all the information on era's please take a look at: If you're interested in space, blockchain technology, or you're just curious in general… we welcome you to join the Spacecoin community and start preparing for the future with Github Explorers Mining Pools Exchanges AtomicDEX-Desktop OTC trading on Discord Resources Guides - RPC Docs - Docker - Mining Pool Stats - Rich List - Community Discord - Telegram - Twitter - Medium - ORIGINAL THREAD : Creator : SpaceWorks
  17. After completing your first successful 100 posts you can earn a maximum up to 900k satoshi per month with this forum. This is a good amount of income while Bitcoin price increases. Do you have any plan that how to grow these earnings with the Yobit platform.
  18. Hi all cryptotalk members! Today i want to introduce you to this new site that i have been using as a faucet, fixed deposit investment and to multiply my BTC and DOGE investments! And it is legit and paying. The site i am referring to is: I encourage your guys to sign up using my referral link as every week i give away 500 doge based on my referral activities. Therefore if you are more active and claim more and do more investments, you will get a larger portion of the 1000 doge share. So i encourage you to join with the referral link and let us help each other out. Now to the features of this amazing faucet! The first feature which i am sure we all know well is the faucet which allows you to claim up to $150 in doge every hour. The system is the same as and rewards you based on your roll, with the minimum being 0.3 doge, which you can increase to 1.2 doge per hour quite simply by making a fixed deposit. Now coming to the fixed deposit, you can invest your doge and bitcoin here and earn interest. If you invest for 7 days you get 2%, 4% for 14 days and 6% for 21 days. I have made use of the fixed deposit option and it pays out interest daily! Now if you want to put your cash in for a bit longer, then you use the 3 month option (10.5% interest per month), 6 months (15% per month) or 1 year (18% per month). This means you can triple your investment in one year! And it is completely legit! I myself have used the investment option and have been able to cash out as well (I withdraw to my faucetpay wallet). Next they have a multiply BTC/DOGE option just like your normal gambling which is provably fair! And you have a moon game to multiply you bet substantially!! I hope that you guys consider joining up to this site! And i hope that you will use my referral link when you join up. 😋😋 All the best and i hope that you stay active to get a weekly share of that 500 doge! I will attach payment proof here so you can see that this faucet is paying! Oh and they have just changed the minimum withdraw to 200 doge, which you can withdraw in btc or doge to your account. You can also make deposits in doge or btc!
  19. How to make a signature? I saw people talking about signature and the they used to have it in bitcointalk, i am wondering how can people got benefits from them, one day I saw someone here in this platform "showing a monthly payments proof" and I bet he is doing it. Is it possible to rent your signature? Approximately how much? And how?
  20. JOIN here >> Unlimited Faucet Everyday Instant withdraw and Instant Deposit Awesome Minutes, Day, Weekly, and Monthly Contest Weekly Airdrop email every weekend. Don’t miss your Bonus. Affiliate level is online which have 10 level and commision has adjust up to 65%. New Affiliate function release "Affiliate wager contest is ready to start." Join VIP Club - Exclusive Player Benefits.
  21. 💸🌟📣Bitvavo Etherum Giveaway 📣🌟💸 Earn 0.5 ETH and Refer new Friends Earn 0.05 ETH More. Your coins will be sent automatically to your Wallet after the End of the Airdrop, Febuary 29th. Telegram Bot:
  22. 1.You have to simply register using my referral link. 2. Then click Paid to click ads You can earn upto .005 usd per click. Minimum withdraw 2usd. You can boost your income by bringing referrals. NB. No double account or cheating then you won't be paid. Legit site, paying for years 😍
  23. a website for earning money is a SCAM ... i try this website and do all the task they have so that i can earn money i also share the post to everyone and when i cash out it didnt pay i waste my time this website so dont try sign up it will waste your time too thanks
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