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  1. You just need to practice how to read the prices in the market and then you will be good to know if some of predictions will be right or wrong.
  2. we can use physical money everywhere. so physical currency will win. but cryptocurrency will win because of its value.
  3. Many people enter crypto world every day and success with their own strategy, their story will become free promotion about cryptothis year would be very important for most crypto currencies especially for bitcoin because of its halving this year
  4. since I started on this forum my spelling, writing, reading and grammar have improve greatly and I know it will continue as long as I am using this platform.
  5. this only increased searches on cryptocurrencies because every human being seeks what they cannot get or what they have taken away. So this news is an advantage for clear and easy understanding.
  6. I think the top 10 will still maintain it stability and potentialoty, except for 1 thing. that is, the tron is likely to rise and the one that is likely to be displaced is eos. so far, tron has begun to get attention in the form of adoption
  7. Investment in crypto-currencies have some risk. But if we invest in real coins i hope we will gain huge profit without any risk. but don't depends on news but do more research.
  8. neo has its potential to rise its price this year 2020, just like bitcoin, the price of bitcoin may rise in the mid year and i think neo coin will also increase its price. We just need to wait and see.
  9. No one will buy a product if it is not that useful, so it will end up on being a loss. People will buy and invest if they can see some potential on that certain coin.
  10. there are many available sites which can pay you for browsing their site and completing some task that may be watching the advertisements and also they fix some daily limit of advertisement. And the payments is not as in cryptotalk
  11. I do no at times use any calculator application. I rely on one of the simple sites that offer the price of cryptocurrencies. I also rely on a blockchain wallet where there is a calculator for cryptocurrencies.
  12. It is clear now to everyone that many say in 2019 to prepare it at the end of this year for the rise in Bitcoin this year. And hopefully those predictions are correct
  13. Very gratefully I have never been hacked, and I hope I won’t experience that in the future it is really hard to earn money and lost it or just hacked by other people out there. But we need to be careful with this.
  14. in my opinion we have to wait for bitcoin halving first and after that we can see how the market will grow after the fork. if bitcoin halving succeeds, it is not impossible that the price of bitcoin will keep rising
  15. we can easily convert our aseets to stable coins so that we don't need to worry about volitale price of bitcoin and other crypto currency. But we have to understand that there will be no profit if the market becomes stable.
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