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  1. These are common harmonic patterns. I looked at these and found that price made a higher low and that this upbreak is bullish so we are looking for a future bearish reversal pattern. Consequently you try to find a pattern that might match future price movement.
  2. These patterns are called harmonics in trading and the pattern that you see on the chart is a bearish butterfly. Harmonics are basically ratio's that predict price reversal and the current one predict the price could start to reverse down again once it hits point D. The pattern has to be confirmed (fully painted) to be completely sure, but once can already look at possible harmonics that can play out and measure their corresponding moves.
  3. this is a very difficult question to answer. trade if you want to save the day, hold if you want to be rich. Of course, consider your options for hold and choose alternative coins for bitcoins or checkers.
  4. decentralized exchanges always provide safer change for users. however, they often suffer from volume and therefore the number of users is low. peer to peer exchange always provides more security than centralized exchanges.
  5. When I saw this topic, I came up with the word "yobit and cryptotalk" in my empty signature field. This will be a really good choice. because my signature field is empty and I can fill it with something nice.
  6. currently I think it will bring a medium term alternative coin investment. so I'm performing an alternative coin purchase. My goal is medium term, about 2-3 months.
  7. undoubtedly my favorite is by far the paper wallet. I keep my long-term bitcoins there. it is cheaper than a hard wallet and has the same capabilities in storage. I will wake up my bitcoins in papaer in 2023 🙂
  8. this is not possible. The ethereum developers are very poor and slow. They couldn't even switch from pow to pos. updates are consistently slow. transfers are expensive and slow compared to their spouses.
  9. killed his puppet. woooww first create a puppet, trouble the world ... then kill it and become a hero. this is perfect... the most perfect thing; world protector usa yaa baa daba duuu
  10. I like paper wallet the most. highly reliable and accessible to everyone. other than that i use mycelium. In general, alternative wallets are the choice for the end user. You can use whatever you want.
  11. I am actively using binance, kucoin and yobit because I find it successful. however, I use many stock exchanges to convert coins from bounty and airdrop campaigns into ethereum or bitcoin. I'm most pleased with the exchanges binance and yobit.
  12. cryptotalker

    McAfee DEX

    McCafee undermined his confidence in the market with bad advertising campaigns. people don't trust mccafee anymore. Any organization with mccafee has a bad image in people's minds. So I don't want to use this exchange.
  13. they fear crypto currency because it has the potential to destroy banking history and its hegemony. The future and technology give us the idea that bitcoin and crypto coins are inevitable.
  14. daily trading is of course profitable. however, opening too many transactions means increasing the likelihood of making mistakes. I think it is best to open less transactions and use stop loss instead of opening too many transactions.
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