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  1. If your strategy is to trade with the trading signals and you see that's they are profitable for you, I don't think that's if it will be the risk if you use them
  2. When you rely on your feelings, it means that you rely on some luck and i think it isn't good. you need some good analytics and strategies in trading. also you need a good momentum to buy and sell your assets.
  3. Try to Determine your daily profit according to your own capital. And then you write it on a sheet of paper or a table.And force yourself to follow this paper or this table
  4. There are lots of good exchanges, and the ones you mentioned above are very good. Personally, I trust and use binance exchange, it also has a mobile application, too good and too perfect.
  5. Lost in big value and stolen by hacker become the biggest risk trader have. That's why manage risk is very important and keep your account safe also need to be done
  6. After bitcoin if you say which coins will dominate the crypto market in the future I would say they are Litecoin and Etherum. Both are top coin and they have equal potentiality to do well in the future. We shouldn't avoid them any more
  7. you need learn how to choose and research good coin to trade and also caring about price, volume, and marketcap.To buy / sell using currency, it must be converted from digital form to some existing currency. A currency is not a currency of any kind that can be used in the real world
  8. is a good idea, technical analysis to predict the market is a great thing for investors, but it needs verification to evaluate, because it involves investment and money.
  9. I am confused or feel there is a mystery surrounding the deal, move away from it and try to search for others. The market is full of clear opportunities that I can take advantage of.
  10. if the market moves favorably, the profits will be very high for us, the bad thing is that the market goes against you, because the losses are difficult to recover.
  11. the market conditions are price and volume different in each market, if you trade in the local market, pay attention and compare it to the global market because there will be an influence.
  12. I think autopilot trading is trading using bots. But you must pay attention to your bot because all actions depend on your command. You can lose if you don't give the right orders.
  13. I wait until the price goes up to reach the maximum amount according to previous records. This is my ideal strategy to find the best time for trading any coin with the lowest risk. I also read news and price predictions on a regular basis to know which coin is more likely to experience price increase.
  14. is depending in how much profit you will be sharing with those professional traders because sometimes you can share big loss with low profits which is not required
  15. I fully agree with you speacialy the five one these make them realy lose all them money and fail so please who read this please before get it make sure .
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