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  1. In my opinion it is a perfect time to buy bitcoin. I think that the bull run is ready to start. In this year the price of bitcoin goes too down due to Covid-19 and other crises. But now the Covid-19 is about to end so the bull run start soon. We can earn a massive amount of money if we buy bitcoin right now.
  2. In my opinion yobit is the best ever exchange in all over the world. It is liked by everyone. Everyone knows that its fee is high than the other exchanges but it is fast than the others. The main thing is that it is much safe and secure for our balance. There are many good exchanges in the world but I trusted yobit.
  3. There are many countries in the world that accept cryptocurrency and there is also many countries in the world that did not accept cryptocurrency. It is wrong to say the name of one city that like crypto because there are many countries that accept crypto and take much interest in it. There are a number of cities of countries. It is wrong to say the name of one city of a country.
  4. Bull run is defined as assest is going up with unstopable potential and it is going completely bullish. If we look the chart of cryptocurrency at that time we see the parabolic rise of assest in that time. In bull run the price of a coin goes very high. The bull run is very profitable for us.
  5. There are many advantages of cryptocurrency. We can earn a lot of money after trade on it. Crypto market is worlds future market. We can earn a handsome amount of money from crypto. We should buy a coin when it is at low price and when it is at high price we sell it and this way they gives us much benefit.
  6. Many people like to comments about emotions while trading or gambling. While they wins they can not controls their emotions and start comments. While they loss they can not sad. They worked with patience. The people should need to work with patience rather they trading or they gambling.
  7. I like to use binance exchange. It is a good exchange. It has many new features that lack in other exchanges. It is much safe and secure. It can save our money for future. Its transaction fee is low than the other exchanges. Its services is fast then other exchanges. I liked to use this eoic exchange.
  8. Yes i agreed with you. In our practical life we learned much better things than previous day. We learn something better than previous day. We face many problems in daily life and we fought with them previous experience. As the days gone they give us much experience for coming days.
  9. For me it is keeping up to suggest high quality post. But for the beginners it is too difficult to complete their tewenty posts because they lacked knowledge. But for us as a member it is not difficult. It is too easy for us but for beginners it is difficult.
  10. I love yobit because it great. I loves to work on it. Its features are absolutely right i can see the up and downs of market from it. I can check my balance from it and it is useful fir us. I usually active in yobit because i like to invest in it. It is great site.
  11. There are many spammers works on this forum. We need to avoid from them. We need to tells to moderators if we received any random message from them so they directly banned from this forum. In this way we prevent from fall victims to their fraud.
  12. In the beginning, I advised you to use half of your balance to trade in one currency. If you face lose then you need to gain knowledge and more skils and then you trade with the other half of your balance. You should need to never lose hope and never give up. And then you can get benefit from it.
  13. This is great news. There are many stores in the world that accept cryptocurrency and start buying and selling bitcoins. There are many universities that also start their vouchers in bitcoins. It is a good sign that the cryptocurrency is start around us. It is good for cryptocurrency and us.
  14. As a beginner, we should need to read the rules and guidelines of this forum. So that we comes to know that what the things we need to do and to avoid the things. In beginning we face some difficulty but as we works in it it seems easy for us.
  15. I did not have any regret movement in crypto market. I joins this forum since 2016. At that the time bitcoin was well established. At that time it is about 10k USD. But now its value is 18k USD. Now i am only earn satoshi from this platform. At that time i have less opportunity to buy bitcoin. Now I feels glad to work in encryption feild.
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