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  1. The market always surprises us and it may happen. The important thing is that BTC will remain strong, since at the moment it is the most used cryptocurrency in transactions in the world.
  2. I am not dealing with anyone I did not ask for help and wants to help me, this is by confirming my attempt to deceive me and fraud is high and for this I should ignore this kind of spam
  3. A good and wise division of capital is required in every investment field. It is wrong to invest based on your luck or on your instincts because you will inevitably lose. You must study the market very carefully.
  4. Certainly, I think it is a great idea for the big authorities in the field of cryptocurrencies such as the Yobit to put many educational things and to participate in the educational process and publish the correct information about cryptocurrencies
  5. i will suggest you that before creating new topic first search topic which you want to share, if you find topic in search results then don't share it.
  6. There are many reasons to delete posts because in order to post a post, you must have a minimum of one hundred words here and you have to create a post that is relevant to the question or forum.
  7. Many people lost their money because of their ignorance about how this cryptocurrencies world works! learning from our mistakes is really important too and the more important thing is trying not to repeat them especially when we talk about cryptocurrencies trading
  8. I think they encourage us as much as possible to give feedback to avoid spam posts in the paybyposts campaign, so that we double our tokens, and they don't need to review the posts as we are both winners.
  9. If you have experience and knowledge in the crypto field then it is easy for you to determine whether the price of a certain coin is going to increase or decrease. I have seen people investing and predicting the market quite rightly
  10. it's better to ask first than writing something that you are not sure with. Or you can use the search button to find if there is a similar topic like that you need to write so that you can avoid repetitive topics.
  11. The forum only stated that we can only make maximum of 20 posts per day which means you can make as much posts as you want in any section of the forum but you have to note that you will only be paid for maximum of 20 valid posts and I don't think you will face any penalty for that reason
  12. The Idea sound good but it is not base on my perspective four people working to gain profit,This will create problem when one of those people are lazy and other will probably gonna blame your team mates for not doing there best they will just create conflict in your team.
  13. I don't know how much time you will need. I am a new member and have not found this but I can tell you one advice, to be positive and not care about the time you need. Better make it more time and write better comments and this will pay you more as other members will like what they read.
  14. i'll withdraw the 50% of my 1 btc then invest the other half of it on investBox on yobit. That is the best thing for me to do to earn huge amount of money again or to reach 1btc again.
  15. Yes I agree with you own privacy everything. Because if you work with your privacy, you can go a long way. If you do not protect your privacy, you run the risk of losing your account. Because if you don't pay attention to that, you can be a victim of spamming.
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