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  1. I think its possible to earn to earn. Nearly decades it could be the earning main websites. That i believe.
  2. Its hard to know about choosing the way of investing. But i heard a lot about bitcoin. And this is very much interesting that if you buy some coin now you will profit a lot in future.
  3. I also think this that crypto have a good future. One could be take it professionally. Nowadays people are smart enough about knowing the easiest way to earn money.thats the reson of good future about crypto
  4. I think its the best way to earn a lot of money from internet. Sience the last few days i do not know about crypto curriencies.But now i know about this very much about crypto . every one wants to make their time to money. I think this is the best way to spend the leisure time.
  5. I am very glad to hear this about investing in crypto. I will try to invest somthing in Actually i do not know the process. Anyone can help me???
  6. Crypto currency is a online business. We can earn money through this site. It means a lot to us. We allready have benifited. Cryptocurrency have a good future in my opinion.
  7. Mahmud 913


    I have an account in PUBG. I loved a lot. Some mission is very exciting and have a lots of fun. Actually i lobe war based game. Pubg is the Best. Free fire are also popular. But i prefer PUBG
  8. I read a lot of comments and also glad to know abou dai. But How could i incom dai. No one says the process. Thats why i am curious about dai.
  9. I read a lot of comments and also glad to know abou dai. But How could i incom dai. No one says the process. Thats why i am curious about dai.
  10. I did not earn yet.. But i heard and read that every people who have a crypto talk account. He could earn some money. I loves and enjoy crypto talk.
  11. I am good in English. My ielts score is 7.0. But sometimes i need Google translator for russian, chinise. Etc
  12. Our favorite example is Daniel Lubetzky’s company, Thank shah Raja. I learned a lot of things. From your story.. I loved this. Its just woow wow wow
  13. Its amazing. I earn money for free now thats why i joined the cryptotalk. I spend my free time for facebook. Whatsapp. But now i am spending here and earning money. Love crypto talk
  14. Hello jazzzi why you want to delete the cryptotalk account ? What are the reasons behind this. Why you don't earn dollars from cryptotalk ? There are thousounds of users which earn couple of dollars from cryptotalk forum and its very strange that you want to leave this forum. If you some personal issues then you leave this other forum otherwise this is opportunity to earn money from cryptotalk. its true mr Muzahid Ali. What you have said is totally true. But anyone dont know about this
  15. No i do not know about this. Please tell me. Anyone. I am excited much about this.
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