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  1. You doing a great job. Most of the people start to invest or believe in scammers without doing any research. If they do proper research then they will not a victim and for your this little research you are safe from a scam.
  2. The more countries that support cryptocurrencies and establish crypto-valleys, the more strength and liquidity will surely become, and the better it will be over the future of cryptocurrencies It is good to hear this positive news about what Dubai is thinking of creating a cryptocurrency valley
  3. I have heard about this platform a lot and it is a very old platform but I have not tried it before now I am currently working on the yovit platform and I do not think that I will give it up
  4. Well we can outsmart bitcoin by applying simple method. We should hold our bitcoins when their price fall down. And we can get profit when we sell them at high price. This is the way we can outsmart btc and its price.
  5. The best time to trade its when the price goes down, buy your coins then keep them until the price goes high then sale them with a good profit depending with your capital, but you can earn upto to 10% of the amount that you invested.
  6. People on here are seriously so optimistic with their opinions because I don't see the United States ever accepting bitxoin any time soon and matter of fact a lot of countries wouldn't either because bitxoin isn't in the favour of the government but the people
  7. The price of Bitcoin is fluctuating and we don't know what will happen to prices. For long-term trading this is very good because we will wait for a good price to sell it to get a lot of profit.
  8. 5k$ is too low and 50k$ is to high. A closer to the truth approximation would be at 8k$ to 25k$. The bearish groups prediction of bitcoin going back down to 5k$ and below is just a hypocrisy and a fud while seeing bitcoin reaching 20k$ to 50k$ next year is just a dream.
  9. There are many important cryptocurrencies advantages, when we talk about cryptocurrencies advantages that we are compared it to Fiat money, so is anonymous, safe and secure than Fiat money.
  10. The best way for small investors is to do nothing because whales can feed their money with only a small manipulator, but if you want to try your chance you should try yourself first on the demo trade system, but you can discover the best way you can.
  11. These names that you mentioned may be considered the creators of the Crypto industry around the world, perhaps after a period of time new names will shine in the future for doing more successful projects from the people you mentioned
  12. If china again allowable miners to extract bitcoin so therefore i suppose it will not develop trusted by miners as in near coming in attendance might for a second time a peril of banning. But if it spends selected time with no banning after that the care aim be supposed to reach up and besides prices height and adoption echelon of bitcoin would increase
  13. Yes, I like to read books, especially books that are not available in my country, so it is a good idea to buy some books on the internet using bitcoin. I also hope to buy a modern mobile and a cool wallet to store digital currencies. If I could buy these things with bitcoin it would actually be a big change in my life.
  14. I personally think that people should keep in mind that there are going to be people who will try to take their money away from them and that they should be very extra careful with who they interact and transact with online.
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