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  1. I agree with you, especially in the first and second parts. An advice to everyone: invest now while the cryptocurrency values are low, because it reflects the demand on it. As we can see, the investors in digital cryptocurrencies are not as numerous compared to the other bigger populations, but the time will come when our community will grow larger and larger, and at that time the price will be very high. I am also aware of induced inflation to alter the prices of certain stocks and prices in order control supply and demand. That is mostly used in a good way, and luckily, I know no news saying otherwise.
  2. Unless a person is dumb, there should always be a certain level of skepticism on anything you cross upon with. Anything could be a trick, and our senses can easily be tricked. Not even our own thinking is safe from tricks. Look at a pencil dipped in the water, and we once though it was really bent. However, skepticism is hard to (if not impossible) to trick because it is its nature - to be skeptical. That's the part of our mind which questions the truthfulness of everything. Try it, have some skepticism in you, and you will never be tricked/hurt again.
  3. I couldn't agree more .. A very clever summation you made here OP! Fear is the great pulling force that stops us from the great things. The greater the fear, the lesser you encounter better chances of something better for you. And in the way I see it, most fearful people are products of past bad experiences of failures, but those shouldn't stop you from being who your are or from achieving success.
  4. Such a clever advice! Indeed, SUCCESS can only be achieved if you set aside the fear that feasters in your heart and focus on your goals and dreams in life. What's more? Success can be achieved anytime, anywhere, and any-how. There is no age range that can predict or limit you in achieving success and certainly no place or technique in how you are going to achieve it, you just have to aim at it and believe in your self and never give up!
  5. Yes of course, and it was a long and difficult journey already, even though my journey isn't yet complete. I have encountered so many challenges and drawbacks that almost gave me the idea to quit, and luckily, I didn't. I have this small shine of light that tells me that I have not yet started and I still can be a better version of myself when I withstand all these mistakes and keep it as lessons as I continue my quest for knowledge.
  6. Good job on such an effortful piece of work! You really did a great way of criticizing and describing many important details in creating a good post or publication here at the forum. This is specifically helpful for everyone newbies and non-newbies alike. Pointing out the likeness of receiving positive reactions is my favorite part because technicality and information of it suits what really is needed as a skill be anyone here at the forum. Thank you and Kudos to you!
  7. Good topic, but given the current circumstances of technology - in which not everyone is still technologically-inclined and not everyone knows or even understands what cryptocurrencies are - then, no. I don't think it is beneficial for them right now. I could say 'yes', if there are technologically-inclined people than can assist them or when they are already understand digital cryptocurrencies (which I was saying is not yet, not in a long time). If it would ever come to this, the pros would definitely conquer the cons, since cryptocurrencies would ease life by avoiding face-to-face transactions, everything in just a click. The con that I could think of is that there could be additional charges for easy transactions. Well it could have a good and bad effect to the economy. The good is that the cost of living would substantially decrease because there will be no need to use public transport in order to do transactions, which would lead to the negative in which people would lose jobs or at least have decreased income because of less people using public transports.
  8. Thank you OP for bringing up this topic, this is very relevant and helpful as well. It is true, people should always be careful with the topic creation because it is bad and would reflect to the reputation of the forum. Also, we should be safe not for it to be hurtful to others because our main priority is to share information and knowledge.
  9. In my opinion, it totally depends on where you are posting it and its relevance to the mass population of people here at the forum. In my experience, people would probably populate posts that they can easily relate with and those of which they can actually give a good response to. I suggest looking through the forum so you can see which topics are popular, and try to avoid repeating them and create something of your own. You wouldn't know, maybe it would be the next starred popular post.
  10. Yes, I agree with you OP. The benefits of working here at CryptoTalk is something worthy of sharing rather than keeping it to ourselves. We can benefit when more and more people are invited to work on cryptocurrencies because it creates a healthy market running on a decentralized basis. I, too, would recommend it to my friends, colleagues, and even my family so all can share this window for wealth and knowledge via digital cryptocurrencies.
  11. This is a good alert and a good suggestion. As hard as it seems, English is our only medium of communication because is it what most people can understand. Even if we want to, we cannot make everything adjust to our needs because, reasons. The easiest way is for us is to adapt to that kind of need so we can catch up with the demand of pertinent information.
  12. Scammers usually attack in subtle ways that would attract you greatly because of the promises that they make for you. The list you provided are just some of it, but those are really common signs and good ones too. I once have been attracted to those fraud attacks and luckily, not much has been lost. My advice for whomever is reading this is to maintain a skeptical standard on almost anything you encounter, and if it feels to good to be true, then it probably isn't.
  13. Yes, especially if you are well-literate in trading and usage of cryptocurrencies, it will be a really good and helpful source of additional passive income. In comparison of active income, this kind of income works the value of your money for you while you focus on your own life. The value you invest, when invested properly, would then grow and grow and that's when you'd earn good sum of money.
  14. Yes panic sells should always be avoided, but it can also depend on the current situation and the moment that you invested in that specific crypto. Digital cryptocurrencies are very volatile meaning they can rise and fall very frequently in a short period of time. So in my opinion, for you to avoid it, always plan when is the right time that you are going to invest. Always choose the lowest prices, and use the power of history to do it.
  15. Good job OP on bringing up this topic! This is really useful and a really good thing to point out during these peak times in the forum. Good ratings can be able to reflect the authenticity and relevance of a really good post because people would react to it when it is good. The more you create good topics, the more you make each topic better, the more you'll receive better ratings.
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