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  1. What is cold storage of bitcoin?

    1. Bnance10


      Whenever you get time, try to read up Section Wallet

    2. Parvez00022
  2. I am new here so, some confusion might be arise. It is very true my fellow trader. I appreciate your words.
  3. Hi fellow trader, As you seen on above statement, it was here after I show my balance to someone who's told me that you have earned 2 btc then I dare to write it🙂
  4. Eth is comparatively cheaper then BTC, bright future of btc is clear by the marketplace it had but it is earlier to make any prediction about eth.
  5. English is an international language my fellow trader, may be there are some persons who has no english knowledge but it is very basic thing starting in life with very initial stage. However being a trader I respect this huge diversity of this form people are connecting round the globe for a better service at cryptotalk.
  6. You are saying true words my fellow trader, but if a new trader had some money and he wants to invest it then what should he prefer long term or short term investment? I think no one can make a profitable trader by following others suggestions, one should have his own concrete knowledge about trading.
  7. Parvez00022

    Why Panic

    Is there any minimum fund investment restrictions in btc?
  8. Thank you for your reply, I have written about the same in previous post.
  9. Yes, sure. You can learn a lot of about crypto funds and make easy sitoshi.
  10. Working 2 days consecutively I earn 1 btc dollar, it is not a surprising figure, previously mentioned 1bitcoin was by mistake.
  11. Safe and secure service makes a wallet best among others, recommendations and use of a wallet depend on experience and choice of user. Hi hexwin, I am not jocking, why I jock here, everyone know this form is not for timepass.
  12. Oky, thank you for sharing your valuable opinion.
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