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  1. I suppose the only reason why crypto talk only allows two languages is only due to the fact that the more languages you enable the more moderators you'll need and I also believe that it would be almost impossible to judge the usefulness of a post within seven days. Using a translator is the only other alternative people who cannot use English or Russian have, even though we all know that translators never give an accurate interpretation and lead to misunderstanding. My suggestion is to use Standard English free of slang or fixed phrases, I would even say that the fewer phrasal verbs you use the better.
  2. I agree with you that yobit has a lot to offer, and we can trade with many different tokens, but what I have not been able to do is to buy crypto on Yobit. I live in Colombia and I am totally new to this world and it has been impossible for me to buy BTC the day before yesterday I saw the price had gone down by two thousand dollars so I decided to invest some money in BTC, but unfortunately, I could not buy any, because the exchanges I tried rejected the transaction. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some information about an exchange where you can buy crypto without a problem.
  3. At the very beginning, my motivation was merely to fulfill a task given by Yobit, but as I spent more time not only writing but also reading about this matter my willingness to learning grew bigger and bigger. Now it is quite different since every day I feel more compelled to learn as much as possible all about cryptocurrencies so that in the future I might be able to start a career in trading not only of cryptocurrencies but also other possible investments. Of course, it is not just reading and learning, but practicing taking advantage of the platforms where they give you some trial funds and also free lessons and tutorials.
  4. There are some really rich people with very deep pockets trying to manipulate the bitcoin so that they could finally implement their own coin, but as I see it, it is going to last for many years to come. Day by day more and more people and businesses are seeing the strength of bitcoin and they are joining the cryptocurrencies world. The good news is that there are so many crypto coins and tokens that it would be mission impossible to finish them all. We should be wiser than them and try to have our assets in different coins, just in case.
  5. I do agree knowledge is one of the most important possessions and it plays an essential role in any activity you want to carry out, but knowledge is only the first step since a lot of knowledge without practice and experience is as useless as not having it. Many people spend years and years reading, learning, and getting all information possible about a specific topic but never get to work on it so that they can make their dreams come true. You want to be a good trader take some time to read and learn and a lot of time to practice.
  6. Considering the fact that spam is by definition unwanted advertisement I would say that not many newbies could be called spammers. It is only the fact that at the very beginning there is a lack of instructions to newcomers related to the forum rules so they only try to reach the posts number count asked by Yobit. I humbly think that they should create a short but useful welcoming video where they can explain what the forum administrators and moderators expect. The majority of people are really reluctant to reading so when you tell them to go read the rules they prefer to run the risk and cross their fingers.
  7. The idea of stable coins is to have a way to have your investments on a coin that does not change value drastically and often so that you feel safe and sound, but you won't have the chance to get any revenue unless you use them for trading. Whenever you are trading pairs and both coins are unstable it is much more difficult to predict the outcome. It is to say if you want to do futures trading you need to have one of the coins in the pair in stable coins. The best idea in my opinion is to use USDT to trade with futures and have a better chance to make an accurate prediction.
  8. I agree that this particular website seems legit and I have read a lot of reviews about it and many people claim that they have been able to transfer their earnings to their wallets. I have been working on this faucet for some time now but the earnings are too few satoshis so it is difficult to reach the minimum number of satoshis to withdraw. They also have multiple hazard games including dice, lottery, bet referral, and rewards that can help to add up toward your goal. Hopefully, I reach it soon because I have been about to stop doing such a thing.
  9. I believe that there are some rules about posting that are necessary but some of them are nothing but a factor that prevents people from creating posts. For instance, the rule about the word count, One hundred words as a minimum number of words to state an opinion, is way too much in fact if you check all the posts replies and count words you'll find that more than 70% have no more than 35 or 40 words. We can state our opinion firmly within that limit. As a result, people have to use circumlocution only to comply with a minimum number of words when we could better be direct and concise.
  10. I can only imagine that in a near future these social media networks will start paying media content creators with their own cryptocurrency, I imagine they will follow the lead of LBRY and Brave. I suppose that at the beginning they will start by giving these creators the chance to choose what type of currency they want to be paid with, but later on, I guess the only way to work with these sites is to accept crypto coins or tokens as a medium of payment. Hopefully, this is established soon so that more and more people give and take cryptocurrencies.
  11. The most important feature of Crypto talk, as I see it, is their transparency since they tell you what it is expected from you and what you can do such as: learn about the crypto world and forums, share your experience, knowledge, and opinions, help peers in the process, avoid violating the rules and also what you can earn if you comply with the rules and the tasks, such as knowledge, experience, friendship and of course make money with the Talk tokens. This is a fun and wonderful site to be in, and it would be very unfair to your friends or family if you don’t tell them about this.
  12. As the saying goes. If something is too good to be true do not fall for it. These people have made the art of scamming a very profitable activity, for them of course. That is why people have to be cautious, wise, and even skeptical. If you see that something is fishy then take your time to do research, talk to people with more experience or look for reviews on the internet. If you find like too many bad reviews, then it is probably a scam, but it is not always the case. You see, I have seen a lot of bad reviews about the Yobit airdrop and the platform itself that if it weren't because I now know it is not I would think this is a scam.
  13. I understand that the original plan was to start trading talk tokens in September, but I saw an announcement that the new starting day is November the second so from that date on you can start wisely trading yours. That is the date when talk tokens can be started trading. Meanwhile, I suggest you make some investment in the invest box so that as soon as trading is enable for these tokens you have as many as possible. And keep reading, learning, giving peers some reputation, and of course writing the best possible posts. Let’s remember that we are here to learn and help others.
  14. Sounds like a good idea because that way we help each other and ourselves. As soon as I read your post I addressed the invest box and I invested all I have in talk token it isn't too much but at least It is safe and It will increase. I had been using the gambling section to play dice but it is much more dangerous. I suppose that making, let's call it our token, much stronger depend mostly on us all. I also participated in the 1700 DLRS drop from and I value those tokens a lot not only because they represent the effort I had to put into it but also the wonderful chance to learn about the crypto world, which I know very little about. Hopefully, I will manage myself to get the hang of trading and make some profit in the process.
  15. The reason why I joined this forum was because of a task given by but now that I have realized that this site can give people the chance to learn about the crypto world and also the chance to earn some money has changed my mind because my original plan was to just come here comply with the task and leave. I did not expect in any way to learn anything but I was clearly wrong. The true s that in this short period of time I have read, study, and learn a lot about the cryptocurrencies and the various possibilities to make money. Thanks!
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