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  1. I think there's nothing wrong with KYC proceedings so far they don't request for very sensitive and private informations I think you should just try them, there's no harm in trying.
  2. Mobile Applications are of different categories and functionalities and each of these Applications are created to solve a particular societal problem,
  3. Well these predictions are sometimes misleading coupled with the fact 2025 is a long term from now, I think $100 is a bit to ambitious, but these is cryptocurrency anything can actually happen
  4. Offcourse there is aways a reason behind most actions taking by the moderators, there's always a reason behind the deletion of posts, either the post have vaulted any of the forum rules, or perhaps it's made under a topic that is not constructive
  5. Normally we would have believed that the whole bitcoin idea and concept could be tied down to gold, but while gold is physically mined, cryptocurrency like bitcoin are and can only be mined digitally
  6. Most beginners are stuck with the search for a platform that is capable of answering all their trading and investment questions, well search no more, the yobit exchange is just the right platform for you to start as a beginner.
  7. Yes, I have heard of these wallet that is capable of being used to withdrawing tangible amount of satoshis, most faucet paying sites only pays through these kinds of wallets
  8. An Amazing article @Amiami Will these be the end of the monero coin privacy dynasty? Well I think it all now depends on whether people that have eyes on the reward succeeds in exposing or decifer the monero code,
  9. As a beginner is always good to ensure that these marginal ratio is cut to the bearest minimum if possible, your reputation should be larger than your number of post. But I must tell you, these is not easy😊 Mine is about 541: 440
  10. I don't believe there is any registration fee when registering for either cryptotalk or yobit exchange site, perhaps maybe this is another tricks that scammers are using collect money from prospective members.
  11. Well cryptocurrencies can be use in various number of ways, but the most common one is as a means of payment and some cryptocurrencies can even be used as a store or as a reserved asset.
  12. Well, like I have always said, the relationship between bitcoin and the USA dollars is most atimes inverse in proportion, such that one one goes up the other diminishes and vice versa
  13. I have no doubt that cryptocurrency is not a scam because I have been a leaving witness to that, for many that have these believe then theirs is a need for then to expose themselves to cryptocurrencies opportunities.
  14. These informations provided are consise but my question is that how do we actually benefit from being a member of these platform both finincially and otherwise, I look forward to your answers
  15. Thanks for sharing mate! The only problem we frequently experience with platforms like these usually arises when payments are dued, sometimes it's delayed while other times it's mostly denied
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