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  1. Yes for that a lot of people prefer to not work under any other and prefer to work alone and from there home so this sites Offering this great services
  2. Yes It is like Khamsat but I think there is here big average of services and high paying than Khamsat so I love Yes in addition to offer your services you can also calling other services and pay for them my friend thank you
  3. This mean my friend you have to play adice game wich is called on every invest my friend and you have to play daily thanks
  4. The price of any coin depends on many things in platform Like buy and sell order and calling the coin and many other things my friend
  5. Thank you my friend for your useful information about edit my status And editing my profile thank you
  6. Thank you so much my friend yes this site is so trust and you can give your opinion in any site you have ever used it
  7. I think bitcoin talk will stop every thing and crypto talk will get every thing and all airdrops will be to it near
  8. We have talked a lot about this issue, my dear friends, we are facing two problems in this regard, the problem of lack of publications, and the second is the deletion by officials.
  9. And I think ltc will back to it's value again it is astrong coin so that it will back as it was ... Investing in it is so Important
  10. Yes my friend we have to get atrue and trust information from many sources Especially from net my friend thank you so much
  11. I think there are two platforms controlling in bitcoin price they are yobit and Binance my friend at first was just Binance
  12. But some posts are so useful but they do not get any replies on their posts so sometimes we attention to them
  13. No my friend this sign is personally for you not for crypto you will not get any rewards for your sign my friend thank you
  14. I think they will put anew security system to protect crypto from scammers I think your suggestion is so good and I am agree with you
  15. Coin market cap was and will keep the first and the only web site with abig Services in altcoin coins and it is the first source for information
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