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  1. Yes, your words are correct, when the price rises, you can sell and book a profit into a stable currency such as usdt, and when the market is low, you can increase your bitcoin size by trading bitcoin pairs.
  2. Yes, the number of cryptocurrencies increases and a new currency appears every day, but bitcoin remains the dominant currency and the dominant currency in the market because it is the central and mother currency of the rest of the alternative currencies
  3. Information about Bitcoin can be provided to him in the form of payments and every time you teach him something new about Bitcoin until he gains experience and has an idea about Bitcoin
  4. Currently, the time is not right to invest or buy bitcoin, and the matter will become more risky and it was necessary to buy bitcoin when it was at low price points, and now it is time to sell and reap profits for those who invested
  5. It is good to have a variety of services on this forum by members, and you can put topics in the job section to receive better results
  6. Fraudulent operations are much easier than legitimate work and they cost nothing but deception and fraud, which is why there are many frauds
  7. I learned about this forum in one of the BANNER ads that I found on one of the cryptocurrency sites and after that I joined and started my story with this wonderful forum
  8. Albert Einstein says, "If you can't explain an idea to a young child, it means you didn't understand that idea well or correctly." You can explain to a beginner about Bitcoin as you first got to know it and started to learn what it is
  9. It is very simple When you write topics and posts on the day and when the day ends and someone gives you a negative rating on one of the posts, you will not get paid for all the posts for that day. If you are rated positively on one of the posts, then you will get paid for all existing posts that were deleted because they are duplicate or not useful, then you will not receive payment for them.
  10. You are not receiving profits because you did not complete the required tasks and in your case here you must play Dice every 24 hours until you get the profits
  11. He will get 10 talk and 1000 satoshis btc
  12. There are many taps that offer you a doge coin every few minutes as well as allow you to mine the coin through the browser
  13. Well, I did not contact yobit support yet, and this is because I did not encounter any problem with this good platform, which I consider to be one of the strongest and best platforms, and the delay in responding may be due to the large number of messages
  14. The address of bitcoin or any currency is a series of letters and numbers that form the address of your wallet and is used in order to receive those currencies in your wallet or account in the trading platforms
  15. You will maintain your privacy and your identity will be safe in the event that you use decentralized wallets and not those that ask for your identity, then your identity and your personal information will not be safe.
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