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  1. Yes and no. It all depends on the age of the student, although it is not regulated, we must be aware that a lot of money can be lost, if this student does not work and does not generate money, he should not get involved at least in real investments
  2. Gucci13

    Metamask wallet

    Great wallet, it is very complete, it allows an infinity of tokens, the interface is very simple and secure. Remember to save your keywords or you will lose access, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  3. Currently the time I spend on the internet is basically on social networks (WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), for crypto I use telegram, videos and information pages, yobit, forums, coinbase and xtrend.
  4. Much, in some it is practically impossible, they put many requirements such as referrals or x points. People end up getting tired when they see that it is very difficult to reach the minimum and they leave and the only one who generates profit is the creator through the ads and users.
  5. I like this option, especially if you cannot be 100% aware of your position. Stop Loss is used in trading, it is an automatic option that is used to reduce losses. In other words, you mark an amount that you are willing to lose in a trade and if it reaches that limit, it will be closed automatically.
  6. Is it profitable for you to earn $ 5 a week? Personally, mining seems like a waste of time, you can generate much more profit by using that time in other things and even small investments, there are many promotions and welcome bonuses that seem more beneficial than this and with little or no risk.
  7. I see the SMS more secure than the Authenticator. Malware is more difficult because they would have to go to your phone to see the sms. Of course, sometimes I find it annoying when they ask me to verify myself from my phone for some reason and I am in a hurry.
  8. Nobody, it is not regularized. It is governed by the offer and the demandam
  9. No, any application that says it is going to give you a lot of money is SCAM. Apps that pay by removing surveys, generate income because we see ads or complete tasks. Gaming apps that claim to pay generally only earn from advertising as people quit before reaching the withdrawal minimum, often too high.
  10. The post is important to convey information but the replies are also important, through them you debate and learn. In addition there are many repeated posts and it is better to reply so as not to be repeating us always. I prefer to reply for the exchange of ideas.
  11. I think that the vast majority of bots are scams, they make you look for a lot of referrals, they promise a lot of profit and finally they ask to pay to withdraw. Many people fall for this even if it seems like not ...
  12. I think like you. I think it is a currency that maintains and increases well, and even if it is not like BTC, it will generate a lot of profit.
  13. NEVER. I don't know if there will be any legal ones, but any mining site they ask you to deposit to is probably a scam.
  14. Solving captchas for money seems like a waste of time to me, too many hours solving them for a few pennies, I don't.
  15. Gucci13

    Trust wallet

    It is very safe, it is similar to Metamask. You save your erc-20 tokens there and you can buy them through the exchanges in the same App. It also supports ethereum classic, calisto, poa and gochain.
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