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  1. A lot of posts around here discuss tips recommended for newbies but I rarely see posts discussing the importance of the proper use of English (the language). One of the most important things on cryptotalk when sharing replying to posts or sharing new ones is to be able to deliver your point clearly, have original ideas and not copy off of others, and make your post useful. How can you deliver your point clearly if your use of English is wrong? When you want others to understand you it is in your best interest that you work on your English while learning. When you are using English properly that way you ensure that your points are delivered and understood crystal clear. A useful post should be a post that contains minimal errors whether it's punctuation or spelling. You don't have to use sophisticated English in fact when you're unsure of the use of a certain word always remember: Here are some ways to better your English: Using tools like Grammarly or other alternatives (LanguageTool, Ginger, SentenceCheckup etc..) to provide you with error free writing. That way anything you write will contain the least amount of mistakes and it will come off as clean and easy to read. Always ask for some advice if you are sharing content: ask someone to proofread it for you and ensure that you do not have any major mistakes that might change the meaning of your sentence . Try to read the comments/posts of others and let that inspire you in terms of sentence formation and use of words. We have all kinds of people around here some who are advanced in English, others who are not. Always remember we are all learning here, and hopefully I managed to help anyone who is still new like me around here. If any of you need help creating error free content I am more than glad to help!
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