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  1. I think it's not right to say I'm waiting here at crypto. market is a living organism. shaped according to the conditions. therefore it is useful to keep projections shorter term
  2. Uncertainty in BTC creates serious uneasiness and risk over alt-coins The general situation is stable except for 3/4 coins per day. These coins also make large groups speculative pump and no pump is not permanent
  3. No one who examines and observes past performances invests in ico's. If you want to choose between the two, this should definitely be an alternative coin. choose coins from powerful teams with technological competence.
  4. I think both of them are very important for the future. Gold prices are being suppressed by manipulation and leverage. Bitcoin has not yet been discovered by the whole world and has not reached its peak.
  5. these coins may be coins used for the purpose of pump and dump in exchanges where volume is never present. teams, roadmaps and websites. investing in them is extremely risky.
  6. hold and sell are two beautiful actions. The "time" we use them is very important. I think today market has made a dip with every aspect. people lost their trust and left the market. crypto assets have reached all time low levels. The best and logical choice today should be HOLD.
  7. 0.8 dollar is impossible. such an estimate is only made to create a sensation and become an agenda. if you believe it's going to be $ 0.8, you can sell your bitcoins to me for $ 2. This will be a good and profitable trade for you.
  8. very risky option. The most ideal is to choose 10x. 125x is like suicide. as a needle of a candlestick, you can go down in history. It is not a wise business, but the purpose of such risk areas is not to trade. is just looking for excitement.
  9. about 0.00010289 I've been buying since around satoshi, I'll buy again if price drops. waves can certainly be a very good choice as technological competence and price position. It is a good choice with its decentralized exchange, its own wallet and smart contract enhancements.
  10. If the alternative coins do not move after 3 months, they will all die like "name coins" (NMC). those who hold "name coin" in their hands, rotted while waiting. ๐Ÿ™‚ if you don't want to rot while waiting, move and take action. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. I don't think there are any methods or tricks for dice games. even trying these methods is unnecessary. people who make an effort to make easy money, they get their money in this way. it is best to trade or make long-term investments.
  12. we already have a good and quality forum. Moreover, we receive payment with our posts. so it is sad for us to see such bad attempts when everything is positive. we need to enjoy this place and be honest.
  13. Now I think that taking that bottom's coin can be compensated for the damage. There is always risk, but there is profit where there is risk. we should not be afraid of volatility in the market.
  14. KYC is against the spirit of krypton, so I don't like it. Satoshi Nakamoto is a mystery, even a hidden person. therefore, his privacy must be extremely important. I would use facebook if I wanted to do kyc.
  15. I think it won't; because the ethereum is no longer alone. he's got a lot of rivals and they're all better than the ethereum. zilliqa, stellar, komodo, waves, eos, etc. The ethereum caught a good momentum while alone. it is no longer easy to repeat.
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