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  1. Yes we can use this platform to exchange more knowledge about crypto through topics, comments and massage feature of this forum by consulting one another.
  2. You have a good point my friend we need to show support to one another instead of just giving some reputations it's better to also correct others where we believe they are wrong more especially newbies and this way we will help them gain more knowledge and have a long stay in this forum. @Dorjoy12
  3. Much appreciation for this alert advising us to be careful with ads on Google to avoid being carried away by scam websites especially for crypto scheme projects for they are many out there.
  4. This feature of giving up to +5 of reputation is incredible and should be used accordingly meaning only on topics that are very quality and helpful or worthy it therefore,let's make use of it.
  5. I think In this case we should write all our crypto wallets credentials in a diary book that has no access to anyone while we still alive so that when we are gone accidentally at least a diary book will be easily found and our family members can utilize it even get access to our crypto wallets easily.
  6. True we work here in this forum to also gain and share with others some crypto knowledge and it's for this reason we must not stop being in the forum because payment isn't taking place moreover the payment does get halted temporary when there is forum clean up and it normally gets back to normal.
  7. Yes friend this forum is safe and on top of that I also support the use of strong passwords and avoid using the same security pin on all online websites where you sign up in order to escape some hackers.
  8. That's the way to go my friend in life there are always people who are ahead of us in terms of knowledge and those are the ones we need to follow and learn something from them mostly seniors in this forum.
  9. I also receive many notifications in my account whenever I go for a while without posting but I think it's only necessary to respond to those which deserves a reply not all of them.
  10. Yes my friend the forum is indeed bringing some many earning ways like bounties and this is boosting many to earn more beside the payment being given for doing posts to earn talk and btc.
  11. We should always check to prove that all is well written in our topics or comments more especially spellings cause if we make frequent mistakes it's obvious our accounts will be affected as our posts will be deleted and considered of low quality.
  12. My dear friend it's nice having you around and it's a good opportunity for you to be in this forum because here you are granted the opportunity to earn crypto by just making useful topics and mostly important thing is to show some support towards one another and I believe this forum will last for a long time.
  13. Yes my friend crypto currency can help us in many different ways for example we can use it to invest, transfer funds across the borders and even shop online at the comfort of our homes.
  14. Welcome to the forum and as a new member I'm impressed to see your hardworking and true response kindly continue with the same spirit while following all the forum rules it's true by working in this forum we can improve our English and learn more about crypto.
  15. @Calvinpriva That's wonderful topic of motivation you made I'm really touched and motivated upon reading it I have also learnt one thing which is trust in myself first and have confidence to try out new things with persistence while as possessing the spirit of never giving up then success will follow later on thanks.
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