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  1. These two are sure good altcoins to invest, and I also believe that both will be successful in the future, but I would like to ask the community here if which coin they believe will be more successful in the future. I also added a poll so you can vote, this would help people reading this thread to easily determine which coin is better. Please share your opinion too on why you choose a certain coin.
  2. I'm looking for the easiest way to make old people understand Bitcoin more thoroughly. I want to let the elderly know about the "Bitcoin revolution", yet I find it quite challenging to explain it to them in a way they can understand how it all works. There are some wallets that have a "user-friendly" interface, but even the basics of sending/receiving Bitcoin can have a steep learning curve for the older people. A Bitcoin wallet with built-in accessibility features, could help even elder people with vision or hearing problems to use the pioneer cryptocurrency in their daily lives. If you happen to know of a way to make old people understand Bitcoin easily, please let me know. Any suggestions or recommendations will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I believe that the best method will always be social networks, there you will find everything and there will always be a clueless person who does the whole procedure without even thinking about it, and if using advertising on these platforms would be a lot.
  4. The information presented here is very interesting, it never hurts to know a little more in depth about the topic of something where you are putting your money, and something remarkable about this is that I did not know most of the things, it has been an interesting point.
  5. Obviously it is a huge risk to be able to invest all your money in a single currency, the market is unpredictable and will always tend to go down at term cost, your reasons would have been for doing that but I would recommend you not to do that type of thing again. Actions.
  6. It is very likely, I remember that many years ago Coca-Cola had a particular currency to redeem on its website, but it was not set as such and it was abandoned over time due to the poor accessibility that people had at that time , but the idea was already there since then and to this day it has evolved in an incredible way, this tells us that it can become a trend in companies over the years.
  7. I usually buy inexpensive or new coins to see how they develop in the future, it is somewhat risky and will rarely bring you a profit but it is worth the risk if you have that money to spare somewhere.
  8. Currently I use bitcoin to trade, mine on some page and even to collect rewards from different sites that already even pay with this electronic currency, it is a very accessible currency and easy to transit once you get used to it, I have there that currently have quite popular.
  9. My worst experiences have always been and will be not investing in coins which explode in price, I know that I could have invested in them without any problem, this must happen to several and in the end you always end up with a bad word of mouth.
  10. Because of its pure accessibility, it is too convenient for them, this because the bank is very difficult to provide them with a credit and they do not have much alternative to operate with internet articles, or to make other types of purchases, even to start generate money by trading.
  11. Yes, but that rule can be applied to everything, as long as something is free, it tastes much better than nothing, in other words, if you started trading with bitcoin that you earned from nowhere, obviously you will know better the profits that you acquire with it.
  12. It depends a lot on your luck and how much time you dedicate to this, generally you will have a very slow start if you do not invest any of your own money but if you risk an offer that seems tempting and you dedicate a little to trading in a short time You could get to generate at least 1 bitcoin, that if it will depend a lot on your luck.
  13. At least for me that I am just starting in this world I find this forum quite useful, not to mention the fact that I know that I can find honest opinions from which to guide me because here there are people who have been in the coin business for a long time .
  14. I currently manage with ethereum because most of the currencies that I manage are there, it is probably not the best of the options and the fee can be quite high but with the latest binance novelty called smart chain they have decreased and I have stayed much happier with it.
  15. Thank you very much for this contribution, I have been quite worried during these months because I have tried to expand my places where I invest or where I do not, sometimes one is not careful enough about the sites that appear in advertisements or other suspicious places, I will give it usefulness to this tool.
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