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  1. The problem is that these years statistics are not that slakky like 2017, obviously we got an all time high these year which is actually the highest bitcoin has ever gone. The only difference is that it rosed beyond expectations and the fact that it's still hanging high also blows our minds
  2. Nobody can steal your money on the yobit exchange site unless the security bridge actually comes from you either directly or in directly
  3. The number of listings on binance is statistically very high, reducing or replacing low performance coin is actually a very good decision
  4. I don't think these will be the part were the bull run will turn to bear run. I believe the price will still increase further more before the sudden decline starts
  5. Thanks to the Administrators, Price🏆received and redeemed 👍👍
  6. Confirmation of Reward Price received Thanks to the Administrators 👍👍
  7. It means that the message is hidden
  8. Well it's recommended that you get to follow trends and latest updates before jumping into buying, also you can look for a trusted signal supplier for an even smoother trading experience
  9. These is true in all of it entirety, had it been there isn't market volitity in the affairs of cryptocurrencies, then investors will not find it worthy of their investments
  10. Well I think mady content producers on the youtube platform a somehow promoting projects that are capable of defrauding people and if at all youtube put a halt to some of their progress I think there no problem with that
  11. I think is trying to talk about kYCor something, and if my guess are right, KYC dosent requires any certification, all you need is just a means of identification.
  12. These is Fact, cryptocurrencies dosent affect one's business or private life at all, infact its is way of actual gathering passive income.
  13. I am a big fan of the litecoin, particularly because of its fast transaction and confirmation speeds when compared to the bitcoin, and these rise in value is a very welcomed development for bought current and prospective investors
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