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  1. Yes you are right my friend If you buy the any coin 6000 dollar and safe with him and after some time later you sell 5900 dollar so you go to in loss 100 dollar so it's a not rule of trading .So the basic rule of trading if you buy coin at the low price and then sell at the high price and get profit from this.If you buy any coin so should be sell at the high price not low price.
  2. Yes you are right my friend Majority of the people join this platform because when start the covid 19 so many of people not go outside his house so they join this platform and get to much knowledge and experience about the trading and Cryptocurrency. And they earn good money on it. Because it's a best forum for online working...
  3. I joined this forum for earning and learn some thing new because when you learn on it and you have much information about this then you can do everything easily because knowledge is the key of success in the every field of life. And I am student I work on it and comments on the daily basis and earn some money for fulfil his basic needs..
  4. Yes you are right my friend You can improve his English grammar on it and learn new things on it because many of the users when the join this platform so they are not good in English but after some duration of time when they work properly on it and now a days they write the good comments in English. So English is the most important thing if you want to do work on this forum. If your English is not best so you can't do comment on it.....
  5. You start the trading with the low amount because if you invest his all amount on it so you have no idea about the trading so your all amount go to in loss so low amount is best for trading you go to the crypto market and check which coin is working best now a days you buy this coin and check after some time when it's value increase so you sell it and if you earn some profit from this so that's time you have done same thing 3 to 4 weeks when you know about the crypto market and you learn many things about the trading then you invest in the crypto market huge amount for the huge profit.so best of luck and safe journey on it.....
  6. In my opinion, it's a right time to buy the bitcoin because now a days bitcoin value is fluctuating if you buy at the now and safe with him for the long periods of time so after some duration of time when you it's a working good and value is too much high then you sell it and earn huge profit from this. .....
  7. I think trading is the risky work in the crypto market I honestly I loss my money 1st time during short time trading so when I see the many experts comments and in which told about the trading if you do long term trading so that's time you earn good profit from this in this situation your investment is safe and you not go to in loss. So 1st time I disappointed but now a days I happy because this forum provide me best method about the trading.
  8. 1st welcome my mate on this forum I think you are saying right long term trading is the best for the newbies because they learn too much about the trading and know about the profitable coin in future. If the newbies trading on the daily basis so they go to in loss and not know about the trading properly.
  9. I you want to Start trading with the minimum amount so the 50 dollar is enough for the investment because you invest in the good are profitable coin and have some experience about the trading. Then you earn good profit from his minimum investment.
  10. No my friend at The now I not sell my bitcoin because it's best for holding bitcoin with his because now a days bitcoin value is fluctuating and now a days I buy more bitcoin and safe with him and wait for the good time when it's value is high then I sell them and earn massive profit from this. Because it's a more profitable coin in the crypto market.
  11. This is the good opportunity for me and all students which are working on this forum and they earn good money on it they earn 20k satoshi on the daily basis just they work 2 to 3 hours on it. And they solve his problems and save his study. So many students study through this platform. Because which they earn on this forum so they all payments spend on his study.
  12. I think you can do this but the you can not comments on the locked posts. You can see many of the old posts are useful for us they give us many knowledge about this forum and other things. And you give the useful reviews on the old posts because which one are creating this old posts so now a days it's become a experience members on it. And also you do the comments on the new posts because now a days new things come to the market and have some knowledge about this. So both new and old posts are best for us we do comment on the both posts and increase his knowledge about the Cryptocurrency.
  13. Yes you are right my mate Now a days holding is the best option for us because now a days crypto market is fluctuating which are not good for us so at this time just we buy the coin when it's price low and hold it for the some period of time when it's value high then we sell and earn good profit from this.
  14. You are right my friend scammer are in the every place so please be careful from this because if they give you many offers so you not believe on its and not share his personal information with the scammer if you share his all information with them so your all accounts will be hacked so be careful from the fake persons. Which are convinced you...
  15. If you want to investment in the good projects so 1st you go to the market and check which are best thing in which we invest for the long periods of time and I earn good profit from this. And check in future it's value is high or not if it's value is high then you invest on it for the long periods of time. So work hard and properly struggling on it. If you want earn big.
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