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  1. IMHO ETH is capable of reaching that target but it is more probable to reach it in 2021 rather than in 2020. Having the Bitcoin halving in 2020, Bitcoin will lead the bull market in 2021 and ETH will follow afterwards
  2. Post your worst experience in Crypto since you joined this amazing world. I will start with mine: I have found out about Bitcoin in late 2013 and have bought around 4 BTC (yes I did bought the TOP) and deposited it on BTC-e exchange. Didn`t had any 2FA at the time, so, long story short I have lost all my BTC due to e phishing email. Lesson learned the hard way!
  3. Just received Yobit mail about this forum and I was amazed about this huge contest. I'm affraied I'm a bit late but non the less I will give this forum a try. At first glance it looks and feels great. Will have to see what content it has to offer
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